Greater In Me

12 Episodes

By: Josh & Tara

On this podcast, we talk about what it looks like to navigate living in the world without conforming to it. We touch on everything from college life & living intentionally, to sharing our opinions on current trends and hot topics. We hope that our conversations don’t just start and finish here with us, but that inspire our listeners to continue having them with those around them. Grab a friend and lets grow together.

Don't Touch the Thermostat | Greater In Me Podcast
Last Monday at 4:06 PM

Welcome back to the Greater in Me podcast with Josh & Tara! In this week’s episode, we talk about learning to meet people where they’re at while also being more selfish in our relationships. We talk about the importance and significance of both the inner and outer circle relationships, and keeping people around who challenge and inspire us to grow. We talk about the struggles of learning to set the temperature in the room and keep it there. We share some life updates and answer some fun questions as well!

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The Show Must Go On Pt.2 | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater In Me Podcast with Josh and Tara. Today we continue or conversation with our guest, Raven Campbell. We continue on to talk about the transitions of life we are experiencing, and the different seasons we are all in. We talk about what it feels like to push through and constantly seek the light even when it's hard to do so. Let us know what you think and what these feelings feel like for you in the uneasy transitional moments of life.

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The Show Must Go On Pt.1 | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me podcast with Josh, Tara, and for this episode our special guest Raven Campbell! In this episode, Raven shares a little bit about her move to the States from Jamaica, coming to college, and the life lessons she’s taken with her along the way. This episode's conversations center around how our stories drive us as individuals to want more, to do better, and to help others. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more guests in the near future!!

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Despite the Odds | Greater in Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater In Me Podcast. On this episode, we talk about the journey of life and confronting the challenge of feeling stuck in a moment, navigating the imperative of staying true to yourself while walking courageously despite uncertainties. We discover that choosing to walk by faith is a daily commitment and that every experience has a purpose in the grander scheme. Learning the significance of saying 'no' to protect yourself becomes a rewarding revelation. This episode encapsulates our transformative journey, emphasizing the power of authenticity, and understanding that feeling stuck can blind you from the bigger...

Them 20 Somethings | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me Podcast with Josh & Tara! In this week’s episode, we talk about the realities of being in your 20s and what it’s like navigating and leaning into the uncertainties of life. Saying no to corporate America, going against the grain, and leading with love are some of the highlighted topics in this ep. We talk about the importance and significance of heart posture, character, and not only staying true to your calling but also to the one who has called you to it.

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If the Shoe Fits | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me Podcast with Josh & Tara! In this week’s episode, we hold a conversation about the power and realities of perception. We talk about the anxieties that may come with first impressions, the weight of other’s opinions, and the differences between what we see vs. what others may see in us. We ask a lot of the tough questions surrounding self-image, projection from others, and how race plays into the topic at hand. We segway into a mini-conversation about gender roles within our community and the role that perception plays in these role...

Is the Ball Really In your Court | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me Podcast with Josh & Tara! In this week’s episode, we talk about decision-making and considering God in everything we do. We talk a bit about our relationships with God, the power of testimony, and being diligent in serving others. We talk about making hard decisions during high-pressure moments in life and the test that comes with free will. Stay connected with us to keep the conversation going.




What is Your Intention? | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me podcast! In today’s episode, we dive deep into a conversation about intentionality. Discussing how intention plays into our relationships, how we spend our time, and how we make our day-to-day decisions, we talk about learning how to say no and combating other people-pleasing tendencies. We're learning the balance between staying authentic to ourselves in different spaces, but also being likable and holding weight to other’s opinions. We move into a conversation about college, the education system, corporate America, and networking. How are we holding on to our dreams and staying intentional abou...

Rebuilding the Trust Within Us | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me podcast with Josh & Tara! On today’s episode, we continue our conversation about trust, tying it back to our childhoods and formed behaviors. We speak on the power of vulnerability, boldness, and authenticity in relationships. As well as the importance of seeking God first in everything we do, ESPECIALLY in our relationships. Finding the balance between being vulnerable and protective of your space can be difficult. Are we intentional with what, who, or whom we put our trust into? Grab a friend and let’s grow!Stay Connected with us@greaterinmepod@taraa.ib@j...

Breaking Down the Walls of Trust | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me podcast with Josh & Tara! In today’s episode we start a conversation about trust, and what that looks like for the both of us in our current chapters of life. We get into discussing everything from the inner circle, and what community looks like for us, to the language commonly used around relationships and how that language at times can be helpful or harmful. Grab a friend and let’s grow! Come back next week for part two of this conversation! Stay Connected with us @greaterinmepod @taraa.ib @joshuaisaiaah

The Bridges We Won't Cross | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome back to the Greater in Me podcast with Joshua & Tara! In this episode we talk about everything from what it means to navigate spaces as the only black person in the room, how we do our best to live present in the moment even when the moment sucks, to building both platonic & romantic relationships and what that looks like for us. We hope you enjoy and continue the conversation with those around you!

Living for the Highlights | Greater In Me Podcast

Welcome to the show! In this episode, you will get to know us. We'll answer questions and tell stories about our lives. We talk about what it means to extend grace and how this can be both positive and negative. We will talk about how we do or don't find balance in life and what grounds us as humans. We hope you enjoy and continue the conversation around you.