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Come for the Business, Stay for the Pleasure. The OLD MONEY Podcast is here to equip women of ALL BACKGROUNDS with the NEW RULES in business, mindset & strategy to build the trust funds we wish we were born with. By examining the values and practices of the generationally wealthy and applying them to our lives today, we’re establishing the NEW RULES to OLD MONEY. This podcast is your one-stop shop for shortcuts to success, lessons you never got in school, business news, and career advice in snackable episodes that are a little more like an episode of VPR than NP...

Frugality is the Enemy of Wealth
Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM

Girl, order your damn latte, your avocado toast and enjoy.

In today's episode, you'll learn about the connection between mindset and wealth and the value of making rational, practical decisions rather than ones based on emotions and habits. You'll also learn about the dangers of fixating on frugality and sacrificing present enjoyment when the future isn't guaranteed, plus 5 actionable steps to improve your quality of life TODAY.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Birdie and Bogey of the Week (1:45)Old money values: wealth is built by mindfulness (7:27)The obsession with...

The Hot Girl's Guide to Investing

Hey rich girls! Don't let the finance bros scare you off from investing—it's not that deep. If you're an absolute beginner to investing, you're in the right place. Today, you'll get the tools to get started, avoid overwhelm and invest without losing sleep. From index funds to dollar-cost averaging to potential pitfalls—we've got you covered. So let's put your money to work!

But don't forget: this isn't financial advice.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Birdie and Bogey of the week (1:31)Introducing Mailbox Money and answering our first ques...

Go Below Deck: Yacht Show Etiquette & Finding a Boat Daddy

Nothing says old money like yachts. Whether you're a seasoned yacht enthusiast or just curious about the glamorous world of the ultra-wealthy, you'll want to tune in today.

In today's episode, you'll learn the framework you need for attending your first yacht show without making cringe-worthy rookie mistakes. From proper etiquette to networking to what not to wear, we've got you covered. So grab a glass of champagne, sit back, and sail away into this episode!


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Birdie and bogey of the week (2:37)Upcoming yacht...

The Golden Handcuffs of Wealth & Envy

Fans of RHOP are familiar with the green-eyed bandits, but are you familiar with the green-eyed monster? If you've ever felt jealousy, envy or a touch of bitterness because you weren't born with a trust fund, this episode is for you.

In today's thought-provoking episode, we explore the complexities of being gifted wealth vs. earning it on your own, the allure of comparing ourselves to others, the ever-present feeling of envy, and why holding your own purse strings creates the most freedom in your life. Push play and let's explore strategies on how to manage envy and...

Gettin' Wealthy at Work- 5 Tips to Succeed at a Start Up

Want to learn how to advance in your company? Whether you're a recent graduate or transitioning to a new career path, Amber's unique framework that she used to achieve an executive role at age 29 will keep you organized and focused with precision on your money goals. From defining your North Star to a concrete set-up for organizing your "second brain," you'll learn the key strategies you need to thrive and step into your role as the CEO of your career.


In today's episode, we cover the following:

Upcoming guest speaker at RealPage, and...

XOXO, Gossip Girl: Bama Rush, Tracy Anderson & Girl Math

Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here ✨ Pop into this quickie episode with Amber where she covers all of the hot goss capturing hearts and minds of the elite this summer. We're chatting about the latest fitness craze to drive women to madness in The Hamptons, the real cost of rushing for a sorority at the University of Alabama, and why Girl Math, TikTok's hottest financial craze, isn't as crazy as you think.


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Be The CEO Of Your Life - Systems for Success

How can you become the CEO of your life? Through systems and automation. We only have so much energy and willpower. Finding where you can allow parts of your life to run in the background is going to lower your cortisol levels. Remember: old money is effortless. In today's episode, Amber dives into the world of automation and creating effective systems that support your financial and energetic well-being. She also shares her strategies for automating investments, managing her inbox, and synchronizing schedules with their partner.

Let's embrace the CEO mindset together.



Afford Everything You Want

Get a pen and paper ready for this quick and game-changing episode. ✍🏻

Today, Amber spills how she climbed out of debt while saving money. You'll hear about the temporary financial sacrifices she made to become debt-free. Plus, steal her framework on organizing some high yield savings accounts so you can spend intentionally (which means you can invest in the things you truly want!).

Talking about savings doesn't have to solely mean a boring emergency fund—opening high-yield savings accounts will allow you to grow old money effortlessly and invest in the things you want.


Seven Style Tips That Make You Look Expensive

OLD MONEY GIVEAWAY 8/8/23 to 8/18/23

Thank you to our amazing community for all of your support in the launch of the Old Money Podcast. To say THANK YOU, we’re hosting our first ever GIVEAWAY, and it’s a good one!


Enter for a chance to win our Old Money prize pack: 🍾A bottle of Veuve Clicquot Brut Champagne👝A Yves Saint Laurent card holder in black crocodile-embossed leather📈A one-hour session with fiduciary Emily Stead of ByMethod Financial Collective


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Financial Fight or Flight is Ruining Your Life

We've all heard about the physiology of fight or flight, but have you ever thought about how it affects your finances? 

If you're in credit card debt or fall victim to impulse shopping, you may have a dysregulated financial nervous system. Breaking free from this can be intimidating, but calming your system is a key to building a substantial net worth. 

If you've let Jesus take the wheel of your credit card, this episode is for you. Today, Amber offers unique action items around creating guardrails so you can hop back into the driver's seat of...

Secure the Bag: How to Buy a Birkin

Next time your partner gets mad at you for buying a bag, let him know a Birkin has a better rate of return than stocks or gold!

On today's episode, Amber will break down how to buy a Birkin bag from the quintessential Old Money brand, Hermès. Amber unravels the secrets and strategies behind obtaining this coveted designer item. It's no easy feat, but the annual gains make it worth the investment.

From tips on landing a leather appointment to building relationships with your SA, this is the guide to securing a bag that's n...

Money is my Boyfriend: Building a Relationship with your Finances

Welcome to the first episode of Old Money! Shake up a martini, slip into some silky PJs and get ready to get intimate with your money- today we're talking about building a healthy relationship with cash. 

Today, Amber breaks down her 3-step process to making money your boyfriend. From changing the negative dialogue in your head to taking your finances out on a date, you'll learn the basics of treating your money with respect. Plus, you'll receive concrete examples of money affirmations to create a healthy money mindset today. 

Let's approach money with neutrality and bre...

Welcome to Old Money Podcast!

Silver spoons, country clubs, ivy league schools, and summers in St Barths. The Old Money aesthetic is everywhere, and while it looks great on Instagram, let’s get real babe, you're not getting on a yacht if you don’t have anything in the bank.

If you weren’t born with a trust fund, but wouldn’t mind having one, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the OLD MONEY podcast. Grab a glass of rose and pull up a chair - this show is laying out the NEW RULES to building an old money lega...