Living Fully

10 Episodes

By: Calgary Counselling Centre

Life comes with challenges, but you don't have to face them alone. Tune in to listen to conversations with counsellors, psychologists, and other experts as well as inspiring real-life stories from people who have gained the tools needed to tackle the difficult challenges they were facing. Each episode will have practical strategies on a variety of topics, from how to improve your relationship with your spouse, manage your anxiety, get through grief, connect with your teenagers and much more.

The Building Blocks Towards Healthy Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is essential for your mental health. The way you think and feel about yourself affects all aspects of your life. It plays a role in your relationships, your work, and how you approach your goals. When you feel good about yourself, you’re more confident in your relationships and have the passion and motivation to work towards your future. But there are many factors that can affect your self-esteem, and if you’re struggling with low self-esteem, it can be hard to know how to improve it.  

On this episode of Living Fully, our host Katherine Hurti...

Navigating Grief and Loss

Grief is one of the most human emotions you can experience- it’s inevitable that at some point in our lives, we’ll all experience it.  Everyone experiences grief in their own way, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to coping with loss. Knowing how to navigate the complex emotions that come from grief and loss can be overwhelming.  

On this episode of Living Fully, our host Katherine Hurtig talks with registered psychologist Amy Ramler to explore the intersection of grief, loss, and mental health. Amy shares how she helps her clients navigate the grieving process, provides guidan...

Challenging Counselling Misconceptions

Although perceptions about counselling have evolved, there are still many myths about how counselling works and whether it helps or not.  These misconceptions can be barriers for some people who could benefit from counselling.

On this Living Fully episode, social worker Sarah Rosenfeld walks us through some of the main misconceptions about counselling. She explains how counselling works, what to expect from counselling sessions, who can benefit from counselling, when is the best time to go to counselling and the time commitment needed to see changes.  In this episode we also cover affordable fees, the stigma of me...

Cultivating Self-Compassion

For a lot of people, the idea of practicing self-compassion can be challenging. Many of us were brought up seeking external validation and believing in the words of other people more than our own experiences. This can make it hard to ignore our inner critic and reframe our thoughts to be more compassionate. 

On this episode of Living Fully, host Katherine Hurtig talks with registered social worker Anna Hemens about self-compassion and how it affects our mental health. They explore different strategies for cultivating self-compassion, overcoming societal influences, reframing your thoughts, and showing yourself kindness. 


Anxiety in the Workplace

Beyond allowing us to pay the bills, the way we make our living can fill us with purpose and can be a part of our identity. But it’s not uncommon for our work life to bring up feelings of worry and anxiety. The pressures of longer hours, inflexible schedules, and demanding workloads can contribute to increased stress, creating a delicate balance between professional fulfilment and emotional well-being.  

On this episode of Living Fully, our Host Katherine Hurtig talks with registered social worker, Kelsey Bradley about the relationship between work and anxiety, unravelling its sources and offering valu...

Katherine’s Story

When you struggle with anxiety or depression, it can feel incredibly isolating, and learning how to navigate these emotions can seem like an uphill battle. Through the lens of personal experience, our host, Katherine Hurtig, sheds light on the transformative power of counselling.

On this episode of Living Fully, we’re turning the tables. Our host, Katherine Hurtig, shares her story about her journey with depression and anxiety. Before Katherine started working at Calgary Counselling Centre, she was a client and went through one-on-one and group program counselling. Together with registered social worker Sarah Rosenfeld, they delve in...

Handling Holiday Stress

December is in full swing, and you know what that means — a mix of festive vibes, holiday joy as well as stress and expectations. While the holiday season can be a wonderful time for celebration, quality time with loved ones, and a chance to unwind from the demands of daily life, it also presents its own set of challenges. Family gatherings, holiday commitments, and financial pressures can be overwhelming and cause extra stress.  

On this episode, Katherine Hurtig talks with registered psychologist, Amy Ramler, about the many stresses and emotions that can come with the holiday season and...

Men's Mental Health Mini-Series: Male Experiences of Domestic Abuse

On this episode, host Katherine Hurtig talks with Stefan De Villiers, registered social worker about domestic abuse experienced by men. Stefan talks about the common misunderstandings and negative beliefs people have about this issue.

The episode explores the various forms of abuse, some of which may not be so obvious, and how they impact a person's mental well-being. From emotional and psychological, to more visible types of abuse, we aim to break down stereotypes and promote a better understanding of the challenges men face in such situations. Join us for a conversation that aims to challenge assumptions...

Men's Mental Health Mini-Series: Building Resilience and Coping Skills

The rising rates of anxiety, depression, and suicide among men, clearly indicate that men are struggling with their mental health. These struggles stem from a variety of factors that require attention if we are to achieve meaningful change. To further address these concerns, we present the third instalment of our four-part series on men's mental health.

In this episode, Che Burnett, a registered social worker, explores the issues men face and provides insights into enhancing resilience and fostering adaptive coping strategies.

"Living Fully" is not a substitute or alternative for professional care or treatment. 

Men's Mental Health Mini-Series: Cultivating Healthy Relationships and Improving Communication

Everyone can experience a range of mental health problems, but they often differ in how comfortable they are discussing their feelings. The societal expectations around what it means to be a man, and the stigma around reaching out for help continues to pose challenges. To help address these issues, we’re focusing on men’s mental health. we continue with part two of our four-part men’s mental health mini-series.

On this episode, Katherine Hurtig talks with Curtis Bader, registered psychologist, about men's mental health and the role that relationships play in it. They explore the societal pressu...