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By: Kristine

Welcome to RAWHONEY with me, Kristine! Life is all about choosing perspectives. It's up to us to choose perspectives that aid us in creating successful, happy and peaceful lives - we all deserve that.Here on RAWHONEY, I offer real, raw and vulnerable conversations with the intention to open your minds to alternative perspectives that I hope can support you in all the best ways. I've completely changed my life through deliberately changing my thought patterns. Whereas I was struggling constantly and couldn't find the light for a large part of my life, I now am basked in light and l...

Everything Mirrors Us

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning into RAWHONEY with me! This episode's all about how everything that anyone does is a direct reflection of what goes on inside of them. Knowing this helps us to live life with more compassion and understanding for the next person.  We also get to be kind to ourselves. When we understand this, we stress less, get offended and triggered less, thereby helping us to feel more at peace. And who doesn't want to live in PEACE? If it ain't worth it, don't give your time and energy to it! We get to give energy o...