Greater In Me

10 Episodes

By: Josh & Tara

On this podcast, we talk about what it looks like to navigate living in the world without conforming to it. We touch on everything from college life & living intentionally, to sharing our opinions on current trends and hot topics. We hope that our conversations don’t just start and finish here with us, but that inspire our listeners to continue having them with those around them. Grab a friend and lets grow together.

Planting Seeds | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome to the Greater In Me Podcast with Josh and Tara.

Today we talk about what the divine harvest looks like and what the different waiting periods are like while waiting for a fruitful harvest. We talk about having patience after we've planted seeds with great expectations. Reminding ourselves that good things take time, so a good harvest will have to go through different seasons before a well-nurtured product is produced. Stay encouraged and believe that you will see something greater from the sacrifices you have made.

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Industry Games | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome to the Greater In Me Podcast with Josh and Tara!

Today, we have a special guest Anita Frasier. Anita is a singer-songwriter, worship leader, and creative. In this episode, we talk about finding your calling and staying committed to it despite the odds that may be stacked against you. We talk about the challenges of being a Kingdom creative while still having to operate in the world. Sometimes this calling can be difficult to adhere to in the space that we might be in, but we remember that the Lord has called on us for such...

The Waiting Room | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome to The Greater in Me podcast with your hosts, Josh and Tara. In this episode, we dive deep into the tests life throws our way, exploring what it means to navigate the waiting room season and embrace the unknown. When we find ourselves in God's waiting room, we discover we're not alone. Life presents endless opportunities to get up and try again, whether it's getting up in the morning, showing up, or saying yes to new opportunities. We learn the importance of not giving up, of finding peace in God rather than depending solely on others, and of...

Here and Now | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome to the Greater In Me Podcast On this week's episode, we welcome Faith Akoachere as we talk about navigating life as seasons change and maturity blooms. We talk about how transitional phases are affecting our perspective on what the future holds and what life is really about for us. Continuously growing, finding joy and something to be thankful for in everything, and not staying complacent are all topics discussed. Grab a friend and join us in the conversation.

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Surrendering to the Call | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome to the Greater In Me Podcast with Josh and Tara

In this week's episode, we talk about surrendering completely to the will of God, and the promise he has set out for us. We then discuss how it feels to navigate life with this in mind and the challenges that come along with it.

Keep the conversation going, and let us know how this might manifest in your daily life.

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Pursuit of Purpose | Greater in Me Podcast

Welcome to the Greater In Me Podcast with Josh and Tara. In this week's episode, we talk about what it means to chase the purpose attached to our lives instead of chasing instant gratification. We explore the feelings and thoughts that sometimes make it hard to continue on the narrow path that Christ has set out for us. We pair this idea with faith and talk about what it means to extend our faith in moments of weakness and uncertainty. Let us know what you think about this episode and what lifestyle choices you make to hold steadfast to...

The Bigger Picture | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me Podcast with your hosts Josh and Tara. We dive into the reflection of how toxic personal relationship habits manifest in our relationship with God, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing a healthy connection with Christ over worldly relationships. They highlight the need to recognize our role in our struggles and hardships and to cultivate an authentic relationship with God. There's an urge to acknowledge the spiritual aspect of life and to understand our vulnerability and dependence on a higher power. It questions why society readily accepts the presence of demons but overlooks angels...

Fix Your Eyes | Greater in Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me Podcast with your hosts Josh & Tara!

In this week’s episode, we share a little bit about where we are right now, and what we feel like the Lord is communicating to us. We talk about the importance of our Spiritual walk, keeping our eyes fixed on the Lord and off the distractions of everyday life, and living more authentically in the light. We also discuss what life is like when we choose to give more power to our faith over our circumstances, not lean on our own understanding, and no...

Responding in Love | Greater in Me Podcast

Welcome back for Season II of the Greater in Me Podcast with your hosts Josh & Tara! In this week’s episode, we talk about vengeance and choosing to do what is right despite how we feel. We share thoughts about the desires of human nature and the relationship between our flesh and the Spirit. We touch on the topics of spiritual discipline as well as the influence the minds have on our actions and practicing mindful living.

What’s one thing greater in you after listening to this week’s episode? Let us know!


Unwrapping Forgiveness | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me Podcast with your hosts Josh, Tara, and our special guest Marie-Elise (Mimi) Ambroise for today's episode! In this week’s episode, we learn a little about our guest Mimi, her passions, and the lessons she’s learned through her life and relationships. This episode’s conversation centered around forgiveness as it pertains to both family & friends, the difference between forgiveness and reconciliation, and the power of self-awareness and setting boundaries.

This episode concludes season 1 of the Greater in Me podcast. We’re so grateful for all the people who have followed...