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By: Robert MacFarlane

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How Healthy Growth in St. George is Attracting D1 Athletes to Utah Tech
Today at 9:00 AM

Welcome back to the 435 Podcast! In this episode, host Robert Macfarlane sits down with Wendi Bulkley, the Athletic Development Officer and Executive Director of the Trail Blazer Club for Utah Tech University in St. George, Utah.

Join Robert and Wendi as they delve into Wendi's new role at Utah Tech University and how the burgeoning growth in St. George, Utah, is attracting D1 athletes, consequently fueling the expansion and development at Utah Tech.

But it's not all smooth sailing. Robert and Wendi also tackle the pressing issues facing Southern Utah's economy, particularly the challenge of...

Quarter 1 Real Estate Update & The Truth About the NAR Settlement

On this episode of the 435 podcast, Robert Macfarlane and Jeff Watkins dive into the Southern Utah real estate market. They discuss the stability in prices, driven by a growing population and balanced supply and demand. The hosts caution against waiting for interest rates to drop, highlighting a recent price drop followed by a quick rebound. They also touch on the impact of the NAR settlement on commissions and provide insights into buyer and seller demographics, market statistics, and strategies for navigating the current market conditions.

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Find Blue...

Inside Congress: Standing Firm With Challenges, Frustrations, and the Fight for Effective Governance

Join Robert Macfarlane and Celeste Maloy on episode 50 as they explore the challenges faced in Congress, from recent votes on appropriation bills and defense spending to the complexities of legislative processes. They discuss issues such as smuggling, drug trafficking, and illegal immigration, expressing frustration with government inaction. The conversation also touches upon concerns about government spending, data privacy, and the need for precise legislation to address technology and national security effectively. Celeste emphasizes the significance of state negotiations and Congress ratification in lawmaking processes, highlighting the role of effective representation and local engagement. Tune in to gain insights into...

State vs. Federal: The Tug of War for Autonomy

On episode 49, Robert Macfarlane engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Derek Brown, a candidate for Utah State Attorney General. Explore Brown's unique journey from music to law, and gain insights into the delicate balance between logic and creativity in the legal field. Delve into the role of attorney generals in different states, and the ongoing struggle between state and federal powers. Discover the challenges of incumbency in government positions, and the influence of non-elected officials in policy-making. Uncover the complexities of law, technology, and advocacy, and the inherently political nature of the Attorney General's role.

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St. George Musical Theatre: Future Projects & The Benefits of the Arts

On episode 48 of the 435 podcast, Robert Macfarlane interviews Bruce Bennett, President of Saint George Musical Theater, as they discuss the significance of the arts in Southern Utah. They explore the impact of theater on individuals, particularly youth, and how it fosters creativity and valuable skills. They also delve into the vibrant theater community in the region, highlighting the differences between community and professional theater. The conversation touches on the importance of intimate theater experiences, the process of selecting shows for the season, challenges in education funding for arts programs, and the community's support for a new theater project.

From the Battlefield to the Ballot Box: An Army Colonel's Journey into Politics

On episode 47 of the 435 podcast, Robert Macfarlane sits down with Colby Jenkins, an army colonel and West Point graduate, to discuss his military background, transition to politics, and views on national security. Jenkins emphasizes the importance of leadership, judgment, and accountability in decision-making, contrasting his approach with incumbent Celeste Maloy. He also criticizes the abuse of power in bills like the National Defense Authorization Act and stresses the need for responsible government actions. The conversation covers a wide range of topics including military strategy, election campaigning, leadership qualities, voting system integrity, and financial management. Tune in to hear Jenkins...

Exploring St. George Growth, Heritage, Conservation, Progress and Sustainability

On episode 46 of the 435 Podcast, Robert Macfarlane hosts a captivating discussion with guests Michele Randall and Macrae Heppler. They delve into the city's growth, challenges, and development plans, including the need for more resources like fire stations due to population expansion. The conversation also highlights the importance of preserving and promoting Santa Clara's unique heritage while moving forward with pride and inclusivity. Urban planning, traffic management, and environmental concerns are also explored, emphasizing the delicate balance between development and conservation efforts in the region.

They discuss the celebration of events like Dixie Days and the Dixie Roundup...

Election Reforms, Data Security, and Critical Thinking in the Political Landscape

On episode 45 of the 435 podcast, Robert Macfarlane sits down with Carolyn Phippen to discuss the challenges of engaging with voters and the importance of decentralized media in the political landscape. They delve into topics such as election integrity, data security, and voter registration, highlighting the dangers of misinformation and the need for critical thinking. The conversation also explores foreign policy issues, including US involvement in Ukraine and the challenges posed by illegal immigration policies. Join them as they navigate the complexities of governance and the ongoing efforts to address societal challenges.

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Breaking the Mold: Trent Staggs' Seven-Point Contract for Positive Change

On episode 44 of the 435 podcast host Robert Macfarlane interviews Trent Staggs, a conservative candidate for the US Senate seat in Utah. Staggs discusses his business background and experience in local government, emphasizing the importance of local governance and fiscal responsibility. He criticizes Mitt Romney for not effectively representing Utah and proposes banning lobbyist contributions to reduce outside influence. Staggs also addresses various political topics including mask and vaccine mandates, high-density housing, and the influence of financial incentives in politics. Tune in to hear Staggs' seven-point contract with Utah and his commitment to bringing new leadership and fresh perspectives to...

Small Government, Big Impact: Brad Wilson on Immigration, Economy, and Housing Affordability

On episode 43 with guest Brad Wilson, Robert & Brad delve into a wide range of topics including immigration, budget, and the differences between state and federal government. Wilson, a former speaker of the house, shares his experience in cutting taxes and his belief in small government and low taxes. They also discuss the immigration crisis, the importance of border security, and the need for effective leadership to address these issues. From water resources to global conflicts, this conversation covers it all, providing insights into Wilson's perspective and his plans for addressing these pressing issues.

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