Revering the Word

10 Episodes

By: Jay Cavaiani

Teaching from Pastor Jay Cavaiani with an emphasis on revering the Word of God.

Numbers 33 The choice: Worship the God of the Bible or your own opinion.
Today at 11:19 AM

Israel was told to rid the promised land of any false worship and told if they did not the false worship would be a snare. Today we live in a world of much false worship and it coexists with us. Have you allowed false beliefs to be a snare or have you remained true to the God of the Bible.

Numbers 32 Prioritizing unity over perceived fairness.
Yesterday at 10:37 AM

Something that could have resulted in great disunity and even war amidst God’s people was avoided due to maturity and a priority placed on unity.

Psalm 44 Why do bad things happen to believers?
Last Saturday at 11:16 AM

The age old question….why do bad things happen to good people is addressed today in Psalm 44. The Apostle Paul quotes this Psalm in Romans 8:36. How can we understand a God who is sovereign and yet allows death and suffering?

Numbers 31 Comprehending the vengeance of God
Last Friday at 10:40 AM

There is part of God’s character and future plan to bring vengeance on all who have denied him. Currently, that vengeance is being stayed to give people opportunity to receive forgiveness and salvation through Jesus. Any whom reject Jesus will ultimately experience God’s vengeance. The good news is you can be saved from it and instead become God’s beloved family through faith in Jesus.

Numbers 30 Why male leadership?
Last Thursday at 11:20 AM

In Numbers 30 we see that we are to honor our vows, however a male father or husband could annul a rash vow made by a woman. Why was man given that role? What did Jesus say about making vows? How is this related to male leadership in the church? Does this mean women cannot be gifted teachers?

Numbers 29 What is the sacrifice today?
Last Wednesday at 10:56 AM

In Numbers 29 Moses writes about the religious festivals of the seventh month. Perhaps God will prophetically initiate future events on these dates? Until then, what is to be the sacrifice today?

Numbers 28 Oh, the glory of being poured out.
Last Tuesday at 10:52 AM

This was to me a surprising and gloriously inspiring lesson on the drink offering.

Numbers 27 God’s elevation of women and honoring God even when you are disciplined.

In this chapter we see God’s care for and elevation of women. However be careful to not elevate and appreciate men being strong Godly men. In this chapter Moses, despite consequences for his sin and being disciplined by God, honors God greatly.

Numbers 26 Will you be known for rebellion or faithfulness?

In this census Moses weaves in some examples of rebellion and faithfulness. May they serve as warnings to inspire and encourage us to remain faithful.

Psalm 43 When in despair, hope in God.

We are susceptible to poor decisions when we get emotional and lose hope. When in despair wait for God’s light, truth and counsel. In the future you will see that, “Why are you in despair, O my soul? Hope in God.