Victory Over V.A. Podcast

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By: Attorney Francis Jackson

The Victory Over VA Podcast is a weekly show hosted by Attorney Francis Jackson of JACKSON & MACNICHOL LAW. Each week we delve into topics that empower and educate veterans. Including veterans' benefits, denied disability benefits claims, and understanding the disability process. You fought for us; now, let us fight for you! Make sure you subscribe to our show so you get notified when we put out new content!

Preserving Through VA Trails
Last Tuesday at 3:00 PM

"NEVER SURRENDER" is the battle cry echoing in my mind as I, Attorney Francis Jackson, kick off this podcast. As a veteran, there's one principle deeply embedded within us: "Never give up." This episode stands as my unwavering tribute to this ethos, illustrating my tenacity as I grapple with the relentless waves of bureaucratic language and paperwork. As your podcast host, I persist with the unwavering mantra of never surrendering, steering through the often perplexing labyrinth of veterans' benefits and highlighting the crucial importance of staying hardy when faced with refusal.

I've thoughtfully crafted this revealing episode...