Vishwas Mudagal Show

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By: Vishwas Mudagal

Hey, Vishwas Mudagal here! I’m a story teller and a bestselling author. Vishwas Mudagal Show is all about the stories that shaped me, that taught me, entertained me, and paved my path to success.New episodes come out every week on all your favourite podcast platforms and Youtube.You can reach out to me @VishwasMudagal on Instagram and share your experiences and feedback with me. Who knows, maybe we’ll end up talking and it might be one of your stories that’ll get featured in Vishwas Mudagal Show’s next episode.

Bytes: Here's one thing you need to do everyday
Today at 10:30 AM

The one daily action that can transform your life. Tune in to uncover this powerful habit for daily success!

Bytes: Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Taking the Next Step!
Yesterday at 10:30 AM

How to break free from fear and take that next step toward success!

Bytes: It’s You Who Makes or Breaks the Luck
Last Sunday at 10:30 AM

The concept that luck is influenced by your actions and mindset.

Bytes: How To Make Sure That the Path Which You’ve Selected Is the Correct One
Last Saturday at 10:30 AM

This will help you navigate your journey with confidence and clarity.

Bytes: How To Get Promoted at Work
Last Friday at 10:30 AM

Hear these practical tips to help you advance in your career and achieve your professional goals.

Bytes: Stop Saying Yes All the Time
Last Thursday at 10:30 AM

The importance of setting boundaries and saying no when necessary.

Bytes: Never try to please everyone. But then what to do?
Last Wednesday at 10:30 AM

The liberating concept of focusing on your own priorities rather than constantly trying to please others.

Bytes: Why do I always get Bad People in my life

I explore possible reasons behind this phenomenon and share insights on how to break the cycle and cultivate healthier relationships.

Bytes: The secret sauce to become the Most Effective Leader!

I uncover the secret sauce to becoming an exceptionally effective leader and inspire those around you.

Bytes: Here Is How I Believe You Should Handle Situations Both Good and Bad.

I share my insights on how to effectively navigate both positive and negative situations. Tune in for quick yet impactful advice on managing various situations with confidence and composure!