Thriving with The Bovinos!

10 Episodes

By: Brian

You ever wonder how other people do such great things with relative ease? When is it going to be your turn to catch a break? Well this is the podcast for you. Together we will share tools to overcome obstacles and not just survive but Thrive! We will meet people from all aspects of life and hear how they bet on themselves, took calculated risks, failed repeatedly  and are living a life full of Joy and abundance. Kathryn Bovino is the co-owner and creator of THRIVE Consultation and Therapy.  She strives to use a dynamic, individualized approaches combined with her tra...

Conquering your 30's with Julie Winn

Julie Winn is an artist, musician, advocate, mother, social media manager and a long-time resident of Burlington, VT.

 Her digital artwork is a unique blend, combining technology and her passion for photography and nature. Julie’s art focuses on landscapes, plants, and animals and often captures the symmetry and fractal patterns found in the natural world. 

 Julie's music has been described as clever, emotional, and deep. Drawing on her experiences in politics, social work, activism, and community service, Julie writes insightful lyrics and sings with sincerity and soul. Influenced by musicians of the 1960’s including Bob Mar...

Slash Fitness with Joe Ardagna

Joe Ardagna is a personal trainer and owner of Slash Fitness in Delray Beach, Florida. Joe graduated Plymouth State University, with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and afterwards attended the National Personal Training Institute. Joe is a IHP Functional Training Specialist, Under Armor Combine 360 Master Trainer, TRX certified, Kettlebell Concepts Certified and Les Mills Body Combat trainer/coach. 

In this episode, Joe shares about

Moving to Florida to start his own gymBuilding a community of clientsGrowing a team through interactive hiring practicesAdapting every day to the fitness industry and his clients needs.Giving each moment y...

Healing with Cara Johnson

Cara Johnson is an Empathic, Intuitive Energy Healer, Medium, Soul Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Intuitive Counselor. 

In this episode, Cara shares about:

Growing up and experiencing the world differently.Embracing her gifts to share with the worldInterpreting energy, reading the code and sharing guidance with her clientsTraveling to Peru and plant medicineHer purpose for the worldSelf Loveand guidance for those feeling different in this world

You can connect with Cara through her website

Living a values based life with Mindfully Mallory

Mallory Anderson-Macy is an Author, Organizational Consultant, Life Coach, Mentor, Speaker, Trainer and Board Certified Behavior Analyst with a Specialty in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) application.

In this episode, Mallory shares about:

How ACT saved her lifeUsing ACT to support her clients and cliniciansHelpful tools implementing mindfulness into everyday lifeand one thing you can do today to move towards satisfaction.

Read more about Mallory @ 
Check out her book "7 Days to Clarity" on Amazon and where books are sold
 and reach out on  Instagram @mindfullymallory

Old Town ABA with Rachel Evans

Rachel Evans is a Licensed Behavior Analyst, owner of Old Town ABA and mother of two.  Rachel has been providing ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) for over 8 years.  Her passion for helping the Autism community comes from her love for her younger brother, a working adult with Autism.  Rachel wants people with disabilities to be accepted, happy, and have the skills they need to thrive in their environment. 

In this episode, Rachel shares about

Supporting and advocating for her brotherCreating a business based on her valuesDeveloping a supportive and balanced work environment Thriving as an entrepreneur


Implementing The Act Matrix with Phil Tenaglia

Phil Tenaglia, M.A. is a school psychologist with over 30 years of experience working collaboratively with teachers and at-risk students in regular and special education classrooms, k-12.  Phil is a recognized crisis expert and non-violent crisis intervention specialist, author, public speaker, business owner, husband and father. In collaboration with Dr. Kevin Polk, Phil promotes the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Training (ACT) Matrix.

In this episode Phil shares about

His journey learning and implementing the Act matrix with students and colleagues.Connecting and starting conversations using The Act Matrix Secrets to Thriving for 30 years and beyondWhat is...

The world of Social Media with The Parentologist Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim is a wife, mom, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Registered Play Therapist, public speaker, Behavior Consultant, TODAY Show Parenting Team Contributor, an Official LEGOLAND Blogger Ambassador, host of "The Parentologist Podcast," and a regular expert guest on KFMB News 8 Morning Extra on the CW San Diego. 

In this episdoe, Dr. Kim shares about

Her journey developing her brand and social media influenceThe creation of "The Parentologist"Juggling work with family lifeand Setting limits and making time for herself and relationshipsLearn more about Dr. Kim at her website: and on all social m...

Developing The Act Matrix with Dr. Kevin Polk

Kevin Polk, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who has been practicing for over twenty years, primarily helping veterans. He is a peer-reviewed ACT trainer and coauthor of several ACT books. Dr. Polk created the Act Matrix as a tool to support understanding and implementing Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

In this episode, Dr. Polk shares about

Developing The ACT MatrixImplementing The Act Matrix with clientsSharing and using The ACT Matrix with the world His honey bee hobby

Dr. Polk can be reached at

Building The Hope Source with Julie Gordon

Julie is a Licensed Clinical Social worker, The Hope Source President and founder of Dynamic Minds Academy. The Hope Source's mission is to raise the bar by providing cutting-edge, dynamic and authentic, learning opportunities to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families for the development of meaningful relationships and real world success. 

In this episode, Julie shares about:

Developing The Hope Source clinic while consistently improving and growing to meet the needs of her clients and community.Changing the way Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is implemented.Trauma, ABA and moving forward.Leading a team by s...

Navigating the World of Marketing with Kelli Peter

Kelli Peter is the VP of Marketing and Communication A+E Networks UK, a Certified Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Specialist and Nutrition for Performance Specialist. 

In this episode, Kelli shares about:

Her journey in the Marketing world and becoming VPPersonal fitness and running a marathonLeading a team with Kindnessand her transition from living in the U.S. to the UK.