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By: Laura Richards

Welcome to "That's Where I'm At" with your host, Laura Richards! Get ready for a podcast that takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. While we may share some laughs, we dive into serious topics with honesty and compassion. Together, we'll explore life's ups and downs, navigate tough discussions, and find moments of hope. Join our supportive community and be part of meaningful conversations. Subscribe now for a journey that's messy, real, and transformative!

Rising from the Ashes: Embracing Resilience after Narcissistic Abuse: Tina's Story

In this episode, Laura is joined by fellow survivor Tina, and they have an emotional discussion about overcoming narcissistic abuse. Tina is a mother of five young men and a grandmother to 28 babies. She is a published author, a motivational and inspirational speaker, a minister, and a serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of a non-profit organization that assists at-risk youth whose parents are incarcerated. Tina is also the founder of a women's group on Facebook called The Woman Restored which helps women who have experienced trauma in their lives from childhood or being in a marriage with a...

The Grief of Divorce and Forgiving Someone Who Has Hurt You: Grace's Story

In today's episode, Laura is joined by Grace Ruiz, a real estate agent from Las Vegas who is also a homeschooling mother of two. She shares her marriage, separation, and divorce story and how these experiences led her to a closer relationship with God. She discusses the pain and the healing process, emphasizing that despite the hurt, she would go through it all again because it brought her to where she is now in her faith.

Grace highlights the necessity of repeatedly forgiving her ex-husband, not for his sake, but for her peace and ability to move...

Healing Hearts: Jennifer's Journey from Narcissistic Abuse to Empowerment

In this episode, Laura is joined by Jennifer Licciardi, also known as Jennifer Heart Healer, who bravely shares her journey of overcoming narcissistic abuse and discovering empowerment. Jennifer reflects on her challenging upbringing, marked by a sense of disconnection from her mother and a longing for paternal influence. Enduring bullying during her school years compounded her insecurity and need for approval. Jennifer's path to healing commenced with the guidance of a relationship coach, fostering self-love and professional success in medical sales. Jennifer emphasizes the significance of self-love and finding one's voice, sharing her experiences to inspire others towards healing. 

From Darkness to Light: Monica's Journey of Overcoming Trauma, Abuse and Addiction

In this episode, Laura is joined by Monica, a resilient mother of three who shares her journey from growing up in an alcoholic home to overcoming trauma, abuse, and addiction. Monica spent most of her life feeling unwell enough for any relationship. She has a history of sexual and physical abuse and addiction, which is part of her story. She has worked in the people business, like fast food, bartending, and health care, and is currently in recovery. Monica always supports other women and loves people where they are. She opens up about the pervasive feeling of inadequacy that...

5 Lessons We Can Learn From Taylor Swift's Relationship

In this episode of the That's Where I'm At podcast, Laura is joined by Mireille Nicole where they talk about Taylor Swift's relationship with Travis Kelce. Laura aims to explore the lessons we can learn about being true to oneself, offering mutual support in a relationship, maintaining friendships alongside romance, modeling healthy partnerships, and navigating scrutiny in the public eye. They emphasize the importance of women sharing stories and supporting each other through difficult times in relationships and encourages us to do our inner work to strive for the kinds of connections we admire.

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Unlock Love in Every Season: Mastering Dating at Any Age

In this episode, I sit down with Paige Dempsey, a feminist Dating and Relationship Coach for women. Paige is an expert at helping you get past what keeps you stuck in your old, familiar patterns and into something more authentic, empowered, and connected. Paige was certified by the Life Coach School and holds certifications in Advanced Deep Dive and Feminist Coaching. She loves to help women unlock feelings they tend to keep hidden and uncover a path forward, even when the path is unclear. Her mission is to help women feel better in their relationships with others and, most...

Rebuilding My Life After Leaving Everything Behind: Tracey's Story

In this episode, Laura is joined by Tracey Vlahos a Certified Integrative Health Coach and Drugless Practitioner specializing in hormone health. She is also a fully recovered yo-yo dieter and former global executive & business coach for female business leaders. She suffered the consequences of an on-the-go, super-demanding career and finally walked away from all of it to focus on empowering women to be their best selves in their bodies & personal lives. After all, what are we without our health, vitality, and vibrance? She is a high-energy public speaker who empowers women with business, life and wellness skills. Tracey knows...

Overcoming Alcohol Use Disorder Using The Sinclair Method: A New Approach to Overcoming Alcohol Dependence

In this episode, Laura is joined by Samara Boss, a certified holistic health coach, AADP, who takes a scientific evidence-based approach to alcohol recovery. After battling alcohol use disorder for over 25 years, Samara found complete and total freedom from addiction through a little-known treatment called the Sinclair Method that uses neuroscience to reverse the habit at the root level, which is in the brain. Samara’s story caught national attention when she was featured in the book Living Abundantly (2021) by author James Malenchak, known for his role on ABC's hit show, "Secret Millionaire.” Samara is a Sinclair Method Success Story and...

Overcoming Life's Pain and Rebuilding a Life of Joy: Christina's Story

In this episode, Laura is joined by Christina Hernandez, a single white female (with a sense of humor). Former wife, stay-at-home-mom, and homeschooler. Presently single, empty nester, grandmother, and wanna be homesteader. Christina’s life and goals have completely taken a 180 in the last decade. She is at a place she never thought she would be when she thought of her future. Christina is also very proud of where she is and what she has accomplished, considering they were not her plans. She believes she has pivoted very well, but still harbors resentment. Christina considers herself a contradiction of pa...

Breaking the Silence: Understanding Secondary Gaslighting After Narcissistic Abuse

In this episode, Laura opens up about her journey of healing after leaving an abusive marriage with a narcissist. Tackling the topic of secondary gaslighting, Laura shares her experiences of not being believed when trying to disclose the abuse to friends and family. She explores the challenges survivors face, including the trauma bond and the incremental nature of narcissistic abuse. Laura emphasizes the importance of understanding complex PTSD and seeking professional help from those trained in the field. 

Join Laura as she encourages women to speak up, share their stories, and support each other on the healing j...