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Weekly pod for guitarists from Pickup Music, the #1 online guitar learning platform, with Sam Blakelock (co-founder) and Karl Kerfoot (Head of Education).https://pickupmusic.com/

Top tips for intermediate guitarists with Spencer Askin from Shreducation Nation

Karl sits down with Spencer Askin (aka Shreducation Nation) to wax poetic on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater II... Jk, they're gonna help you get better at guitar!

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Top Tips for Beginner Guitarists with Kerri Stewart

In 2019, Fender released a study claiming that 90% of guitarists quit within 1 year... Karl and Pickup team member, Kerri Stewart, sit down to discuss their top tips for beginner guitarists.

From must-know technique tips, to prioritizing rhythm over perfection, to the psychology of practicing, there's a lot of topics covered!

Kerri Stewart is an LA-based guitarist and educator. She's toured all over the world with artists like Dylan Gardener, Alex Lahey and pop superstar Conan Gray. Kerri also teaches privately and provides 1:1 Feedback videos for members at Pickup Music.

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Should you learn jazz guitar?

Karl and Sam discuss the pros and cons of learning jazz.

Jazz Learning Pathway with Pickup Music https://www.pickupmusic.com/master-classes/jazz-bootcamp

In this 8-week program, Cecil Alexander and Sam Blakelock will show you how to navigate the world of jazz rhythm and lead playing. You'll leave this Learning Pathway with the skills to solo over any jazz standard using advanced vocabulary.

Diana Krall Live in Paris with Anthony Wilson

Deed I Do

Joe Pass: Virtuoso

Night and Day

Wes Montgomery: The incredible Jazz guitar of Wes Montgomery<...

Singing Tips for guitarists with Savannah Wilder

Karl sits down with Los Angeles based vocal coach Savannah Wilder. Savannah shares her top tips for breath work, warm-ups, and how she believes anyone can learn to sing! Then Karl and Savannah discuss their respective journeys with developing singing and playing coordination. So sit back and enjoy or... warm-up those pipes and sing along! It's time for another episode of the Pickup Music Pod.

Savannah Wilder: https://www.instagram.com/sav.wilder?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

Savannah's vocal studio: https://www.instagram.com/singwithsav?igsh=MzRlODBiNWFlZA==

The ultimate CAGED episode with Dr. Molly Miller

In today's episode, Karl and Sam sit down with Dr. Molly Miller and discuss the CAGED system, what makes it so effective, and how to use it to break out of the Intermediate plateau!

Music theory coffee: What scale should I play?

Take a deep dive into the music theory of chords and scales. You'll learn how to know exactly what scale to play over any chord in a key.

These 6 guitarists will blow your mind (Ichika Mo, Cecil Alexander, Joshua Ray Gooch)

Welcome to Season 2! Sam and Karl share their favorite solos from some mind blowing guitarists.

We talk about:

Arianna Powell Liam KevanyJosh Ray Gooch Ichika MoCecil AlexanderLawrence Jones


The 3 hats every advanced guitarist wears

Sam and Karl give you a simple framework for improving your playing. You'll learn how to think about your guitar playing by wearing either a harmon, rhythm or melody hat.

How to achieve your guitar goals in 2024

Is the trick to achieving your guitar goals... to not have guitar goals? This week, Sam and Karl take a deep dive into the concepts taught by James Clear in his best-selling book, Atomic Habits. The four main topics of discussion are:

The power of 1% changes over timeScrew goals, focus on systemsIdentity change is the north star of habit change4 laws of habit change

They apply each of these to guitar learning and share insights into their own (never-ending) guitar journey.

4 reasons why you’re not getting better at guitar

Feeling stuck in your guitar journey? For this special holiday monopod, Sam walks you through the top four problems guitarist hit which holds back their progress, and how to solve them.

You don’t have a consistent practice routineYou learn with you your eyes, not your earsInefficient practicingYour rhythm is weak

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