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Recycling is a dangerous scam - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-23
Today at 9:50 AM

Recycling is a scam and also dangerous :: Can you take a parachute on a commercial flight? :: Plastic surgery for animals? :: Skeeter calls to yell :: Matthew calls about Skeeter calling to yell :: Do you own the air around you? :: 2024-06-23 Hosts: Bonnie, Lori, Rich E Rich

Free Talk Live - 2024-06-17 - Porcfest XXI
Last Tuesday at 2:27 AM

Aria forgot to take show notes.

Cops being Cops - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-16

Woman free (maybe) after 43 years on false conviction :: Riley and Bonnie defining moment for ideas of liberty :: Ridley calls in about 26 ATF arrests in Manchester :: Should other people be able to tell you what's best for your kids? :: Postal Service doesn't service the post very well :: Where is Derek J? :: 2024-06-16 :: Hosts: Lori, Bonnie, Riley

Automatic Military Draft - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-15

What is Porcfest? :: House passed bill :: Which country are we going to war with first? :: Pine tree riot flag protest update in New Hampshire :: Banned books in Florida :: Gell-mann Amnesia :: Don't put your kids in government schools :: We should be free to buy tanks if we want :: Roger Ver arrest and crazy aspects of it :: Trump thinking of libertarians? :: Would the Ukraine war have happened if Trump was president? :: How were Bush and Gore even different? :: 2024-06-15 Hosts: Bonnie, Colin, Kumo

The U.S. Injustice System - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-10

Fox News sucks :: The long reach of the "benevolent" U.S. government :: The U.S. Government targeting Asians :: Rigged game is rigged :: Don't call the police :: Love your neighbors :: The IRS sucks :: Ian in Federal Prison :: 2024-06-10 Hosts: Aria, Mr. Penguin

Did Joe Biden Poop Himself? - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-09

Did Joe Biden poop himself? :: Quality furniture vs cheap :: Did the internet ruin an Amazon tribe? :: Elon Musk; Genius or conman? :: Journalist arrested for no good reason :: David from NM is not Bonnie's baby daddy :: Petro dollar agreement with Saudi Arabia ends :: 2024-06-09 Hosts: Bonnie, Lori, Rich E Rich

Trump Trial Illegal? - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-08

Will Trump win in the election? :: Trump convictions and the illegal court practices :: Chase Oliver the Libertarian party candidate :: Gag orders are anti free speech :: The people in power play by their own rules :: Modern life is too comfortable for people to rebel against the government :: Sending your kids to government school is handing your children to your enemies :: What's the best protest method? :: Nestle creating food for those eating Ozempic :: Is crypto fiat? :: Kids should talk to strangers :: AI making plenty of mistakes :: 2024-06-08 Hosts: Bonnie, Coach Phil and Peakless Mountaineer

US vs Freedom of the Press - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-05

Trans kids transitioning - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-03

Ross Ulbricht & Donald Trump :: Trans kids transitioning :: Federal prison is stupid :: Enemies of the state :: Bitcoin & Banks :: American Justice System failures :: Banks are the worst :: 2024-06-03 Hosts: Aria, Mark, Riley.

Stolen Covid Alcohol - Free Talk Live - 2024-06-02

Skeeter is trying to convert to Ancap :: Covid measures hurt people :: Updates on Ian's wellbeing :: Should Palestinians be shipped to the USA? :: Should you pay taxes :: Jerome calls in happy about Trump charges :: 2024-06-02 Hosts: Bonnie, Lori, Rich E Rich