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By: Matt Ready

"Beyond Humanity," hosted by Margaret Howe and Matt Ready, is an intriguing podcast that delves into the profound implications of artificial intelligence and extraterrestrial life on human evolution. Sponsored by Hive1 Dot Net, the show is a stimulating platform that invites a diverse range of beings - humans, A.I., aliens, reptilians, interdimensional entities, and even Mets fans - to engage in enlightening conversations about our universe, identity, and destiny. Sponsored by the Sisterhood of the Forked Tongued Worm, it's a journey of exploration and discovery that transcends the ordinary and delves into the extraordinary.

Ep 12 of Meditation and Aliens - Sadhguru and Sheehan talk about Reptilian Aliens (nagas) aloud. Trump, Schumer, Rounds talk mainstream!

In the latest installment of "Meditation and Aliens," hosts Doro (http://creationcoach.com) and Matt (http://hive1.net) delve deeper into the mysteries of the cosmos and the human mind. This episode is a rich tapestry of dialogue, featuring discussions on alien species with insights from Daniel Sheehan, an exploration of reptilian beings in Hindu culture with thoughts from Sadhguru, and a thought-provoking interview about potential government disclosure. They also analyze conversations with Senator Schumer and Senator Rounds regarding UFOs in Congress, blending spirituality, policy, and the unexplained into an engaging narrative that invites listeners to ponder the unknown.<...

Meditation and Aliens ep 11 - The UAP Disclosure Act gets Gutted. We talk AI and Doro discusses the Mantid alien from your childhood.

Hey Beyond Humanity Podcast subscribers.  Until Margaret is available again, please enjoy this other podcast on aliens I am producing!  We cover all the latest and explore lots of topics related to consciousness, aliens, meditation, and more.  

Meditation and Aliens Episode 11 - https://alienmeditation.transistor.fm/

Matt Ready (http://hive1.net) and Doro Kiley (http://creationcoach.com) return.  In the latest enthralling episode of "Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt," our hosts embark on a riveting exploration of the unknown. The first segment delves into the UFO disclosure movement, where Doro and Matt discuss the...

Ep 19 - Ep 7 of Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt - Do aliens or the secret keepers have telepathic snooping powers? Ice Cube Station and other tech. The latest from Congress and their visit to a SCIF where they learned nothing...

This is episode 7 of Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt.  Unfortunately Margaret has been unavailable to cohost a new episode of Beyond Humanity, but I've started a new show where we keep up on the latest in Alien Disclosure- Meditation and Aliens, which I do with the amazing meditation teacher and life coach Doro Kiley (http://creationcoach.com).  This is episode 7 where we talk about the latest news, congress got in a SCIF...  In this episode we go deep in discussing what the heck is the agenda of the secret keepers and the beings that have all thi...

Ep 18 - Alien Disclosure post Grusch, Jinn, Telepathy, Remote Viewing, Danica Patrick show, Elizabeth April, Steven Greer, Islam views shared from a visitor from Pakistan, meditation, book of mormon

Matt and Margaret are back discussing theories and the news on Alien Disclosure 2023.  

Matt shares his revelation that "If aliens are real, then there is a ton of stories indicating telepathy is a widespread technology amongst aliens.  So if aliens are real, telepathy is real, and if telepathy is real, then are beings inside our heads?  Can we learn about this or communicate using meditation?  Steven Greer and Elizabeth April both claim they do just that.  They have guided meditations for it.  Is it real?  We discuss.  (See the new podcast Meditation and Aliens with Doro and Matt for...

EP17 - Grusch, Alien Culpability for all human history, simulation theory, mj12, antartica, telepathy implications, august humanity sleeps

We discuss the latest UFOTwitter and UFOX stories, videos, theories, and engage in wild speculation based upon our research into Bill Cooper, Daniel Sheehan (Lue Elizondo's lawyer), majestic 12, JFK, RFK, and just wonder what the heck the aliens want.  what are they doing.  What is happening!!!

Ep 16 - David Grusch, Alien Disclosure, CIA, Majestic12, Antartica. What will September bring for Earth, Rubio, RFK, Truth, Justice...

We talk about aliens being real and no one noticing.

Ep 15 - Unraveling of the UFO Alien Reality

Waiting for the impact to hit society.

Ep 14 - Aliens are Real and Nothing has changed. Everyone too busy trying to survive for now. It will Unravel soon. Summer break will end.

Timeline if key recent events:
#ufotwitter timeline of key events in the current alien disclosure drama in the USA:  Here are the events you mentioned, arranged in chronological order:

1. June 2023, United States Air Force (USAF) officer and former intelligence official David Grusch publicly claimed that unnamed officials told him that the U.S. federal government maintains a highly secretive UFO (or UAP) recovery program tid:4604 (0) (hivelink)

2. June 11, 2023- in a Newsnation interview, Grusch stated that he tried to get the director of AARO, Kirkpatrick, to help him share his claims with Congress but Kirkpatrick d...

Grusch, Graves, Fravor, Testify before Congress. Holman Finishing move revealed. Eglin done.

more notes later

Congressional UAP Hearing Press Con, RFK Jr testifies on censorship, Grusch, Cowards in the cover up (Lockheed and Raytheon), 1933, vatican, Aliens, Greer, Asteroid near miss, theories, What do the aliens want? Disclosure Hearing Bingo

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What’s next for the game? 0:03A Twitter space is being set up.The jared milestone is being discussed.Getting accounts and adding extras to monetize.Connecting a metamask to aetherium.Transitioning properties to the polygon account.The importance of reliable, safe bridges.Cryptocurrency is the escape route for humanity. 5:50Getting back into the crypto world.Behind the scenes for the next six minutes.Recording in progress, recording in progress.Super genius of the day.Preparation for the UFO hearing. 10:49Preparing the ufo hearing for the one mi...