Thriving with The Bovinos!

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By: Brian

You ever wonder how other people do such great things with relative ease? When is it going to be your turn to catch a break? Well this is the podcast for you. Together we will share tools to overcome obstacles and not just survive but Thrive! We will meet people from all aspects of life and hear how they bet on themselves, took calculated risks, failed repeatedly  and are living a life full of Joy and abundance. Kathryn Bovino is the co-owner and creator of THRIVE Consultation and Therapy.  She strives to use a dynamic, individualized approaches combined with her tra...

Implementing The Act Matrix with Phil Tenaglia

Phil Tenaglia, M.A. is a school psychologist with over 30 years of experience working collaboratively with teachers and at-risk students in regular and special education classrooms, k-12.  Phil is a recognized crisis expert and non-violent crisis intervention specialist, author, public speaker, business owner, husband and father. In collaboration with Dr. Kevin Polk, Phil promotes the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Training (ACT) Matrix.

In this episode Phil shares about

His journey learning and implementing the Act matrix with students and colleagues.Connecting and starting conversations using The Act Matrix Secrets to Thriving for 30 years and beyondWhat is...

The world of Social Media with The Parentologist Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is a wife, mom, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist, public speaker, Behavior Consultant, TODAY Show Parenting Team Contributor, an Official LEGOLAND Blogger Ambassador, host of "The Parentologist Podcast," and a regular expert guest on KFMB News 8 Morning Extra on the CW San Diego. 

In this episdoe, Dr. Kim shares about

Her journey developing her brand and social media influenceThe creation of "The Parentologist"Juggling work with family lifeand Setting limits and making time for herself and relationshipsLearn more about Dr. Kim at her website: and on all social m...

Developing The Act Matrix with Dr. Kevin Polk

Kevin Polk, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing for over twenty years, primarily helping veterans. He is a peer-reviewed ACT trainer and coauthor of several ACT books. Dr. Polk created the Act Matrix as a tool to support understanding and implementing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

In this episode, Dr. Polk shares about

Developing The ACT MatrixImplementing The Act Matrix with clientsSharing and using The ACT Matrix with the world His honey bee hobby

Dr. Polk can be reached at

Building The Hope Source with Julie Gordon

Julie is a Licensed Clinical Social worker, The Hope Source President and founder of Dynamic Minds Academy. The Hope Source's mission is to raise the bar by providing cutting-edge, dynamic and authentic, learning opportunities to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families for the development of meaningful relationships and real world success. 

In this episode, Julie shares about:

Developing The Hope Source clinic while consistently improving and growing to meet the needs of her clients and community.Changing the way Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is implemented.Trauma, ABA and moving forward.Leading a team by s...

Navigating the World of Marketing with Kelli Peter

Kelli Peter is the VP of Marketing and Communication A+E Networks UK, a Certified Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Specialist and Nutrition for Performance Specialist. 

In this episode, Kelli shares about:

Her journey in the Marketing world and becoming VPPersonal fitness and running a marathonLeading a team with Kindnessand her transition from living in the U.S. to the UK.

Hearts and Hooves with Melissa Sargent

Melissa is the founder of Hearts and Hooves Therapy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people through animal therapy. Melissa's experience includes being a veterinary assistant, Life Coach, holding an Autism certificate and therapy animal handler through American Miniature Therapy Horse Association and Miniature Equine Therapy Standard Association.  Melissa lives with her family and therapy animals in Ramona, CA. 

In this episode, Melissa shares about

Working with therapy animals including mini-horses, pigs and goats. The challenges of starting a non-profit and fundraisingLosing her child and healing through the creation of a mother's grieving ret...

Declarative Language with Linda K. Murphy

Linda is a speech language pathologist and RDI® Consultant. She co-founded Peer Projects Therapy From the Heart, a clinic in Beverly, MA dedicated to helping kids and families by using a positive, thoughtful communication style that emphasizes understanding, patience, respect, and kindness. Linda has been working with individuals with social learning differences for over 25 years. She leads trainings on the topic of social learning, has authored Declarative Language Handbook, Co-Regulation Handbook, numerous articles, and co-authored the book Social Thinking and Me with Michelle Garcia Winner. Linda lives north of Boston with her husband and their two busy lovable boys. 

Relentless Real Estate with Jay Caputo

Jay Caputo is a licensed Real Estate Professional in Virginia, Maryland and D.C.  He is the owner of Brushstroke Properties, LLC.  Jay has helped 100's of clients with their real estate needs and has received awards such as Rookie of the Year, Rising Star, and Top Producer from numerous publications.

In this episode, Jay shares about

His journey in the restaurant business as a chefTransitioning into Real Estate full timeStarting his own brokerage, "Brushstroke Properties."and shares advice for a new agent starting a career in Real Estate

Connect with Jay @

Exploring your Spiritual Journey with Bre Klebanoff Part 2

Bre is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Reiki Master, Philanthropist and founding partner at Next Epoch.

In Part 2 of this episode, Bre shares about 

Self compassion and it's three components; Self-Kindness, Common Humanity and Mindfulness.Her upcoming retreat with "Thrive" on October 4-7, 2023Self love, healing and guiding your children.

Reach out to Bre at her email:

Check out the Thrive retreat @

and check out Kristen Neff and the self-compassion test here:

Exploring your Spiritual Journey with Bre Klebanoff Part 1

Bre Klebanoff is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Reiki Master, philanthropist and founding partner at Next Epoch.

In part 1 of this episode, Bre shares about

Her spiritual journey and finding joy.Learning Reiki and navigating talk therapy, touch and using her new found energy.Using Reiki to heal herself, family and others.

Check out Bre's website here:

Lessons from 25 years in the mortgage business with Amrish Dias

Amrish Dias is the Producing Branch Manager at Cardinal Financial.

In this episode, Amrish shares about:

His experience working in the mortgage lending business for over 25 years.Tips for home buyers with bad credit and saving up for a down payment.Living a spiritual life and finding true love in his relationshipLiving in New York with a family who immigrated from India.  and preparing to become a dad.

Connect with Amrish @ or on social media @rishthemortgagebanker

Advocating for your child with Ruth Brunson

Ruth is a University of South Florida Alumni, Wife,  Mother of three amazing children, a high school educator, Author, Advocate and one of the hardest working people we know. 
In this episode, Ruth shares about:

Teaching in the public school system for the past 17 years, the changes she has observed and the hard conversations that are required to move forward.Advocating for her special needs child and having to transfer schools during unsafe times. Writing and publishing a book about a mother's journey and autism acceptance.

Check out more about Ruth, her blog, resources and her boo...

Creating your own family path with Dennis and Debbie Dean

Dennis Dean is a retired Senior Master Sergeant from the United States Air Force with 20 years of service. Dennis is also a Certified registered Nurse Anesthetist, Cofounder and Executive Director of A House for Me and the Director of York County Special Olympics.

Debbie Dean is the Cofounder and current Treasurer of A House for Me, loving mother, advocate, volunteer and Coach of York County Special Olympics.

The Dean's live in Kittery, Maine, have three wonderful children and have been married over 40 years!

In this episode Dennis and Debbie share about:


Overcoming the odds of entrepreneurship with Jill Martini

Jill is the founder and CEO of The Wandering Whale, Sarasota's premier Mobile Bar Company

In this episode, Jill provides insight into the courage it took jumping from corporate America to starting her own company.Jill provides insight into how previous failed attempts at business ventures allowed her to go all in on The Wandering Whale. Jill discusses her strategy for any entrepreneur to get started in a businessJill shares about the struggle with juggling a husband, kids and business

Check out The Wandering Whale here:

Betting on yourself as an intern in Boston politics with Patrick O'Brien

Patrick is a University of Massachusetts alumni, the Director of Communications and Government affairs for Holtec Internation and a great friend of the Bovinos.Pat shares his experience growing up with separated parents and learning the value of respect.Listen as Pat shares his journey working at a gas station to the state house in Boston.Hear how Pat took a leap and left his career in politics for an unknown short term position in Nuclear energy.Pat shares his 3 tips for you to thrive in your career and in life.

For more information checkout: 

Welcome to Thriving with The Bovinos

In this very first episode, Brian and Kathryn share their purpose for creating Thriving with The Bovinos; what they hope to accomplish; struggles and obstacles they have overcome and tools they have learned along the way.