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By: Erica Huss

The world of wellness can feel exclusive, confusing, and preachy. Even the word “wellness” can leave you sick. We know that feeling All Too Well – that’s why we’re here. Join Erica Huss, longtime wellness industry expert and entrepreneur, as she shares what she’s learned from over the years from building brands and products, creating conversations and experiences, and on my own health journey. Each week, she’ll chat with doctors, authors, and thought leaders to get the expert info, asking the questions you want the answers to, and give you the stuff you can actually apply to your life to i...

Mushrooms for Moms and Other Newcomers to Psychedelics, with Cori Sue Morris of Retreat Microdose
Last Thursday at 9:30 AM

I love nothing more than a good chat with a female founder who is building community for other women. And helping them to understand how to microdose with mushrooms, to boot!

Cori Sue Morris is a 3X female founder with 2 exits and the founder of Retreat, a platform for content, community & concierge services for psychedelic newcomers. Cori's on a mission to normalize psychedelics for normal women.

Retreat is hosting a luxury women’s psychedelic retreat in Tulum May 15-19. This 5-day retreat is equal parts wellness, ceremony and vacation. 


The psyche...

Tuesday Tidbit: Is It That Obvious?

YOU are an expert at something- enjoy the feeling and share the knowledge!


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How EMDR Therapy Can Heal Trauma When Nothing Else Can

I'm so happy to share this conversation to shed some light on another tool for your mental wellness toolkit. EMDR is an evidence-based, memory-focused trauma treatment, which Michael Baldwin says saved his life. This revolutionary method can yield significant progress in just a single session, compared to years of talk therapy.

Baldwin instigated a collaboration with renowned trauma therapist Deborah Korn, PsyD, on an eye-catching, inspirational book on EMDR, Every Memory Deserves Respect—his way of throwing a lifeline to other trauma survivors. EMDR has become a go-to treatment for PTSD as well as depression and other st...

Busting The Myths on Hormone Therapy with Anne Fulenwider of Alloy

If medical myths and misinformation get you as fired up as me, then this is a must listen. (And if they don't get you fired up, then maybe you REALLY need to listen...)

Did you know that the pain associated with certain menstrual cramps has an equivalence to that of a heart attack?? Yet women have been told to suck it up, "this is just part of being a woman," and get back to work/life/parenting/etc. And due to one flawed study on hormone therapy from decades ago, a generation of women has been robbed...

Tuesday Tidbit: No One Knows What They're Doing

Get out of your head and get out of your own way-you have just as much right to be in the room. xoxo

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Making Oral Health Sexy with Dr Lauren Poole

This episode is an absolute game-changer. If you think oral health is just about brushing and flossing, you need to listen and listen well. Dr Lauren Poole is a holistic dentist and she's here to bust myths and shed light on the critical importance that your dental health plays in your full body well-being.

How this information has not been drilled into us before (yes that was a dental pun) is beyond me- your mouth is literally your gateway to total body health, and it's not just about what you put in it, but how you care...

Random Acts of Kindness Towards Yourself, with Dr Kristin Neff (Replay)

This topic never gets old, so I'm giving the episode another play!

How far has being incredibly shitty to yourself got you? Today’s guest, Dr. Kristin Neff, is not just an expert on self-compassion; she's a pioneer in the field, authoring 'Fierce Self-Compassion' and transforming how we view kindness towards ourselves. In this deep dive, Kristin unravels the intricate balance between the tender and fierce aspects of self-compassion, revealing how it's not just a personal healing tool but a radical act of breaking gender norms and societal expectations. As we explore the misunderstood paths of self-compassion, Kr...

Tuesday Tidbit: More Meds, More Problems

Just a quick little PSA- which should stand for Please Stop Assuming. Your doctor doesn't have the full story unless YOU give it to them. And what they don't know could hurt you, so get educated on your own health. Please.

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How to Make Friends (And Magic) with Insomnia, with Annabel Abbs-Streets

This episode is a must for my fellow sleep-challenged listeners. Finally, a refreshing take on how to think about insomnia in a more productive way. Instead of beating yourself up and spiraling down, author Annabel Abbs-Streets shares her research on how many insomniacs throughout history have harnessed the magic that lies in the Night Self and given themselves permission to be awake.

The stress of not sleeping can be worse than the actual lack of sleep, and Annabel's book Sleepless: Unleashing the Subversive Power of The Night Self, offers guidance on becoming more comfortable amid the challenges.<...

Trendspotting: What's Ahead for 2024 and Beyond with Kim Marshall of Global Wellness Conversations

How about a peek into the future of wellness and how it will impact you?

I chatted with my friend and colleague Kim Marshall, a fellow expert, podcaster and pioneer in her own right. Kim is the Co-Founder of S'well The Agency, and the host of the Global Wellness Conversations podcast. If wellness were a fashion show, we had a front row seat! We share what's ahead for 2024 and beyond in wellness trends, and I'm happy to report these are not fleeting fads but real movements that have staying power for the better.

If we...