Bad [BLEEPS] of the Bible

10 Episodes

By: Scott Schag

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the church and/or organized religion but are still weirdly fascinated by the Bible and all things Christianity? Same.  Bad [BLEEPS] of the Bible is both a fact and fiction podcast where each week host Scott, a gay, former Pastor’s Kid, shares a weird, wild, and wonderful story from the Bible while at the same time answering those burning Bible questions. Consider him your non-religious Bible guide.  So put on your Sunday clothes and get ready to be entertained by all of the incredible Bad [BLEEPS] of the Bible. 

Ehud - Corpulent Kings and Swallowed Swords
Today at 10:00 AM

In this week’s Bad [BLEEPS] of the Bible, we’ll be “digesting” the epic tale of Ehud and his showdown with the corpulent King Eglon. Brace yourselves for a wild ride featuring “unique” traits, intrigue, and a double-edged sword. Don’t miss it!


The Bible (KJV)“Ehud v. Eglon: Evidence for the Biblical Account” by Christopher Eames from“Judges 3:22” from"Meet Ehud: Killer of Eglon, the Fat King" by Jack Zavada from learn

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Easter - Old Gods and Solar Eclipses

Join us for a deep dive into the fascinating world of Easter! Beyond the egg hunts and bunny hops, we're exploring the rich history and intriguing facts behind this celebrated holiday. From the symbolism of resurrection to the mysteries of Jesus' crucifixion, there's so much to uncover. Did you know that Easter predates Christianity, or that Jesus may have risen at the "unholy hour" of 3p? Tune in to our podcast for a captivating journey through the layers of Easter lore and tradition! 


The Bible“7 Fascinating Facts About the Real Easter Story” from b...

Uncut Episode 5 - Dead Dads and Easter

A lot of dead people in this episode but don't worry, ya'll we're coming in hot for Easter! Tune in to hear about Scott getting pulled over in a funeral, Freddy butchering every story told in March, and a whole lot more! Once again, just a reminder, these episodes are #uncut and contain material out of the ordinary Bad [BLEEPS]. Listener discretion advised. 

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Esther (rerun) - Scepters and Salvation

It's our first rerun, ya'll! As the Purim holiday was recently celebrated and as this holiday is DIRECTLY inspired by the incredible tale of our [BLEEP] Esther, I thought it was the perfect time to tell this [BLEEP]'s story....again!! Please enjoy this rerun of one of my favorites: Esther.  Gallows, harems, kings, queens, contests, and secrets read more like a murder mystery, and this story delivers just as much drama. Enjoy!

1. The Book of Esther from the Bible
2. "Esther: Bible" by Sidnie White Crawford
3. "Esther" from Wikipedia
4. "Queen Esther" from bib...

Jehosheba - Princess and Protector

Jehosheba is a TRUE unsung hero of the Old Testament: she defied an evil, murderous Queen, saved the lineage leading to Jesus himself, smuggled, hid, and trained the young heir to the throne, and led a revolt against a tyrannical ruler. What more can you ask for? A princess and protector, Jehosheba is one Bad [BLEEP] of the Bible!


The Bible - 2 Kings 11“Jehosheba: How She Saved the Rightful King of Judah” by Lauralyn Vasquez“Jehosheba” from“Athaliah” from

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The Queen of Sheba - Myth and Legend

In today's episode, we unravel the  legacy of the Biblical Bad [BLEEP] that is the Queen of Sheba.

a figure shrouded in mystery and legend, some hail her as a holy founder, symbol of a nation,  guardian of the mythical Ark of the Covenant, and founder of a dynasty that continues to today. Others paint her as a a demon, a djinn, and a temptress with a dark side.

But we won't settle for just one narrative. No, we're delving into four distinct retellings from various cultures and texts – Christian, Judaic, Islamic, and the juiciest of t...

Shiphrah & Puah - Civil Disobedience and Unlikely Heroes

Step back in time with Shifruh and Pooah, two extraordinary midwives who faced down the mighty Pharaoh and refused to be instruments of destruction. In the heart of ancient Egypt's captivity, they defied a genocidal decree, choosing courage over compliance. Their act of civil disobedience, immortalized in Exodus 1, not only spared countless lives but paved the way for their descendants to rise to prominence. Rewarded by Yahweh, their legacy became one of generational wealth, power, and influence, proving that standing against tyranny can shape destinies. These Bad [BLEEPS] of the Bible remind us that sometimes, defiance can birth extraordinary...

Bad [BLEEPS] Uncut - Snipping Sprees and Moody, Muscular Men

On this 40th Episode of Bad [BLEEPS] Scott and Freddy go over the latest Bad [Bleeps] Samson & Delilah and Abraham & Sarah, where they explore why God chose the bully Samson of all people to 'bless', and also wonder why God loves to have Abraham 'poke' so many people. In this episode of Uncut they everything from dead parents, to Hey Arnold innuendos are , so don't miss it!

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Abraham and Sarah - Old Farts and Fulfilled Promises

Jump into the captivating love story of Abraham and Sarah on Bad [BLEEPS] of the Bible! From deceitful escapades in Egypt to unexpected prophecies and a surprising twist in the wilderness, their journey is filled with drama, laughter, and divine interventions. 🎭 Don't miss the twists and turns – tune in for a wild ride! #BadBleepsOfTheBible #LoveStory #DramaUnleashed #Bible #BibleStories #AbrahamandSarah #BadBleeps #NameChangesGalore.


The Bible“Sarah, Hagar, and Abraham” from The Tapestry of Faith“Why did God sometimes change a person’s name in the Bible” from“The Evolution of Abraham” from harvardmagazin...

Samson and Delilah - Muscles and Manipulation

Unveiling the timeless tale of Samson and Delilah – a saga of love, betrayal, and divine intervention etched in history. Dive into the complexities of human nature and the consequences of succumbing to temptation. Think you know the story of Samson? Guarantee you don't! Tune in to find out, the rest of the story.


The Bible“Samson and Delilah” from Wikipedia“Samson and Delilah” from

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