The Bhoy and the Bear

10 Episodes

By: SSP Media

We may all hate to admit it, but we've all got friends on the other side of the Clyde. The Bhoy and the Bear is a podcast that takes perspectives from both Celtic and Rangers as they debate the biggest issues surrounding Scottish football. They rarely agree, so a mediator is on hand to stop the podcast from going off the rails!

24: Derby Day Special

The Bhoy, The Bear and the Mediator meet up to watch the biggest Rangers vs Celtic game in a long, long time. Listen to despair turn to drama as Rangers twice stage a comeback to rescue a draw against the current champions... what a game - what an episode!

23: Does it all come down to this? Rangers host Celtic on Sunday!

Rangers host Celtic this weekend for what is surely one of the most significant meetings between the two sides for many years. The lads preview the game whilst taking time to make reference to Kendrick Lamar and strange cheesecake flavours, while the mediator attempts a twist on trivia...

22: Celtic Back on Top, Rangers Waterlogged...

Both sides progress in the Scottish Cup. Green shoots for Celtic as they start to look back to their best, and Rangers' spirits are dampened by Benfica and a certain Dens Park pitch...

21: The Bhoy, The Bear... and The Jambo!

For the first time in BATB history, both Celtic and Rangers lose their most recent league game! Brought in to rub salt in the wounds is friend of the pod Kenny, a Hearts fan. Needless to say, there's little agreement in the camp.

20: Rangers Go Top... We're Gonna Need a Bigger Shark!

Rangers go top for the first time since August 2022 and Scott is suitably delighted. Patrick shares where he thinks it's all gone wrong before the lads debate the allocation fiasco at the SWPL clash between Rangers and Celtic.

19: Diomande in the Rough, Apologising to No-One, and Sack The Board?

The January window SLAMS SHUT and there's very different moods in the two camps. Things get a bit heated as Patrick slates Celtic's recruitment... and is the league now 50/50?

18: Not Quite Ronaldo, Gran's Medical & The January Window

The winter break is over and the Bhoy and the Bear are back to discuss routine Scottish cup wins, the January window so far, and preview a big week for Rangers in particular.

17: The Sound of Balding, Brother Collum & Celtic win the one that counts!

Celtic win the Old Firm clash at Celtic Park! In the first episode of 2024 the boys break down the game, outline the importance of the January transfer window, and get a bit heated about the VAR call that was... or wasn't (?!) given during the match.

16: Booing Santa, Rangers Win League Cup, and Green Tinted Earmuffs

It's the 2023 Christmas special! And it couldn't come at a better time as Rangers win the league cup, Celtic capitulate and a certain listener is a surprise guest to get his own back against the Blue and Red faction of the podcast...

15: Kleenex, The Ballon D'Bear, and who will be top after the Old Firm game?

A nightmare weekend for Celtic and a comfortable win for Rangers despite being reduced to ten men... we have a title race! The lads preview differing European games, find out why Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch and predict the League Cup Final outcome!