Juggalo News Presents: The Carnival Grounds with Madd Maxxx and Reverend Television

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By: Maximillian Young

What is a Juggalo? There's a lot of different answers to that question as it turns out, and most of them have the word "fuck" in them. The short answer is a hardcore fan of the Detroit Wicked Shit Rap duo the Insane Clown Posse, or as they are more colloquially known, ICP. The full answer, however, may surprise you. People have always assumed that Juggalos are mostly just a bunch of white trash losers who constantly act a fool and do tons of drugs at concerts and their annual festival, The Gathering of the Juggalos. Those people are correct...

Episode 27 - Farther and Farther Away..

On this newest episode of The Carnival Grounds, Maxxx and the Reverend discuss one of the last compilation albums to ever come out of Psychopathic and the third in the series, Psychopathics from Outer Space 3. This album came out at a time when the division in the culture had yet to rear its ugly head, and whether things were peaceful behind the scenes or not, the family still felt as connected as ever. So many long standing classics from each artist came from this album, many of which are still performed today. Take a trip into the past and...

Episode 26 - There Was A Time...

On this episode of The Carnival Grounds, Maxxx and the Reverend discuss the post Tempest EP "The Eye of the Storm" as well as the era of the annual festival The Gathering of the Juggalos that is known as the Hogrock era. Hogrock was the name of the venue where the Gathering was held from 2007 until 2013, and it was, for lack of a better term, lawless. This was the birthplace of the infamous "drug bridge" as well as many aspects of the culture that resonate to this day. We were in rare form on this one, so come check...

Episode 25 - This Shit Aint For Rookie Kids

On this episode of The Carnival Grounds, Maxxx and the Reverend discuss Shaggy 2 Dope's second solo album, the incomparable Fuck the Fuck Off or F.T.F.O. as it is colloquially known. This album is light years beyond the first and is absolutely one of the best projects Psychopathic Records have ever released. From the amazing beats to the stellar delivery of his always original style of lyricism, this project was a beam of light and hope in what was a somewhat uncertain and dark period in the history of Juggalo Culture. The album is packed stem to...

Episode 24 - There's Still So Far To Go

On this episode of The Carnival Grounds, Maxxx and the Reverend discuss two of ICP's more polarizing albums, the EP the Calm and The Tempest, two of Insane Clown Posse's first efforts following the release of Hell's Pit and the end of The (first) Saga of The Six. These albums were not only famously produced solely by ICP but this was also the first time in many years that they did not have the full weight of a major record label behind them in some form or fashion, not to mention as discussed in the Soopa Villains episode, Alex...

Episode 23 - WE FURIOUS!!

On this newest and long awaited episode, Maxxx and the Reverend discuss an often overlooked and forgotten gem of a collab album, 2005's Furious by the immortal Soopa Villains, comprised of ICP, Esham, and Lavel. This album was teased for years before its eventual arrival, and in classic supervillain fashion the album signalled the end of an era, as this was the time when it can be argued the "family" era of Psychopathic Records itself truly began to dissolve. They discuss Juggalo politics (wait that's a thing?) as well as happenings in the underground and chop it up as...


On this first episode of the new year, Maxxx and the Reverend have a jovial little chat about the two next chronologically placed Forgotten Freshness albums, #3 and #4. Maxxx forgot to listen to the albums and can't stay in one place, and the Reverend isn't having it. Hilarity ensues. They also discuss the music. Happy 2024 fuckfaces, we're off to a running start.

Episode 21 - Your Head Would Mean So Much To Me

On this very special final episode of 2023, Maxxx and the Reverend are joined by none other than TJ aka The Beastmaster as we discuss the final half of the final Joker's Card, The Wraith Hell's Pit. We reflect on the year that's passed, but also reflect on the changes of the last 20 years since Juggalos entered and exited the era of the 6th. TJ, Maxxx, and the Reverend have known each other for the vast majority of those last 20 years and they have quite a bit to say about the culture and the community at large. This is an...

Episode 20 - Do Us All A Favor

On this very special episode, Maxxx and the Reverend discuss not an ICP album, but an album that Violent J wrote for the band Zug Izland, Cracked Tiles. This is a Juggalo deep cut that many newer ninjas aren't familiar with, but trust me when I tell you that it is one of the best rock albums of all time. Violent J didn't write the music but he wrote the lyrics, and the product is one of the most honest and hard hitting rock albums in history, in my humble opinion.

Episode 19 - Under The Lotus...

On the first of this week's two episodes, Maxxx and the Reverend discuss the second Dark Lotus album and the only Lotus album ABK belonged on, Black Rain. The two discuss the ins and outs of the album as well as the dynamic between the members in times past, as well as discussing their experiences of seeing Dark Lotus live in concert. This is one of the best album's Psychopathic ever released and it made for a great episode.

Episode 18 - Ain't Nobody Gonna Stop My Shine

On the second of this week's episodes (because I missed the upload last week and decided to just double up instead of waiting to release the next episode) Maxxx and the Reverend discuss the legendary Psychopathic Records concept album, Wizard of the Hood. They discuss not only the album, but also the performance that took place at the Gathering of the Juggalos in 2016. Many consider this to be the absolute peak of achievement for Psychopathic Records all around. It is technically a Violent J solo album, but it featured the entire Psychopathic Records family at the time and had...