Don't Shrink to Fit: Empowering and Inspiring women, one story at a time.

8 Episodes

By: Claudia Noriega-Bernstein

This Podcast  is all about you and all the courageous driven women like you. We are here to inspire, to empower, to share and embrace one another; we will be talking with women from different backgrounds and careers about love, family, friendship, their  wins and falls and the life they love. We will explore our feminism challenges and power in an intimate and honest way!   I truly believe we can only fly if we embrace each other. I will have a new episode every week. And a Spanish one every second to the last Thursday of every month (un episodio en e...

Your inner Goddess at her best.

Gabriela is a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Leading Energy Healer, Certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator, and Author. She is dedicated to guiding women towards increasing their true feminine frequencies, activating their subconscious mind to dissolve limitations, and rewiring their vibrations to awaken the magnetic Goddess within.

She is passionate about supporting women who find themselves constantly giving their power away, afraid to speak their truth, and easily drawn to the wrong partners. With her guidance, they learn a new way of dating and abundance that opens doors to unimaginable opportunities. It's a magical transformation, where they effortlessly attract high-quality...

How I got the life I wanted

If you would have told me 25 years ago that one day I would be a published author, that I would have a podcast, that I would be coaching women and empowering them to go for what they want unapologetically, that I would be living this life, I would have told you, You are crazy!

At that time, my life was not at all what it is now, I was recently separated, with three girls ages, 11 month, 2 years old and 5 years old; I was undergoing radiation treatments after having my thyroid remove because of cancer, I...

Aiming for the Gold in Life

She was an average girl who quantum leaped into becoming an Olympian, writing a book and living all over the world with the love of her life while creating her dream business!

 "If I was to tell my younger self I would be doing all of this, I never would have thought it was possible." 
She didn’t have the right body type. Was never flexible enough. Was the “chubby one” on the team. The reserved at Nationals and didn’t even rank in the top 100 in Canada! But she did not give up. and she made the t...

Tu relación con el miedo, y como superarlo.

Every second to the last Thursday of the month I have a a Spanish episode.

En este episodio hablamos del miedo y como podemos manejarlo de una manera en la que nos motive y no nos controle.
Pero, ¿Qué es el miedo? El miedo es una emoción natural que se caracteriza por experimentar una sensación desagradable e intensa ante la percepción de un peligro real o imaginario. Es una de las pocas emociones básicas que compartimos con muchos animales.
El miedo aparece cuando se cree e...

The just one project that keeps on giving

Brooke Neubauer, CEO and founder of The Just One Project, is a life-long Las Vegas resident, wife, mother, business owner, and advocate. In 2009, Brooke was introduced to giving back and making a difference through a friend. That holiday season they adopted a child to give gifts for Christmas. The impact it made touched her heart and she was changed forever.  Brooke believes that it takes just one person to make a difference and she wanted to inspire others to join her mission of making an impact in the community and in the lives of others.

Since founding T...

The Mystery of the unknown

Maggie Clark is a respected Tarotist who has been reading Tarot since 1994 and has taught Tarot for the last twenty years, both in colleges, privately, and through her online Tarot learning program. She is the co-founder of the Psychic Evolution Mystery School and she delights in teaching classes, workshops, and offering Tarot and Astrology readings and consultations. Maggie is the Author of “365  Days of Tarot: Inspirational Tarot for your daily life.” 

She is also a Spiritual Coach and Teacher, Radio Show co-host of A View of Humanity, co-host of the podcast, Psychic Evolution and the Podcast, The Goddes...

How to deal with rejection

We all have fear of being rejected because we have all experienced it at some point in our lives and we KNOW how it feels. 

It would be easy to just stay home and hold back from going after something we want to avoid it, but by avoiding rejection we are also 100% guaranteed to miss out on what we want by not trying. 

Imagine living under a rock so we won't feel unworthy of something? 

Rejection comes from the belief that we are not enough, and I would like to make a point on...

Meghan Bonde

Meghan is a creative, highly sensitive, and gifted thinker, dancer, writer, nature lover, and activist. As a neurodiversity specialist, she founded Team Neurodivergent, an organization committed to creating organizations that empower people who are “wired differently” to thrive and leverage their strengths.  She is a transformational coach, speaker, and workshop facilitator who celebrates diverse minds using a strength based lens.  She has facilitated learning for thousands of leaders in schools, organizations, and conferences nationally and internationally.  She is an equity focused leader who leads change to create inclusive environments.

Meghan Bonde is an award winning, bilingual Speech Languag...