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The Change Life Destiny Show highlights the latest and greatest technologies that can restore health, prevent disease, and promote wellness, as well as practitioners that are using cutting-edge technology to help patients take control of health. Learn more at 

#18 - How NanoVi Supports Cellular Health

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Enhance your cellular health and protect against cell damage with NanoVi. 

In this episode, we welcome Rowena Gates, a Principal and Vice President of Business Development at Eng3 Corporation, who enlightens us on the groundbreaking NanoVi device. This innovative technology utilizes structured water to aid in cellular repair, support critical protein functions, and foster overall wellness by targeting the core aspects of cellular health and protein folding.


#17 - Using Frequency Principles To Detoxify Harmful Toxins

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In this episode, we're joined by Dr. Chase Faldmo, who shares his transformative journey from a life-threatening health crisis to vibrant health through the power of frequency and voltage. 

Discover how each toxin has its unique frequency and how understanding this can unlock new methods for detoxifying our bodies. 

This conversation offers valuable insights into the efficacy of frequency-based detoxification and introduces the Healing Playbook app...

#16 - Endometriosis Management with PT and Holistic Care

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Is there a holistic solution to endometriosis?

In this episode, join us as Taylor Reyes, PT, DPT, CFMT, a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in pelvic floor dysfunction, sheds light on innovative approaches to managing endometriosis through physical therapy and holistic care. Discover the complexities of endometriosis, its impact beyond the reproductive system, and the integrative strategies that can offer relief and improve quality of life.

#15 - Preventing And Guarding Against Migraine with MiGuard

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Are you tired of battling migraines with no end in sight?

In this week's episode, I'm joined by Dr. Benjamin Taimoorazy, a renowned headache and pain management specialist, to learn more about the latest remedy for migraines and delve deep into the causes and the healing power of MiGuard for suffering patients. 

Discover the critical role of nutritional deficiencies in migraine pathophysiology, the latest advancements in treatment op...

#14 - Harnessing The Potential of Carbon 60 Molecules with Ian Mitchell

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Let’s unlock the science and benefits of Carbon 60 for your well-being.

In this episode, we dive deep into the groundbreaking potential of Carbon 60 molecules with Ian Mitchell, the visionary founder of Wizard Sciences. Discover how this revolutionary compound is reshaping health, cognition, and human performance through precision delivery systems.

Don't miss out on this enlightening journey – tune in now and unlock a new realm of we...

#13 - The Power of Flowpresso in Lymphatic Health with Desiree De Spong

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Ever wondered how your lymphatic system impacts your overall well-being?

In this episode, we discuss the potential of Flowpressoo in enhancing lymphatic health with our special guest Desiree De Spong, a visionary leader and CEO of Medella Health. Discover the significance of the lymphatic system and learn how Flowpressoo is setting new standards in lymphatic drainage for a holistic approach to health and wellness.


#12 - Hacking Osteoporosis: Build Your Strongest Bones Ever in Just Minutes a Week with Kyle Zagrodzky

Bone health is the foundation for our overall health and quality of life as we age. Yet osteoporosis and bone density loss affects millions, often leading to painful joints, fractures, and reduced mobility. In this episode, Kyle Zagrodzky shares his personal struggle with bone issues that motivated him to help create the OsteoStrong system. Learn how we can stimulate our bones to grow denser at any age by safely applying targeted impact forces just one 15 minute session per week. Understand why our modern lifestyles have created a bone health crisis and hear a vision to help future generations avoid...

#11 - Harnessing Your Body's Stem Cells for Healing with Christian Drapeau

Unlock the remarkable healing power inside you! In this fascinating discussion with stem cell expert Christian Drapeau, learn how your body's own stem cells hold the key to lifelong health and vitality. Discover why we lose most of our ability to self-repair by age 30, and how you can regain this capacity with innovative new science. Drapeau shares groundbreaking research on stem cell mobilizers that safely release millions more of your stem cells, directing them to areas of damage for incredible regeneration results. Hear incredible stories of people in their 70s and beyond transforming chronic illnesses. You’ll also learn su...

#10 - From Autism to Mold: How Hyperbaric Oxygen Rewrites Health Stories with 123HBOT

Have you heard about the emerging therapy that's transforming lives? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is taking the health world by storm, with incredible stories of recovery from conditions like brain injuries, autism, Lyme disease, and more. Tune in to this riveting podcast episode to hear from two pioneering founders of 123HBOT. They'll share their personal journeys of using hyperbaric therapy to heal their own health struggles and those of their autistic children - with astounding results! These experts also debunk common myths, explaining practical considerations like treatment frequency, at-home vs clinic options, importance of bindings and hydration to remove released...

#09 - Movement is Medicine - How Dr. Davis McAlister Is Solving Chronic Pain at Its Roots

Move Better, Feel Younger - How One Chiropractor Is Using Cutting-Edge Movement Analysis To Give Patients Their Lives Back

Dr. Davis McAlister wasn't satisfied with the limitations of traditional chiropractic care. He knew there must be more he could do to help his patients move and feel better on a deeper, longer-lasting level. That's when he discovered groundbreaking movement analysis technology that totally transformed his approach.

Now his practice analyzes clients' every movement and muscle imbalance, pinpointing exactly where their bodies are off-kilter and compensating in ways that lead to chronic pain over time. But...