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By: Tony Caliendo | Business Coach, Mindset Coach, Life Coach | Focus on thoughts, feelings, actions, and results in both business and life

"The Mindset Architect" is a dynamic podcast hosted by Tony Caliendo, a seasoned expert in business and mindset coaching. As a founding partner at reTHINK Coaching, Tony brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help listeners revolutionize their businesses and transform their lives. This podcast is a treasure trove of wisdom for ambitious entrepreneurs and professionals seeking to unlock their full potential. Tony engages in insightful discussions on mindset strategies derived from his extensive coaching and leadership background. With a focus on practical techniques and transformative knowledge, each episode guides listeners on a journey of personal and professional growth...

The Truth About Me...
Yesterday at 7:53 PM

Have you ever wondered what it is we do at reTHINK Coaching that makes things work and why our coaching is SO different than traditional coaching?   Well, let me pull back the curtain a bit for you to see and to share a few "thought" ideas with you on how you can create your business and life by intention. 

Most business leaders and entrepreneurs do a STELLAR job on identifying the KPI (key performance indicators) that will move them toward their goals.  So, they put the majority of their efforts into what I call the "Business You".  Where they...

Success is simple?? Really???

Have you ever heard the saying or "life law" that "Success is simple, is just not easy"?  When you stop and think about it, truly, that is a correct statement.   Think about your business plan or your life plan.  The steps to your goal are typically straightforward and not difficult yet, why is it just not as easy as executing those plans???

Or have you felt yourself getting overwhelmed by data, facts and research?  You know, the "what if game" or the "I'm getting ready to get ready to get ready" game where you stall yourself out?  Possibly, you a...

Are You Playing to Win?

At some point in our lives or careers, we have all experienced a moment where even though we are taking action and doing the "right Things", the results just aren't showing up!  If this moment lasts for any amount of time, we start to question ourselves and may start doubting that things will ever be different or "normal" again!   

Would it surprise you to hear me say that this is truly your greatest moment to pivot to new level of success and return to "winning".   

I speak about Playing to Win vs. Playing Not to Lose.   Yet di...

When in Doubt, Reflect

We all have moments in our careers, lives, and businesses that create the space of doubt.   You know those moments when you experience a hiccup.  It may be that what you have been doing in the past that has always worked is starting to not work or not work at the same level?   It might be when you are launching a new product, or a new program and you think it is going to be a home run and it didn't quite land correctly with your target audience.   Whatever it is, "it" happens to all of us. 

Today I'm g...

How to Prepare for Upcoming Change

The Real Estate Industry is under a bit of heat from the DOJ and the proposed settlement for N.A.R.   Listen to 2 industry experts give advice to Real Estate Professionals that will fortify their business and their futures.   

The future is BRIGHT when you are focused on the right aspects.   Real Estate Professionals and Leaders, this is your time to shine and take the narrative back! 

The 5 levels of Communication

Have you ever noticed that some conversations leave you feeling FULL of energy and excitement and others can be depleting.   Do you wonder why there is such a difference?    Is it the person?  Is it the environment?  Is it the energy of the day??  What is it that drives this result?

You often here that you become the sum of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with.   This is 100% true yet, we never truly discuss how you can assess the health of the 5 people you spend time with. How you can be intentional about the convers...

Pain vs. Pleasure

Where in your business and life are you avoiding "pain" and moving toward "pleasure".    As humans, we naturally move away from pain and toward pleasure.   Rarely do we look for the things to do that we believe are "painful" and run toward them.   However, when we avoid them, we are truly created delayed pain!   Your brain wants to seduce you into thinking it is okay, yet the reality is that the avoidance is stacking pain.

Four simple questions can change everything:
What is my perceived pain of taking the action? What is my perceived pleasure of not taking...

How I Get Back on Track

I think we can all acknowledge that as long as we are breathing there will be change, opportunities and forward motion in our lives.  What I have learned is when I feel "out of sorts" it is because one of my basic human needs is not being met.  I'm not talking about food, shelter, clothing.   I'm talking about  the ones that your unconscious mind goes seeking.   The ones that if your primitive brain is left on it's own, can cause it to find negative/disempowering support of your needs. 

For example, Certainty is a big one for me.   If I am...

A Season of Renewal and Growth

Ah Easter and Spring what an amazing season of new beginnings and possibilities.   This is truly my favorite (next to Christmas) time of the year!

I look at this time of year as a time to remember it is a season of Planting, hoping and to start new projects that can flourish later.   It truly is a season of growth and opportunity. 

If you are struggling with your goals and have fallen short for Quarter 1, this is your time to reflect.  Did you bring your 2023 version of yourself to the task of doing more?   Are you chall...

You Get to Pick Your Thoughts

Join me in implementing an incredibly powerful tool that has CHANGED my experience in business and life in the short 3 months of 2024.  

You have heard me say we have approximately 60K thoughts a day and 80% of those are negative (48K negative thoughts a day) and 95% of those are repetitive.     IF you want to change those percentages and live a more joyous, fulfilling business and life, I have the perfect exercise for you!

I'm going to have you tap into your disempowering thoughts that you are having on an unconscious level, make them conscious and run the tho...