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Come for the Business, Stay for the Pleasure. Old Money is a podcast for ambitious women who are building the trust funds they wish we were born with. Hosted by entrepreneur Amber Frankhuizen, this show is a relatable take on building wealth, money mindset, entrepreneurship, career advice and tactical money strategy like investing, saving- with pop-culture references sprinkled throughout. We know that being rich is more than what’s in your bank account, it’s about embodying our future selves, living well and doing it all with style. Every week, we’ll be serving a new episode straight up, so grab a...

Luxury Lexicon Part 2: Real Estate & Fashion Focus
Yesterday at 12:00 PM

If you're considering a HELOC to pay for college, listen to this episode first. In part two of Luxury Lexicon, Amber takes you through the basic terms to know before investing in real estate or a couture dress. You'll learn about the hidden fees behind hammer prices, how greener money will help you reach your business goals, and the hype around Dolce & Gabbana's upcoming branded residence.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Intro (0:51)How greener money helps you reach your goals faster (2:45)Amber's time working in real estate (6:59)HELOC loans (11:34)Vanderpump Rules...

Luxury Lexicon Part 1- Money Talks

Elevate your financial fluency with terms every investor should know. Inspired by the Couples Dictionary Challenge, Amber is breaking down the vernacular of the rich. You'll learn who your friends & family really are, what types of unicorns you should chase, and what Andy Cohen has to do with index funds.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Intro (1:15)Friends & Family Investing (8:48)Bull markets and bear markets (20:45)High-net-worth vs. ultra-high-net-worth (25:01)Leverage as a means to build wealth (27:46)A lesson from the merchants of the Gold Rush (34:41)Unicorns in business (38:17)Business valuation(39:32)Price-to-Earnings (P/E...

50th Episode! 5 Lessons on Attracting Wealth

After 50 Episodes of Old Money, Amber distills 5 of the most potent learnings about money and attracting wealth. These lessons include new concepts, some woo-woo abundance rituals and some practical, tactical steps, all designed to help you build a stronger wealth consciousness.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Celebrating 50 episodes (1:02)Lesson #1: Vibe with Money (12:22)Lesson #2: Calm Financial Fight or Flight (22:30)Lesson #3: Expansion vs. Restriction (30:42)Lesson #4: Find your Feeling (36:33)Lesson #5: Execution is Everything (42:00)Conclusion (45:30)



Episode 001: Money is my Boyfriend: Building a Relationship with your FinancesEpisode 003: Financial Fight...

Candlelit Dinners with Cash- Perfecting your Money Dates

Level up your financial empowerment by dating your money. Today, Amber dishes out how to set up your money dates and the five crucial steps for having a successful time. From facing discomfort to getting to know your money better, you'll learn how to manage your finances like a pro and uplevel your income. Packed with actionable tips and a fresh perspective on creating lasting wealth, tune in to take your first step toward real change.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Intro and podcast ranking announcement (1:24)Recap of the first podcast...

Avoid Getting Crushed by Car Payments & Opportunity Costs

Getting crushed by car payments? In this episode, Amber discusses the “normalization” of huge monthly car payments, and how the costs could be more than you realize. In sharing her own approach to buying a new car recently, Amber delves into common financial mistakes when purchasing a vehicle, the concept of opportunity costs, and how you can apply this economic trick to maximize the ROI of your life.


Today We’re Discussing: 

Old Money Country Club updates (02:11)Who are our Rich Girls? (05:22)'Birdie and Bogey' (07:41)Car payments normalization and the need for financial literac...

How to "Survive in Brooklyn in this Economy"

If you've ever felt like getting wealthy was impossible, this episode is for you. Don't let the media's negative energy suck you in. It's time to tune out the sweeping generalizations on various generations by outdated "financial gurus" and fear mongering media companies. From dialing up on a positive money mindset to the intricacies of governmental influence on personal finance, prepare to be empowered no matter the economic climate.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Intro (1:15)Birdie and bogey (7:15)First look at the Old Money Country Club (14:30)Building wealth in any economy (17:34...

Proximity is Power: Network like a Boss

While your network may not exactly be your net worth, it can add richness to your life. You'll learn how to prepare for a networking event properly, the do's and don'ts, and how to properly maintain your connections. Amber breaks down how to add value to people higher up and build relationships that matter, all while staying true to what works best for you.

This episode includes your free Networking Tracker and access to the Old Money Country Club, so stick around to the end to catch all of the details.



Health is Wealth: What the Super-Rich do to Stay Young

Ever wonder how the ultra-rich manage to look ageless? Get the scoop on what they're doing for their health and how you can adopt similar practices even on a budget. Today, you'll learn about the seven dimensions of health to live your best, healthiest, and wealthiest self. From regenerative medicine to simple dietary tweaks, there's no better time to invest in your wellness journey.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Intro (0:50)Health is a privilege (4:45)Amber's health journey (8:08)Embracing gradual change (15:59)Dimension #1: Physical health (18:50)Dimension #2: Internal medicine (25:25)Dimension #3: Aesthetic medicine (35:20)Dimension #4: Anti-aging...

Ladies of Leisure: Content Recs & a Self Care Catch Up

Living a rich life is about finding time for leisure. Tune in to level up your relaxation game as a high-achiever with practical self-care tips and the hottest content recommendations to unwind with. From rediscovering the fun in your life to ways to honor your needs, this episode is your reset button. Make sure you listen to the end of the episode to catch two major announcements for the Old Money community!


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Intro (0:49)#1 tip for living in leisure mode: turning off email notifications (6:09)Things you can...

Raising Future Finance Bros: Teaching Financial Literacy to Kids with Samantha Bird

Transform your kid's piggy bank into a financial portfolio. Today, Amber's joined by Samantha Bird to empower parents to set their kids up for financial success. Samantha shares how she's teaching her three boys financial literacy with a money mindset rooted in responsibility and expansion. From how to up custodial accounts to age recommendations for personal finance lessons, this episode offers you the basics of raising financially savvy kids in a fun and accessible way.

Samantha Bird is a personal finance expert for children and their parents. Through innovative tools such as her workbooks, wallets for kids...