Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt

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By: Matt Ready Enterprises

Join hosts Matt and Doro every week on "Meditation and Aliens," a podcast that delves into the unfolding mysteries and latest developments within the UAP, UFO, and Alien Disclosure movement. Explore the intriguing insights and disclosures from key figures like David Grusch, Chris Mellon, Lue Elizondo, Diana Pasulka, Bob Lazar, and Steven Greer, along with updates from the US Congress. Engage in thought-provoking discussions about potential government concealment of extraterrestrial crafts and the profound implications of actual alien encounters, including the startling possibility of alien telepathy and its impact on human privacy. Discover how meditation could be a bridge to...

ep 32 - Aliens, Ancient Civilizations, Reptilians, MJ-12 Documents, Secret Government, Antarctic Expeditions, Solar Flares, Global Catastrophes, Human Evolution, Secrecy, Potential Disclosure

This episode of "Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt" covers a wide range of topics related to aliens, ancient civilizations, and potential reasons for their secrecy or lack of open contact with humans. Hosted by Doro Kiley ( and Matt Ready (, here's a detailed description:

1. The hosts discuss the recent solar flares and geomagnetic storms heading towards Earth, drawing parallels with historical events like the Carrington Event in 1859, which caused widespread disruptions to telegraph systems.

2. They explore the possibility of aliens being responsible for or involved in global catastrophes...

EP 31: X Spaces Launches UFO Alien Disclosure Explanation Contest - Matt is Entering

In the episode 31 of Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt, Matt Ready ( and Doro Kiley ( embark on an enlightening journey, discussing various intriguing aspects of UFO phenomena, ancient history, and the role of meditation in understanding these complex topics. The episode is rich with detailed exploration and thoughtful reflections, making it a compelling listen for anyone interested in the intersection of extraterrestrial life and human consciousness.

The discussion begins with Matt sharing news about an exciting new contest on Twitter. Participants are invited to record a 10-15 minute audio monologue...

EP30: Colonel Karl E. Nell Confirms Non Human Intelligence Exist and Interact with governments

This episode of "Meditation and Aliens" with Doro Kiley ( and Matt Ready( revolves around a recent talk given by Colonel Karl Nell at the Salt Connections conference in New York. Nell, a retired military officer and aerospace executive, made bold claims about the existence of non-human intelligence interacting with humanity.

Doro and Matt discuss Nell's statements, where he asserts that non-human intelligence has been interacting with humans for a long time, and there are unelected government officials aware of this. Nell cites various high-ranking officials, such as former Canadian Defense...

Ep29: Was Jesus a Pleiadian Alien? We talk Remote Viewing, and Spiritual Evolution

Welcome to another intriguing episode of "Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt," a podcast that delves into the realms of aliens, human history, reality, consciousness, and the transformative power of meditation. Hosted by Matt Ready (, an amateur ufologist with a philosophy degree and the creator of, and co-hosted by Doro Kiley (, a seasoned meditator, meditation teacher, experiencer, and life coach, this episode promises an exploration of some profound and thought-provoking topics.

**Introduction and Background**

The episode begins with Matt and Doro reintroducing themselves and expressing excitement...

Ep 28: Touching Universal Consciousness, Ideas of Daniel Sheehan and Kelly Chase

In this fascinating episode of "Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt," the hosts Doro Kiley ( and Matt Ready (Http:// explore profound topics related to consciousness, alien civilizations, and the nature of reality itself. They begin by discussing their recent interview with Yemi Jeanee, a remote viewer from the Farsight Institute, whose insights opened a window into the powerful yet often unreliable world of psychic phenomena. 

From there, Matt delves into his studies in the first graduate program on extraterrestrial civilization through the lawyers Daniel Sheehan and Richard Dolan. A central focus w...

27 - Interview with Remote Viewer Yeme Jeanee of the Farsight Institute discussing all the secrets of life, aliens, and the universe.

In this "Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt" podcast episode, the hosts Doro Kiley ( and Matt Ready ( were thrilled to conduct their first interview, featuring Yeme Jeanee ( from the Farsight Institute (, an organization specializing in the advanced practice of remote viewing. This episode offered listeners an in-depth exploration of remote viewing, its scientific credibility, and its implications within both terrestrial and extraterrestrial contexts.

Remote viewing is a technique for obtaining information about distant or unseen targets through extrasensory perception. Matt explains its...

Episode 26: Red Heifer Prophecy, Disclosure of Non-Human Intelligence, Secret Societies, Advanced Ancient Technologies, AI Singularity, Feminine vs Masculine Energies

This podcast episode of "Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt" covers a wide range of topics related to aliens, human history, reality, consciousness, and the potential role of meditation in understanding these subjects.

The hosts, Doro Kiley ( and Matt Ready (@MeditationMatt on X), begin by discussing the ongoing tensions in the Middle East, particularly the potential significance of the sacrifice of red heifers in Judaism and its connection to the rebuilding of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They explore the implications of this event for different religious beliefs and the possibility of it...

25 - Alien Disclosure, Human Sovereignty, Blockchain Governance, Meme Coin Diplomacy, Meditation

Hosts Matt Ready ( and Doro Kiley ( dive deep into the ramifications of potential alien disclosure and humanity's path forward. Matt recaps his recent class with lawyer Daniel Sheehan at the New Paradigm Institute, which explored thorny legal and political questions surrounding government disclosure of alien encounters.

Key topics include: The degree of change needed in current power structures for disclosure to occur. Whether amnesty should be offered to those concealing the truth. How humanity could negotiate with alien civilizations without a unified world government. The possibility of a secret elite "Group 1...

UFO Disclosure, Ancient Aliens & Decentralized Society: Exploring Majestic 12, Anunnaki, Iraq Tablet Thefts, RFK Jr's Role

In this enlightening episode of Meditation and Aliens with Doro Kiley ( and Matt Ready (@MeditationMatt on X), the hosts delve deep into the mysteries surrounding humanity's origins and our place in the cosmos. Matt kicks things off by sharing riveting details from his class with renowned lawyer Daniel Sheehan on the legal implications of a potential UFO/alien cover-up by world governments. Through a series of thought-provoking scenarios, Sheehan examines various theories, from the fabled Majestic 12 group to secret treaties between the U.S. government and extraterrestrials. 

The conversation takes an Ancient Aliens turn a...

Ep 23 - Unveiling the Cosmic Secrets: Meditation, Extraterrestrials, and the Hidden Truths

In this episode of "Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt," the hosts delve into intriguing topics that merge spirituality with extraterrestrial speculation. Doro Kiley (, a seasoned meditation instructor, and Matt Ready (, an amateur ufologist, offer their insights on a vast array of subjects, including the potential impact of meditation on understanding aliens, human history, reality, and consciousness. 

Matt shares his educational background in philosophy and his role as a public hospital commissioner, highlighting his deep involvement in both community affairs and the study of unexplained phenomena. Doro elaborates on her e...