AV/IT Amplifier

10 Episodes

By: Ryan Gray

Higher education institutions rely on audio-visual (AV) and information technology (IT) solutions as a key backbone for modern teaching and learning. The AV/IT industry plays a critical role in providing these solutions, and it is important to highlight the latest trends, innovations, and perspectives in this sector. The podcast “The AV/IT Amplifier” aims to fill this gap by featuring interviews with people from Higher Education Institutions and the AV/IT Industry who have an idea, concept, perspective, event or product that would be helpful or interesting to the target audience of higher education technology managers. The host of the...

063: ¡Enhorabuena! with Carrie Garcia
Last Wednesday at 8:00 AM

Carrie Garcia is back for week 2 recorded live at InfoComm 2024.  She discusses her experiences as an introverted extrovert, her journey in the audiovisual industry, and her passion for empowering women. She also shares her love for children and her faith, and how they have shaped her life. Carrie emphasizes the importance of grace, humility, and obedience in building relationships and navigating difficult situations. She wishes people would ask her about her background and story, rather than making assumptions based on her appearance. Carrie can be found on Twitter and reached via email at cgarcia@ycdmultimedia.com.


062: Get Carried Away with Carrie Garcia

In this conversation recorded live at InfoComm 2024, Ryan Gray interviews Carrie Garcia, a representative from YCD Multimedia, about the role of digital signage in higher education. They discuss the importance of digital signage in creating a safe and engaging campus environment for students. Carrie also talks about her involvement in the AV industry, including her work with the AVIXA Women's Council and her passion for empowering Latinas in the industry. They also touch on the representation of women in the AV industry and the positive experiences of women at trade shows like InfoComm. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of...

061: The First Thing You Have To Do Is Care with Tom Aldridge

We're back for week 2 with Tom Aldridge, recorded live at ACCTC 2024. We cover Tom's background, hiring philosophies, personal experiences, and even share some laughs and inside jokes. Make sure not to miss why a V neck sweater almost cost Ryan a job and why Tom strives to build escalators.

-Hiring for potential over paper qualifications
-The importance of building strong relationships
-Balancing comfort and change in decision-making
-The value of honest communication and listening
-The impact of personal experiences on career choices

Connect with Tom:

060: Godfather of the In-House Integrators with Tom Aldridge

Recorded live at ACCTO 2024, we welcome Tom Aldridge and have a conversation that explores the journey of in-house integration in higher education and AV/IT circles, focusing on the development of an in-house integration team at Yavapai College. It delves into the challenges, strategies, and impact of building and scaling an in-house integration department, as well as the future of technology in construction and design.


-The development of in-house integration in higher education and AV/IT circles is a significant topic, with a focus on the journey of building and scaling an in-house integration team...

059: Have A Good One with Craig Underwood

We're back for week two with Craig Underwood, the director of AV Engineering at Moravian University. They discuss various topics, including Craig's introverted-extroverted personality, his sessions at Infocom, his teaching style, his career choices, and his perspective on people. Craig emphasizes the importance of understanding the 'why' behind learning and the value of practical examples in teaching. He believes that people are generally good and tries to approach interactions with empathy and a willingness to help.

TakeawaysUnderstanding the 'why' behind learning is crucial for student engagement.Practical examples and project-based learning can help students see the...

058: The Formula for Success with Craig Underwood

In this conversation, Ryan Gray interviews Craig Underwood, the director of AV Engineering at Moravian University. They discuss Craig's journey in the AV industry and his keys to success, which include staying humble, being curious, being persistent, and paying it forward. Craig emphasizes the importance of continuously learning and adapting to new technologies, as well as the satisfaction of solving problems and making a positive impact. He also highlights the value of sharing knowledge and supporting others in the industry. Overall, the conversation provides valuable insights for AV professionals at all stages of their careers.


057: That Thing You Think Is Not Normal, It's Super Normal with Molly Gray

We're back for week 2 with the most popular guest of the show's first year, Molly Gray. Don't miss this chat about topics including Halloween costumes, facing fears, the importance of touch, hard conversations, pets, sandwiches, puzzles, and plants. Molly shares her love for the Thanksgiving sandwich and expresses her desire to talk about plants with someone. They end the conversation with their usual sign-off phrases.

Facing fears can lead to personal growth and empowermentThe Thanksgiving sandwich is the absolute bestPuzzles provide a sense of accomplishment and help to still the mindMolly enjoys talking about...

056: Navigating Difficult Conversations with Molly Gray

In this episode, Ryan Gray celebrates the one-year anniversary of the AVIT Amplifier podcast by bringing back his wife, Molly Gray, who is an HR professional. They discuss the topic of having difficult conversations, both in personal and professional settings. Molly shares insights on how to prepare for and approach difficult conversations, emphasizing the importance of normalizing the difficulty and acknowledging the fear and stress involved. She also provides strategies for reducing defensiveness and building empathy in these conversations. The episode highlights the need for practice and experience in handling difficult conversations and explores the impact of the environment on...

055: I am the Michael Scott of the Office with Chris Dieterich

In this episode, Ryan Gray interviews Chris Dietrich, the manager of the Learning Technologies team for the University of Arizona College of Medicine, Phoenix. They discuss topics such as introversion vs. extroversion, the importance of pushing oneself out of their comfort zone, the TV show 'The Office,' and the concept of the multiverse. Chris shares his background in finance and his passion for helping others with their financial goals. He also emphasizes the value of having a set schedule and accomplishing what you intend to do each day.

introversion, extroversion, comfort zone, The Office, multiverse...

054: Ready To Do More with Chris Dieterich

In this episode, host Ryan Gray engages in a dynamic conversation with Chris Dietrich, delving into various aspects of technology leadership and innovation within the educational landscape. They explore Chris's role in leveraging technology to enhance collaboration and learning experiences at the University of Arizona's College of Medicine in Phoenix. Through discussing challenges and successes, Chris shares insights into the unique blend of campus culture and urban vibrancy that defines their institution. From reflecting on the evolution of campus facilities to the intricacies of managing shared spaces among multiple universities, Chris offers valuable perspectives on driving change and staying focused...