The Clarity Week Podcast

6 Episodes

By: Luke Cunliffe

Clarity Week is a concept I created in 2019 and by definition (my own) is seven consecutive days of abstinence from alcohol to improve physical and mental well being. On the podcast I discuss the positive impact it has had and the clarity of thought it can provide with guests. 

The Clarity Week x Movember special

Fantastic to have my good pal Paul Williams on the show. Paul is the Director of Program Implementation for UK & IRE at Movember and talks about some of the brilliant work he and his colleagues have been doing for men’s health. Alcohol misuse can have a serious effect on mental health so definitely worth a listen to learn more! 

Do AF beers live up to the Clarity Week taste test?

Bumper episode for #5 and for good reason. Brilliant to have Tim Williams from The Drinks Edit ( on the show giving the inside track on the wonderful world of no and low alcohol drinks. We sample some of those delights on the episode so if you want to know what’s out there, get listening!!

What my wife thinks of Clarity Week

My darling wife, Rachel Cunliffe, joins me on this episode. A different approach as Rachel hasn’t ever done a Clarity Week. However, we get an insight from someone who sees it first hand every month. Does she rate it? What benefits does she see from the concept? Are there any negatives? Could it be improved? Expect some home truths and deviations off topic 😁

Can Clarity Week buy you time?

Guest number 3 is London based Swedish Project Manager Malin Rudolfsson, who knows all about the benefits of staying structured. We discuss how Clarity Week facilitates structured mornings which help buy her time and win the day. We also explore alcohol culture in Sweden, as well as another bad habit that could benefit from a Clarity Week. Listen now to find out more. Recorded 04/07/23. 

Can Clarity Week make marathon training easier?

Fantastic and engaging discussion with my old pal Matt ‘Jobby’ Jobson. Great to get some insight from a Paediatric Surgeon and although the benefits were a little more subtle, there is still loads to take from this episode. Apparently drinking can be a good thing?!? Have a listen and let me know your thoughts. 

Can Clarity Week help land your dream job?

The first ever Clarity Week Podcast features my very good friend Becky West, L&D Partner at Ann Summers. Becky was one of the first adopters of the #clarityweek concept back in 2020 and continues to reap the rewards 3 years down the track. Have a listen to find out more about Becky’s story and the positive impact clarity week has had on her.