Moments That Define Us

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By: Iryna Barnett & Isabella Magidson

"Moments That Define Us" podcast explore the defining moments that shape who we are.Through a mix of heartfelt interviews, engaging storytelling, and thought-provoking discussions, "Moments That Define Us" explores a wide range of topics such as triumph over adversity, overcoming challenges, self-discovery, and finding purpose in life. Each story is unique, yet universally relatable, highlighting the common thread of human experience that connects us all.By showcasing the resilience, courage, and resilience of individuals from diverse backgrounds, this podcast aims to inspire listeners to embrace their own defining moments and find the silver linings in their own lives. Whether...

Behind the Mic with Bella & Iryna: Self-Care
Last Tuesday at 6:14 PM

This is a new edition of Behind the Mic with Bella & Iryna, where our fabulous hosts talked about self care. In this lighthearted episode Iryna and Bella give unprofessional advice to the listeners on how to take care of yourself on a very little budget or completely free. They talk about things that has worked for them and things that didn't (Iryna doesn't like taking a bath.....what? is she crazy?). They talk about their love for books and how reading helps them relax, journaling and talking to yourself through writing (Bella shared her journal entry and it was...

Making home buying possible , featuring real estate agent Jessica Argo

In today's episode we are talking about real estate and the process of buying a home but doing it in the right way We sat down with the amazing real estate agent Jessica Argo who spoke about her passion for real estate, especially helping first time home buyers and women own their first home. She shared with us how having teaching background helped her become a better real estate agent. Jessica has been in real estate for almost 9 years and she has so many stories, some good and heartwarming and some crazy ones. Jessica also talked about the time...

We Are All Connected, featuring the CEO of Judi's House Micki Burns, part 2

This is part two of two part episode with the CEO of Judi's House Micki Burns. We continued talking about grief and bereavement. Micki talked about recourses Judi's House provides to families when explaining death to children. She emphasized how important it is to use correct language so kids can understand death. We also spoke about death by suicide and again using the correct language so kids can understand why someone made that choice and how to support families who experienced this kind of loss. Again , the education piece of different types of losses that Micki provided was so...

We Are All Connected, featuring the CEO of Judi's House Micki Burns part 1

Another incredible human that we had a chance to sit down for a deep and meaningful conversation. On today's episode we have Micki Burns, the CEO of Judi's House. "Judi’s House is a community-based nonprofit bereavement center for children and families with the vision that no child should be alone in grief."

Micki has such a beautiful presence about her and having her on our podcast was an honor. This is part 1 of two parts episode. In part one Micki dives into her story, losses she experienced early in life and some of her defining moments an...

Grief & Loss, featuring Stephanie Tatum part 2

This is part 2 with Stephanie Tatum from Still I Rise Counseling Services. In this episode Stephanie dive into grief and loss, what is acceptable and unacceptable in our society when it comes to grief. She talks about education around grief and loss, how to be there for people that are grieving and what happens when we have unresolved grief. Stephanie also provides different resources for people that are going through grief. This episode a little heavy but needed for all of us.

Check out Stephanie's website to learn more about her and services she provides https://stillirise-counseling...

Mental Health & the Benefits of Therapy, featuring Stephanie Tatum part 1

Today's episode is all about mental health and how to take care of it. We had an incredible conversation with the licensed therapist and founder of Still I Rise Counseling Services Stephanie Tatum. Stephanie shared with us her her story and some of her defining moment. We dive deep into why therapy is important and necessary for one's mental well being. Stephanie's also gave advice on how to pick the right therapist. We also spoke about cultural differences when it comer to therapy, especially in black and brown communities and stigma around therapy. This episode is very educational.


"Real Stories From Ukraine" -look back at the very beginning

This week we are taking a look back at our very first episode "Real Stories From Ukraine" We launched Moments That Define Us podcast in March of last year and will be rereleasing some of our favorite episodes this month. Enjoy our very first episode!!!

Welcome to our very first episode. Today, our cohost Iryna tell us about growing up in Ukraine. She shares stories from her childhood and her perspective on the war in Ukraine.

Behind the mic with Bella & Iryna-deep questions from ChatGPT AKA Gloria

We are launching "Behind the mic with Bella and Iryna." In these types of episodes , we wont have guests, just our hosts discussing hot topics, things that are going on in their lives and around the world. Our mission is to build community around Moments That Define Us Podcast for people to have a safe space to be vulnerable and to share their stories. Today's episode is a fun one. Our hosts Iryna and Bella answered very serious questions from ChatGPT. Get to know our hosts on a deeper level and find out who is Gloria.....Get ready to...

Rest Is Resistance, featuring Lisa Sullivan

In today episode we sat down with Lisa Sullivan, who is an incredible human, business owner, a mother , a daughter , a sister and so much more. Lisa spoke to us about being raised in a household with an immigrant father and an American mother and how that environment shaped her who she is today! Lisa has a lot of experience in the non profit world and she opened up to us about racial inequality and burnout she experienced that led her to leave her last job and started her own business LS Ventures. Lisa talked about white saviorism in...

Consumerism culture and the effects on our finances

In today's episode we sit down with Katye Edwards, the founder and owner of Guided Revision, LLC to talk about consumerism and the effects on our finances. Katye has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry and her wealth of knowledge is incredible. Today's episode will make you think not only how you spend your money, but what you spend it on. We dive deep in the culture of spending and unchecked consumerism. Katye also talked to us about being laid off , knowing in her heart that she wont go back to the corporate America again, and taking...