ChokingHazard - Team Liquid

3 Episodes

By: nebs

Let's talk about Team Liquid! All things Team Liquid Counter-Strike here, give a listen for updates on tournaments, team changes, and anything else pertaining to our boys in blue. #TLWIN

IEM Dallas 2023 Review - An Embarassment

Let's talk about nitro's last tournament, and the absolute embarrassment of a performance from Team Liquid. With some glimpses of hope for the future, Liquid have a problem with T side calling.

nitr0 Steps Down

BREAKING NEWS, nitr0 is stepping down from Liquid with IEM Dallas being his last tournament. Let's quickly discuss what this means going forward and reflect on his accomplishments.

IEM Dallas 2023 Preview

Today we take a look at the upcoming event IEM Dallas and discuss the goals Liquid should have, the matches to be played, and why this tournament means so much to Liquid.