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By: BB Harding, LLC

This show is inspired by the Rumi quote "What you seek is also seeking you." On this show we explore what it means to have a vision that is reaching out to have you bring it into form. The guests share their vulnerability; how they have traversed their ups and down and what the Vision asks of them as it molds them into the receptacles to bring It forward.

Episode 23 - BB Harding Appreciation

This is a micro-podcast where I talk about "what you appreciate, appreciates" and "how the universe is working for you."

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Episode 22 - Dr. Abiola Oladoke

Dr. Abiola Oladoke is the founder of O & A Wellness.  At O & A Wellness Group, Inc., they help their patients and clients live their optimal lives and look their best through comprehensive approaches to health and wellbeing.

At the age of 13, Abiola Oladoke began her entrepreneurship selling hibiscus beverages to people at her church. Today, the serial/multi-preneur has three different businesses - O & A Wellness; Empowered Entrepreneurs and Home Front Warriors Project, a non-profit PTSD clinic for veterans, active service members, law enforcement and first responders.

She uses her training and experiences in psychology, a...

Episode 21 - Sharon Martin

As a lightworker, Sharon works with the human & earth energies to help the earth and humanity with the ascension process. As a  sound healer, she focuses on group sound baths and individual sound healing.

As a child, Sharon knew that there was more to this worldly experience than what she was learning. In her 20's, reminded of skills that she hadn't used since childhood, she began her journey via what she refers to as the scenic route.

In 2016 she experienced her "dark night of the soul." Things no longer felt right, and she questioned everything t...

Episode 20 - Annette Price

Annette Price, Master Equine Gestalt Coach, is blessed to live on Dragonfly Farm where she operates her coaching business, On the Wings of a Horse, in partnership with her amazing healing herd.  In 2024 she will be celebrating her 10th year of Camp Unplugged, a horse-and-nature summer camp for kids age 8-12, and her 2nd year of Kids Care Corral, designed specifically for kids who parents have had a cancer diagnosis. She is equally passionate about sharing the healing energy work that the horses are offering and to elevate an awareness of horses as sentient beings. She also offers phone a...

Episode 19 - Tyler Angell

Tyler is a full time college student studying Gender, Women's, and Sexuality Studies as a major and a minor in Africana ttudies and Psychology at Eastern Washington University. He has aspirations to work in therapy and counseling potentially with youth, foster youth, the LGBTIA+ community or the homeless. He is a big fan of comedy and music.

Prior to college, Tyler spent time participating in 4 choirs, school cheerleader, improv team. He was also a lifeguard and a cookie decorator. At this time, he considers his purpose to teach others about empathy and spreading hope. His studies for...

Episode 18 - Michelle Griffith

Please note: We experienced a few technical difficulties with this episode. Michelle shares at the end her take on "technical interruptions."

Michelle Griffith is an animal communicator, intuitive guide and creator. She is passionate about listening to animals and leading others to recognize and receive animal wisdom.

Her mission is to facilitate conversations between people and animals that will inspire quality communication and strong relationships, fueled by understanding and trust. She facilitate conversations between animals who want to be heard and people who want to nurture relationships with their animal companions.

Business:  Mane Ri...

Episode 17 - Beth Scanzani

Beth Scanzani is a trusted guide for evolving souls who feel an unshakable calling to wholly express their essential gifts —to making a meaningful difference in the world we share. Through her evolutionary work as a teacher and coach, Beth helps people fall in love with their beautiful selves, reclaim their inner wisdom and higher guidance - and activate the unique potential of their true nature and life purpose.

A lifelong student and curious soul, Beth agilely synthesizes an alchemical blend of psychological, scientific, and spiritual perspectives.  She has attained numerous coaching certifications including True Purpose Coach®, Belie...

Episode 16 - Rashmir Balasubramaniam

Rashmir is a Transformational Leadership & Strategy Coach to leaders with the hubris to want to change the world and the humility to know change begins within.

Rashmir coaches and advises leaders, pioneers and philanthropists with the hubris to want to change the world and the humility to know that change begins within. She connects them to their essence, purpose, and authentic power so they can express their genius and create meaningful change in the world. Over the last 30 years, her work has spanned the globe, ranging from finance and investment banking to health, international development and philanthropy...

Episode 15 - Mark Packard

Mark is the director of Number Three Productions. The company has an overarching vision of Amplifying Voices and Disrupting the World.

Mark has a diverse background of mathematics, economics, audio production, music and dance. In addition, he has a passion for raising awareness on mental health issues. Mark has a commitment to excellence, and has been nominated for Podcast Hero of the Year in 2022 and 2023.

To reach Mark:

Company:  Number Three Productions


Phone:  719-527-1404



Episode 14 - BB Harding - How the Podcast Came to Be

This is the background story of how The Calling Vision podcast came to be.

If you feel called to share with others how your vision has reached out to you, and how you have partnered with it, please book as a guest on the show.

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