Crystal Clarity Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Sarah Thomas

Many misconceptions and myths surround stone medicine and crystal healing. And yet, "tapped in" seers, builders, and healers have applied the power of stones since the dawn of humanity. Their ability to treat spiritual and physical disease and elevate human consciousness has been proven for thousands of years across the world. If you work in alternative healing and seek guidance about ancient methods for the application of stones and crystals, you are in the right place. Welcome to Crystal Clarity, a show devoted to the discovery of stones and crystals as an established way of natural healing. Acupuncturists, herbalists, energy...

e27. How to Create Rituals with the Summer Solstice

We've made it to the Summer Solstice - June 20th, 2024 - the longest day of the year and when YIN POWERS reach their peak! 🌞 This is also coinciding with a full moon on June 21st, a rare occurrence that happens only once every 18-20 years where the moon will appear very low and big in the sky. 🤩So get ready, because this is a VERY powerful portal for medicine-making.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the unique and powerful energies this rare Summer Solstice Full Moon alignment is bringing. I explain the unique portal of energy that is...

e26. How to Heal and Grow Your Plants with Selenite

In this episode I’m sharing how selenite not only promotes the growth of your garden plants and houseplants…it can also heal them when they’re sick. 

There’s one stone I alway use to help my plants grow: selenite. 

This gives me so much joy. It really works.


In episode 26 you’ll learn:

☀️WHY selenite heals plants! Amazing revelations!

☀️How the fibers in selenite grow longways, and what that means for chi

☀️How to perform an intuitive acupuncture treatment on your plants with selenite. This gives them...

e25. The Heart of Daoism and the Creation Codes of Light, part 3.

You've made it to the final video in this 3-part series! If you haven't watched the first two, go watch those first!

Episode 23 - Part 1

Episode 24 - Part 2

We arrive now at the most powerful state of consciousness of all. It’s been hiding right in the heart of the Dao. THIS episode (25) was the inspiration for the entire 3–part series! The Genesis of Light has been all about how to generate massive amounts of spiritual light with your own form, and the state of consciousness I talk about here creates the MOST ligh...

e24. How to Tap Into 5D Consciousness through the Power of Compassion, Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of this 3-Part Series: The Genesis of Light! 🌟

If you haven't watched the first episode, I encourage you to go back to listen it first, then see this one. This series is all about how we can bridge to higher states of consciousness, generate light, and rely on our stone friends to assist us. It is Light that we can generate from our own bodies. It is Light that’s attracted to us as higher frequency when we become a specific …antenna. 


In this video, episode 24 of the Cryst...

e23. This Magical State of Consciousness is the Ultimate Key to Abundance, part 1

Welcome to a new 3-part series on the podcast -- The Genesis of Light. ⭐️


In this Episode 23, I'm going to share what could be the most important teaching I ever received in my LIFE. I know, it's big. It’s all about a 70,000 year old teaching and an absolutely magical state of consciousness. When you’re in this state of consciousness, life-changing things happen powerfully and automatically.


This breakthrough episode will teach you the ultimate key to abundance ✨ wealth 💸  healing ❤️‍🩹relationships 👩🏼‍❤️‍👨🏻  - everything. 


This is a powerful, life-giving tool in the healing of all living th...

e22. How to Build a Powerful Protection Grid for Your Home

Want to learn how to find the spiritual center of your home or property? Register now for our FREE webinar available for a limited time!


In this Episode 22 of the Crystal Clarity podcast, I'm going to give you the most simple and easy tools to build a protection crystal grid for your home - or any space you want to protect. This is such an EASY framework that you might wonder if it can really be this simple. Natural and powerful things ARE very simple.

Here’s what you’ll...

e21. The Power of Crystal Grids and Earth Gridwork

Episode 21 explains the essence of crystal gridwork and the Earth grids. So let’s get into it….

This episode is actually another layer of the BREAKTHROUGH that we started in Episode 20 where we move from healing with minerals on humans in stone medicine into healing with minerals for other life forms and consciousnesses such as healing with the earth. But in this episode we will be answering the question of “What is earth gridwork?” A lot of people get confused when we touch upon this topic, but I want to take this undefinable thing and bring it into som...

e20. The Dream that Taught Me The True Power of Quartz

This episode is a BREAKTHROUGH. In episode 20 we dig into land healing and earth gridwork with quartz. In the Crystal Clarity Podcast so far, we’ve been exploring the nature of stones in healing and the properties and energetics of specific crystals. But, now, we’re taking a quantum leap - beyond human 🧍🏻‍♂ healing and into LAND 🌎 and SPACE 🪐

In episode 20, you’ll hear:

• Why quartz is the most important tool for anyone who works with the Earth AND from their heart - with prayers, intentions, blessings and all other heart-sourced power

• The story of a dream I had (I...

e19. Are Andara Crystals Superconductors or Scams?

If you do an online search on Andara crystals, it’s very bleak. There are tons of articles debunking them as scams. It’s enough to make you never want to buy a crystal again. In episode 19, I give you my take: Are Andara Crystals Superconductors or Scams? And you know what? …the best answers aren’t black or white. In Episode 19, you’ll learn: 💎 A story about my friend who did amazing things with Andaras and the techniques she used to do them 💎 My honest opinion on their power after working with them in the treatment room for years 💎 The most...

e18. Rose Quartz Fire Triangle for Trust and Vulnerability

When the outer world feels so vulnerable, we protect ourselves. The question is, how do we open? Because being curled up inside ourselves has a cost.

In episode 18, we have some deep things to cover:

🔥🔺How your pericardium (your heart protector) navigates the world. I’m going to tell you how to see through its eyes and take its perspective.

🔥🔺How vulnerability, shame and self-protection work - and how they can change

🔥🔺The perfect simple rose quartz layout to create awareness and change (this is really good)

💚So, listen… if you’ve been hurt, or i...