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169: Kate on Vaccines, baby names and Reese Witherspoon
Last Tuesday at 4:53 AM

Kate from “The Sober Kates” joins the pod this week. BC’s Vaccine roll out has been a shit show of disorganization. The states are doing much better at Vaccines than Canada. Dale is a Vaccine elitist. Russia sent contaminated vaccines to Brazil. Joe Rogan’s recent comments.The most popular baby names. Reese Witherspoon said the media portrayed her as a good girl and Britney Spears as a bad girl. Joe Biden said America isn’t racist. Twitter is emblematic of the mental health crisis that the world is going through right now. We’re all languishing.

168: Jeremy Baker on the Jab and the Oscars

Jeremy Baker joined us on the podcast this week. Jeremy has a podcast. Derek and Dale both got the vaccine. The guys will wear masks forever. 1.5 Mil of the canadian AstraZeneca vaccine doses came from the same plant in Baltimore that contaminated the 15 Mil Johnson and Johnson vaccines. Jeremey has been taking weekends off of social media. Tik Tok is going to get sued for billions. Are targeted ads that bad? Jeremy had to cut out early to go watch the Oscars. Dale loves James Marsden but hates movie theatres. Parasite was a good movie. Colton Underwood was supposed to...

167: Marty Zylstra on Canucks COVID woes and Canada's olympic denim jackets

Marty Zylstra joins the guys this week. Covers of the Beatles. Marty likes Jojo Siwa. The surviving members of Soundgarden. Taylor Swift is re-recording her albums. The BBC received complaints about Prince Phillip. Marty and Derek gush Master Chef. Ontario lock down rules. Canucks and their COVID woes. Canada’s Olympic Denim on Denim. The Canadian health system.

166: Wesley David Scott (Zulu Panda) On Corduroy and Twitch

Wesley David Scott joins Dale this week. the Corduroy restaurant. Anti-maskers. Dale wants the OG Chinese strain. Bonnie Henry is just one person. Twitch is coming out with new rules for their streamers. aggregate data. The guys search history. Invincible is a really good superhero cartoon you all should watch. The problem with streaming sites.

165: Dominique Fricot on LIl Nas X and being in NXIVM

Dominique Fricot tuned in from Germany. Lil Nas X satanic imagery and shoes. Chippendales exploited the church. The guys’ view on religion. Dale accidentally invents Chorch. Dom on his involvement with NXIVM. Google and making a song a youtube ad.

164: Jeff Porter Showdown at the Suez Canal and Shrimpy Cereal

Jeff tells us about his podcast and some miniatures. The Suez Canal is blocked.Cargo ships can’t reverse? Cargo ship conspiracies. All of our stock tips are for entertainment purposes only. Jensen Karp found shrimp tails and then got milkshake ducked. You’ll never work in this town again. No-one gets away with a dickhead past in the internet era. The editor of Teen Vogue got shit canned. How long should we be held accountable for our past bullshit and is there a road to redemption. Dave Dobrik got cancelled. Man offering breast implants with ‘mind control’.

Nerdage 1: Snyder cut and the DCEU

In the first episode of Outrage Factory: Nerdage, Dale and Derek are joined for a roundtable discussion about JL Snyder Cut and the future of DCEU going forward.

163: Jordon (JBo Airbrush) on Polution shrinking our dongers and the stupid Vatican

Jordon Bourgeault joined the pod this week. Carey Price’s helmet. JCrooks and Castles. Pollution is shrinking our penises. The guys talk about their balls. Biden slipped climbing stairs. People keep punching a Trump wax figure. Vatican not cool with priests blessing same sex marriages. People in Taiwan are changing their name to Salmon.Dale tells Jordon the one time he name dropped him on a plane to impress a girl. Jordon talks about his Band Illuminated Minerva. The guys talk about being old dudes on tik tok. Jordon’s phone died so Dale gushed about his artwork when he was...

162: Brandrew on NFTs and 3 hour erections

Brandrew (Brandee and Andrew) join us. Beeple Sold a Non-Fungible Token. That Wu-Tang album. Dale's stock escapades. Jason Kenny hates “Bigfoot Family”. “The Quad”. COVID can give you a 3 hour erection. Burger King on International womens day. Dale hates cooking. Bonnie Henry changed the restrictions.

161: Jennifer Thomson on Lola Bunny, Dr. Seuss and Dating

Jennifer Thomson stopped by this week and we talked about: Snacks. Lola Bunny. Dr. Seuss. Alec Baldwin. The British dating show naked attraction. Online dating. The Vatican hates the J&J COVID Vaccine

160: Derek Furtney on Woody Allen, Beyonce and way too full outhouses

Derek Furtney stopped by. The Gender Neutral Potato Head. Bitten by a bear in an outhouse. Elon Musk. Red Pill… again. Our favorite conspiracies.Interdimensional pedoephile aliens. Beyonce is Solange’s mom. Woody Allen. I heart Huckabees is a great movie. Twitter superfollows. What ever happened to Google+

159: Aaron St.Goddard with no sympathy for De Vil

Aaron St.Goddard joins us this week. Young and sexy Cruella Devil. Texas faced an icemageddon. Ted Cruz went to Mexico. More Gina Carano. Chris Harrison. Chris D’elia. Australia vs Facebook. Rush Limbaugh died. Joe Biden picks Luigi when he plays Mario Kart

158: Kynan Foster on Justin Timberlake's Apology and Gina Carano getting shit canned

#Bell shit canned #TSN1040. Support independent media. See through wood. #StarWars vs #Marvel. #GinaCarano gets cancelled. #Muckbang. #JustinTimberlake made a public apology #LeahBrathwaite got called to Hawaii. Kynan tells us about his Twitch channel.

157: Emilio Chagolla on racists, sexists and a strip club

Chrissy Teigen tweeted. Emilio’s strip club and the COVID precautions they have to take. The head the Olympic committee said women talk to much. Morgan Wallen said the N word. Record labels screw recording artists. Saxsquatch. the organization IGY6. Tom Clancy got investigated by the FBI.

156: Geoff on anal swabs, stocks and pink KD

China goes Greek. A colonoscopy. Game Spot stocks. Two Vancouverites fly to the Yukon and jump the line for Vaccines. Anyone coming into Canada has to get a rapid test andstay at a government selected hotel. Kraft is releasing Candy flavored pink KD. The newest Bond movie has been pushed back again. The guys talk about what they’re watching right now.

155: Selma on Candles that smell like vaginas

Selma joins Dale on the podcast to talk about vagina candles, gender neutral playing cards, Trump's coke button and the second gentleman

154: Tyler & Cam from Subspace Transmissions

Tyler Orton and Cam Smith from the podcast Subspace Transmissions join us this week. Armie hammer has been slippin into DMs and we’re all scandalized amd the guys weigh in on if cannibalistic fantasies should end a career if they are not acted upon. There’s talk about Chris Evans returning to the MCU even though he hasn’t even been gone for 2 years. Javier bardem and Nicole Kidman are cast for an I love Lucy biopic. The guys discuss who they would have cast for the role of Lucille Ball instead. The Netherlands got super petty with EU’s rules...

153: Jeremy Baker on Bean Dad and the storming of the Capital building

What made the internet angry this year? Jeremy Baker joins Dale and Derek on the podcast. Jeremy catches us up on his pie making, Of course we talk about Bean Dad after Derek’s hot twitter exchange. The guys talk through an exploration of why Bean Dad was so explosive. The guys talk about reading books. The guys go on a tangent about making different amounts of money in different places you live and manufacturing stuff in China. Do we give a shit about which white guy is the richest in the world. The storming of the Capital was an em...

152: 2020 Review

What made the internet angry this year? Derek and Dale spend the episode covering all the bullshit that was 2020. The guys talk about what made them the most angry over the last year. Dale is maddest about the deepening bipartisanship of everybody and this affecting their ability to look at things objectively. Derek is perturbed by the closing of the Canada/USA border and their inability to use rapid testing at airports. Both are upset about the complete farce that was the US election. Dale consulted some Tarot cards to see what the podcast has in store for the coming...

151: Jayme McDonald (Chatterless)

What made the internet angry this week? Jayme McDonald (Chatterless) joins the podcast this week for our extra christmassy outrage. Jayme did the soundtrack for the Documentary www.dosedmovie.com Dale steps on his talk to bring up once again that he likes Joe Rogan. They guys discuss the issues surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 and of course dick sizes. Dale shares a smart anecdote from the book “Sapiens”. The guys discuss audio books and retaining the information. Jayme and Dale discuss why they are still childless. Dale talks about the the thrill of getting new jogging pants. Dale leaves to check on his...

150: Wesley David Scott (Zulu Panda)

Go buy yourself some outrage factory swag at https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/49661850 Buy Wesley’s album at https://zulupanda.bandcamp.com/ What made the internet angry this week? Wesley David Scott also known as Zulu Panda joins the podcast this week. Wesley tells us about his side hustle making custom prayer candles. Vaccines are rolling out and Dale is Temporarily an anti-vaxxer but he doesn’t have to worry because he’s pretty far down the list of who’s getting it. Derek assures him that overall it will mostly be safe. Wesley walks us through what the year has...

149: Marty Zylstra on Death, James Bond and Hockey

Go buy yourself some outrage factory swag at https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/49661850 Buy Marty’s album and get a free prayer candle at https://martyzylstra.bandcamp.com/ What made the internet angry this week? Marty Zylstra stops by the podcast. Dale and Marty cover their Dutch ancestry. Do the Dutch have an easier time dealing with death than the west? And might it stem from the Netherlands being occupied by the Natzis during WWII? What happened to everyone from your highschool? Warner Brothers has announced that they will release all their 2021 movies to the theatres and on HBO Ma...

148: Patrick Johnston on Eric Clapton, Jordan Peterson and Trump's little desk

Go buy yourself some outrage factory swag at https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/49661850 What made the internet angry this week? Dale is joined by Patrick Johnston in his fresh Vancouver Canadians hat. Pat gives us a quick update on where the NHL is in regards to next season. The guys go on a deep movie tangent jumping from 2001: A Space Odyssey to Alien to The Grudge and why movies can’t actually be scary. Van Morrison wrote a song and Eric Clapton recorded it and people are extremely pissed at Clapton because it is an anti lockdown song. Another mo...

147: Don Falconer

Go buy yourself some outrage factory swag at https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/49661850 What made the internet angry this week? Don Falconer came by to give us some insight one what it’s like to be the General Manager of Food and Beverage at Hotel Belmont. The guys talk mask manners Dan is a lot more polite to people who aren’t wearing a mask than most people in his position would be. The guys solve the problem with COVID testing and that is get a free test with the purchase of a beer. What are hey going to name...

146: Adrian Mack on Biden, Harris and old movies.

Go buy yourself some outrage factory swag at https://www.redbubble.com/shop/ap/49661850 What made the internet angry this week? Adrian Mack has blessed us with his presence once again. You have to mess your kids up just enough so that they’re interesting and not totally broken and get addicted to crack. Adrian regales us with an old tale from 2016 when he got booed on stage for insulting Biden. Now that Trump is 100% gone can we stop being Biden Apologists? Dale asks Derek and Adrian to explain what’s wrong with Kamala Harris. Adrian brings up the Sirhan Sirh...

145: Brandee & Candice on Poppies, Biden and No Nut November

What made the internet angry this week? Friend of the podcast Brandee comes back as a guest and brings Candice with her. Whole foods released literature that detailing that employees could not wear poppies as part of their uniform, everyone including Justin Trudeau lambasted them for it. Biden was declared president on the day we recorded and even though problematic he’s a lot better than Trump. How long until Kamala Harris has to step in and take over for Joe Biden? What is No Nut November and can a guy nut 25 times in one day? The guys explain the “wood...

144: Halloween, Joe Rogan, and the trouble with lockdowns

What made the internet angry this week? In this Halloween episode of the podcast it’s just Dale and Derek without a guest for the first time in almost 30 episodes. A problematic Halloween display in Maple ridge had a dummy being hung in their yard and people got upset. People are not going to put drugs in your kids candy, maybe razorblades but never drugs. Joe Rogan had Alex Jones on his podcast and Derek thinks it was a bad thing because Jones doesn’t deserve a platform and Dale likes it because Jones is entertaining and gets some things righ...

143: Emilio on Chris Pratt and the Moon

What made the internet angry this week? Emilio returns to the podcast. Chris Pratt made an instagram post telling people to go vote for his movie Onward at the teen choice awards. After this someone on twitter made a post about him being the least favorite Chris in the MCU to which the entire MCU came to his defense because he is apparently by their recollection a good dude.The guys get into how dinosaurs are turned into oil. A 145 year old church in New Jersey is getting sold to a private owner and since no-one including Dale read the...

142: Dave Breakenridge on media's refusal to say beheading

What made the internet angry this week? Making the best of a bad situation with technical difficulties Dave Breakenridge returns to the show. We salvaged the show which Dale explains in a short intro. As a News Insider Dave explains why some news organizations are unwilling to call the France attack a beheading and have gone for softer language such as “Knifed to death” in their headlines. Dave and Dale talk about the time they both worked at the Calgary Sun. Dave gives the listener behind the scenes account of some of the decisions that go into what information should be p...

141: Adrian Mack on Qanon

What made the internet conspiratorial this week? Adrian Mack makes his third appearance on the podcast and we stray from the usual Outrage Factory formula and instead of talking about current events trending we get deep into conspiracy talk centering on Q Anon.

140: Scott Graham

What made the internet angry this week? This Week we are joined Scott Graham (https://www.youtube.com/c/wflbc). Scott is giving up on most social media and after watching “The Social Dilemma” he won’t be alone. Cancel culture should have a path to redemption. Trump is all over everything this week. The presidential debate was a new low for American Politics. Trump and a bunch of republicans test positive or COVID and people think it’s fake and the guys weigh in on if they think he has it and his likely hood of surviving if he does. Tr...

139: Kristyl Clark from Valleymom.ca

What made the internet angry this week? Derek makes his long awaited return to the podcast as the boys host Kristyl Clark from Valleymom.ca. Billboards popped up around Vancouver urging parents to have fewer children. Derek researches the carbon footprint of dogs. Are blind date photos a good idea? Our kids are watching terrible youtube content and need to go back to good old TV. The governor of florida wants to open everything up but even worse he wants College kids to have a normal college kid life without any repercussions for breaking covid protocol set up by the...

138: Kate

Dale is joined by Kate from the podcast “The After Party: with The Sober Kates”. #StopHateforProfit. Chinese database. The trials and tribulations of reading books. Dale manspalins breathing and then explains what periods are. Cereal killer in Toronto. The movie Cuties. The over sexualization of underage girls. My octopus teacher. Being on a sailboat that was being attacked by Killer Whales would be a living horror.

137: Reporter Nick Greenizan

Reporter Nick Greenizan joins Dale on the podcast this week. Chris Evans showed his donger. Dale’s new headphones. The guys trash Alberta cold. The NFL started on Thursday. Meeting a racist out in the wild. If the USA wants to mine in space no-one is allowed to argue. The guys discuss Armageddon and a possible sequel. Fast and the Furious in Space, Dale is onboard. Remember when you had to buy weed from scary dudes. Oscars are going to have a diversity clause. The XFL should have teams based on The Rock movies. Mixing sushi with various wiener meats. Ha...

136: Game Builder Andrew

Game builder Andrew Barker joins Dale on the podcast this week and the guys discuss: -Derek’s injury -Who makes the best Subs -Working in the Video Game Industry -Call of Duty gun camos -Joe Exotic underwear -Carol Baskins on Dancing with the stars -Jim Gaffigan against Trump -One Riverdale actress is a crybaby/One Riverdale actress is a legitimate hero -purple dildos -Is Britney Spears being held against her will? -PayPal closes Russian accounts -#pokemonmastersex -John A. Macdonald statue

135: Cheese Monger Matt

What made the internet angry this week? Cheese Monger Matt joins Dale this week on the pod. Matt regales us all with his announcer voice that he didn’t think would be included on the podcast. He then shares his cheese knowledge with the audience. Dale gets extreme cup envy at Matt’s realtor mug which has his face on it. If you’re in the Vernon area visit the Wedge Cheesery and support Matt and his lovely family. Who would have thought the downfall of the United States would start in the midwest. We discuss Kyle Rittenhouse shooting three people...

134: Shawn Berke

What made the internet angry this week? The studious Shawn Berke joins Dale on the podcast this week. Old conservatives don’t like women singing about sex, specifically their Wet Ass Pussies. As grown men we want to warn the youth that the rhythm method and the pull out method can still make someone pregnant. Apparently everyone hates Mike Milbury. The guy from Squid Billies is an absolute moron racist and should leave Dolly Parton alone. Dale is ok with Louis CK and Shawn is still listening to Michel Jackson but can’t bring himself to watch Kevin Spacey. Jason Mamo...

133: Adrian Mack Returns

What made the internet angry this week? Adrian Mack joins us. Canadians invented the music genre Americana. Which statues is it ok to take down in the southern US. Adrian on being proven right about the existence of aliens and the world being secretly run by a cabal of pedophiles. The DNC is tone deaf and owes us a public apology for handing Trump two presidential terms. Dale explains why Joe Rogan is the most important man in media. “Black lives matter but orgies of white guilt don’t.” - Adrian Mack. Nickleback has a new album coming out. Everyone thinks...

132: Tex

What made the internet angry this week? In Derek’s absence Dale is joined by Illustrious Man about town Tex. The guys start with whiskey shots which Dale knows little about. Covid gave Tex a chance to catch up with old friends and do a ridiculous amount of pushups. Dale’s weekly Walkgust update is 61.5 km for teh first week of August. Tex covers what it’s like working in a seniors home over Covid. Young people ruin everything. Tex made some drunken music videos with His friend Will and you can see them here https://bit.ly/2DRqG3A and ht...

131: Kynan Foster

What made the internet angry this week? Kynan joins Dale. Kynan doesn’t know who Alyssa Milano is. Hockey is back. Dale’s hot take is he likes it without fans. Baseball is also back. Masks are actually pretty badass. The commonwealth is confusing and knighthood is also confusing. Trump wants to ban tik tok which is fine because it’s lame and we’re old. Dale hates Billie eilish. Could deforestation have bean a cause of covid? The Canadian COVID alert app has launched. Kynan shares what it’s like working in a bar during COVID. Strip clubs are disgusting...