Fully Blooming

10 Episodes

By: Ola Parkes

Re-discover your intuition and learn how to apply it in your life so that you can regain the trust in yourself, your direction and your life. Our intuition is the guiding light that so many of us are searching for and it's right there within us. We've simply not been taught how to hear, listen, trust or follow it. Through a variety of conversations, reflections and learnings, I'll show you that there is a way to reconnect with it and how it can unlock your most full and rich life.

18 - Safety & Forgiveness in Relationships PT2 with Elena Herminia-Steen
Last Thursday at 6:00 AM

In part 2, Elena and I discuss the importance of non-attachment across all aspects of life, manifestation and people pleasing.

We share our own experiences of finding safety when speaking our truth, especially within friendships and relationships as well as the beauty of forgiveness.



Elena Herminia


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17 - Safety, The Foundation to Everything PT1 with Elena Herminia-Steen

Welcome back! In this first episode, I am joined by Elena Herminia-Steen to discuss the concept of 'safety' and 'sanctuary', what it means to us and how we have worked on finding it within ourselves, especially with the changes in our lives at the moment.

Elena also shares her beautiful experience of pregnancy and her process of claiming her sovereignty around her decision.

This episode is part one of this conversation. Look out for part two next week.

Recorded in March 2024. Excuse the blocked nose ๐Ÿ˜‚


Elena Herminia



16 - A Brief Introduction To The Moon

This episode explains the moon cycle and suggests some ways that you can start working with the New & Full Moon.


Check the time of the New & Full Moon's here based on your location.

Find your Birth Chart here. (Your Sun sign is your "Star Sign" and your South Node will be in the sign directly opposite your North Node.)


Fully Blooming - Exploration Space


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15 - The Fear & Power Of Commitment: An Exploration Of Our Own Self Worth

In this episode, we delve into the relationship between commitment and self-worth, and how committing to ourselves allows us to develop our own self-worth rather than looking externally for validation.


Fully Blooming - Exploration Space


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14 - How To Do A Digital Energy Cleanse To Start Listening To Your Intuition

Tips on how to clear and empty your digital space so that more aligned things to come into your life.

I also share why I came off Instagram and how consuming so much information can remove and distract you from your own intuition, thoughts and beliefs.

โœจ The more we look externally for answers, the less we tune in internally.

Let's start thinking for ourselves and tuning in to what WE want, not what we've been told is "right" for us.


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13 - Are You Censoring Your Voice?

In this episode, I dive into when we should be thinking before we speak and when to allow ourselves to speak freely. Because to truly honour our intuition, we also need to honour our voices.

How often do we silence our true desires and needs because we're afraid of what others might think or say?

How much do we censor ourselves for fear of judgement?


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12 - Where The F*** Is The Balance Between The Masculine & Feminine?!

โš–๏ธ Join me on this week's episode as I discuss my own interesting relationship with the masculine and feminine energy within me. From overdoing it and burning out, to doing nothing at all because "it doesn't feel right". I believe that it's a constantly adjusting balancing act with different seasons and times of our lives.

I also share how I've come to figure out whether it's my intuition saying no (tuning into my feminine energy) or resistance and fear stopping me (my mind).

Card Pull: 43:09


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โœจ Meditation To Discover What You Truly Believe About Yourself

In this meditation, I guide you to ground and reconnect with your body before asking you a question to help you discover what you truly think and believe about yourself.

Approach this meditation with the intention of deeper self-discovery and take some time afterwards to integrate what you find.

You may be surprised what comes up - don't judge yourself but observe and allow yourself to delve in deeper to these beliefs.

Every time you listen to this meditation, your answers may change.


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How To Wo...

11 - Friendships That Heal & Activate with Em Naylor

After hours of voice notes over the almost 2 years we've known each other, Em and I decided to share some of our own thoughts, reflections and experiences with you too. (This will not be the last one, that's for sure!)

We talk about how our friendship has healed our sisterhood wounding and how life-changing it has been to have someone who always sees the highest version of you, especially when you can't.

Em & I have chosen to live an "alternative" lifestyle and have realised the pressures that we both put ourselves under to be a "...

10 - The End Of The 'Strong, Independent Woman' Era

This weekโ€™s episode, I declare that my โ€˜Strong Independent Woman/I donโ€™t need anyoneโ€™ era is coming to an end, why it was desperately needed and what it also showed me loud and clear.



Multifaceted, unique nature. Let yourself be seen.

Flowers don't open and close according to who walks by. They embrace all of what they are and show it to the world around them. The peony doesn't try to compete with the cherry blossom, and the cherry blossom doesn't try to compete...