Freedom To Be Human

10 Episodes

By: Karina Rook

Holistic wellness to help you rise, thrive & shine!

The Results Show

This is how you can catalyse your own results, faster and with greater impact!  When I work with my clients, the actions they take and the results they get; are my fundamental focus.

In today’s episode of the Freedom To be Human podcast I take you on a tour from spirit and soul to the grounded reality of making the vision happen.  From appreciating the shift in energy from Saturn as it stations direct in Pisces after being retrograde since 17 June to the compassionate and sanity checking of goals as waymarkers towards your dest...

1 in 400 billion - Make It Count

We definitely share a lot of numbers in this episode of the Freedom to Be Human podcast.  From the declining state of employee wellness and the gap between the workforce and the C-Suite; to the cost of absence; to the number of hours we spend on our entire career… to the odds of you being here!  Yes, there may be 8 bn people on the planet - but the chance of you being born is one in 400 bn.

I share a story of what turned my head in relation to the human consideration to mental heal...

A Loneliness of Humans

“A loneliness of humans” Yes, the collective noun for humans that was introduced to me this weekend was ‘a loneliness of humans’.

In this episode I share why this serves as such a provocation for us and fits perfectly within the freedom to be human concept.

We’re wired to be connected - from living longer, to giving back, having a sense of purpose and our health is improved when we are connected to those around us.

But sadly, more people than ever are feeling alone despite te...

Want a different result? Stop focusing on what you do...

If you’re stuck on making changes - be that trying to create healthy habits, work differently or achieve another level of success - focusing on what you need to DO to change may be the reason you're not making the headway you desire.

In this episode of the Freedom To Be Human podcast I outline why your progress may be blocked and what you can focus on instead - to bring about the desired new outcome.

From emotional intelligence, leadership, high performance, and creating the future of your dreams we...

Simple & Seasonal Steps to Success

In this episode of the Freedom To Be Human Podcast, I share four simple steps that will take you towards the success you seek.  Be that career & professional or something more personal, whatever it is you are seeking; these four steps are timed to align to the current season’s energy to catalyse the actions you are already taking.  They give an extra power dimension to what you are doing, thinking & feeling. And if you've not started on your journey yet, but know there is something more you want from your life - these steps will also help you...

What's The Best That Can Happen?

In this episode I share how reframing a situation can not only get you a better result in that moment; but also have rewire your brain so that your not held in the grip of stress hormones AND you have an improved capacity to change how you feel; what you do and therein start to create the future you desire.

I'll explain it's not about seeing life through a half full lens or rose tinted glasses and why sustaining any new habits or changes is difficult and not related to your will power...

Sleep Challenge - the what's how's & why's to a better night's sleep

Most adults in the UK do not get sufficient sleep each night.  A lack of sleep impacts our mood, memory, immunity, metabolism, learning, cognitive function, patience & perspective and ageing process. From the decisions we make every hour (big and small) to our relationships and longer term health; not prioritising sleep is harmful to our health, wealth and happiness.

In this episode I run through the 21 Day Better sleep Challenge highlighting the science and meaning behind the individual steps in an holistic mind, body & soul approach to set you up for your best success when i...

It's All About You

If you're wanting to break free from feeling stuck; or if you've lost a part of you; if you want to feel that warming sense of inner confidence and assurance to shine your brightest; or you are on the brink of burn out - this episode will help you overcome the barrierws in your way and help you rediscover what you need and desire.

This show weaves together insights from energetics, pyschology, manifestation and the cosmos to provide a map to get to true you. 

Use this podcast for your success at work, rest or p...

How to BE more and DO less

Too often, too many of us slip into the conditioning of doing rather than being - which is hampering our health, wealth and happiness.  

In this episode I share why I no longer what to be remunerated for what I know;  and how I've come to appreciate that thinking is NOT my only way of knowing.

From differentiating between the 'operating systems' of being and doing;  to the benefits we stand to gain from being more mindful as to which 'operating system' we optimise (including better sleep, reduced stress, stronger connection to purpose and self-fulfilment) thi...

Welcome to the Freedom To Be Human Podcast

A new podcast to celebrate what it means to be human - and how, when we lean into what makes us gloriously human, we get to experience our best health, wealth, happiness and truest, most authentic success.

In this intro, I share how the origins of my freedom to be human philosophy came from decades of supporting individuals, teams and businesses perform & excel; what you can expect from the show and how this will help you live a life less ordinary.

This is a wild ride of a podcast - embracing expansive thinking and delighting...