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By: Chuck Chapman, M.A.

This podcast is for those aspiring to enhance their lives, for those declaring, "I'm ready to improve," and for anyone aiming to overcome self-sabotage. Embrace Life 2.0, a renewed version of yourself. This isn't about quick fixes, but about leading a life of integrity and love. If you're fed up with feeling unfulfilled, step right in, subscribe, and join the conversation. My Name is Chuck Chapman, and I'm a professional psychotherapist, thought leader, life and relationships coach, mystic, and fellow traveler. I've been through all sorts of personal struggles, including addiction, divorce, bankruptcy, illness, and family hardship. Despite experiencing these difficulties...

Chasing Purpose over Success: A New Approach to Life
Yesterday at 9:51 PM

Many have a misconception that the pursuit of success is the ultimate goal. However, this widely held belief is misleading. The true essence of fulfillment doesn't lie in chasing success; it lies in pursuing purpose. When we prioritize purpose over success, we attain a sense of lasting fulfillment. Success may be transient, often disappearing as swiftly as it comes, but purpose is an enduring quest that spans our lifetime. Interestingly, when we shift our focus from chasing success to following our purpose, success naturally follows. On the contrary, a singular focus on success can lead us away from discovering...

How to Find That Perfect 10: Tips for Men on Dating and Relationships
Last Tuesday at 9:00 PM

If you're looking for some dating advice or relationship help, stay tuned. Central to this advice is the concept of dating a '10' or the ideal partner. In this coaching session, relationship expert Chuck Chapman M.A., guides viewers on how to evaluate their current or potential relationships. Dating with integrity means looking at the importance of understanding one's own worth and desirable qualities to attract a quality partner. He explains the importance of physical attractiveness, discussing sexual preferences, compatibility, family background, personal responsibility, and attitudes toward men and women. The speaker also addresses sometimes overlooked but important...

Reclaim Your Masculine Energy - Stop Being So Sensitive!
Last Monday at 9:48 PM

In this video, I explore how to effectively handle and overcome my sensitivity to criticism and how it affects your masculine energy and integrity. I delve into how perceived criticism or pushback emotionally impacts me, leading to feelings of withdrawal or hurt. I discuss some signs of these unskillful reactions and the concept of negativity bias. I talk about a lesson from David Deida's Book, Way of the Superior Man. I share advice on how to recognize, navigate, and resolve these emotions, including becoming aware of my emotional state, identifying where the pain physically manifests in my body, and...

Confrontation is Key to Assertive Communication

Many men lack the integrity and masculine energy to assert themselves and confront things standing in the way of getting what they want in life. This makes them look wimpy and weak. On the other hands, all to often we assume we have to be a jerk if we are going to confront someone. 

However, this is not the case. In this video, we explore the concept of assertiveness and why it's okay to stand up for ourselves. It's normal to be afraid of other people's opinions and reactions, but by allowing these fears to govern ourselves, w...

Fulfilling Her Deepest Desires: The Power of Your Leadership

In this insightful video, Chuck delves into the pivotal role of masculine leadership in fostering healthy relationships. He underscores the importance of masculine energy in setting the tone, building a structure, inspiring partners, and establishing trust. Through the lens of a 'framework', Chuck investigates how leadership in financial matters intertwines with masculine-feminine dynamics.

He stresses the significance of having a vision and the ability to follow through, urging viewers to motivate their partners with a compelling vision and to honor commitments made in the relationship. Chuck offers tangible examples and strategies to enhance these critical elements of...

How to be a man and embody masculinity.

In today's world, there's a profound confusion about the essence of masculinity. Many young men find themselves adrift, seeking a beacon to guide them through a maze of expectations and ideals. This confusion has led to a widespread crisis of masculinity. In this video, we delve into the crucial elements of what it truly means to be a man. We'll uncover the three fundamental actions every man must undertake and the profound reasons behind them. By embracing integrity, purpose, and mission, a man can discover what genuinely ignites his spirit and brings him to life. If you're in search...

The Power of Responsibility: Moving from Victim to Victor With Masculine Integrity

In this empowering self-help video, the speaker discusses the profound change that occurs when we accept full responsibility for our own lives. With examples from my coaching practice and my personal journey, I explore how taking responsibility can transform every aspect of our lives, from marriages and careers to mental health. I clarify that accepting responsibility doesn't equate to self-blame but empowers us to respond proactively even to circumstances beyond our control. I talk about how masculine energy is taking responsibility for every aspect of our lives. I believe that if we are living in integrity, we are taking...

Anger is Good for Your Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence.

In this video, we explore the concept of anger, how society views it, and the potential fallouts of repressing this powerful emotion. We uncover how anger can be transmuted into a potent tool for personal growth and resilience when understood and managed properly. 

Thoroughly discussing the four main triggers for anger - frustration from unmet wants, feelings of disrespect, perceived injustices, and personal threats - we learn how to identify these triggers, understand the hurt they cause, and use the resulting anger as traction to meet our needs. This ultimately helps in improving personal esteem, setting healthy b...

Overcoming Rejection: The Key to Personal Growth Revealed

Overcoming Fear of Rejection: Tools and Techniques

In this video, we delve deep into the primal fear of rejection and how it influences our daily lives, relationships, and personal growth. Drawing from personal childhood experiences of rejection, we analyze how such experiences shape our perception and cause us to refrain from taking risks in the fear of being cast out. We provide three essential tools to help reshape your understanding of rejection, explaining how it's not a personal reflection on your worth but rather a matter of others' preferences. 

The video features the inspiring story o...

Transformative Psychology Behind Conquering Fear of Success and Failure With Masculine Integrity

Every man wants success in life, but most of us fear it. Do you hold back because of a deep-seated fear of what comes with it? You're not alone! In this transformative video, we delve deep into the psychology of success and the often unspoken fear that accompanies it. In this video, I'm going to talk to you about one of the biggest obstacles to success: fear.

Fear is a silent obstacle to success that can hold you back from achieving your goals. In this video, I'm going to help you overcome your fear of failure and...

Break Free: Meditation to Release Attachments

Today, I'm doing something a little different. I'm taking you on a journey of the mind that will take you to let go of all the attachments, stress, and anxiety you are holding on to. This meditation is designed for anyone who wants more freedom and relief from life holding you down and holding you back. Walk with me on a journey that leads to self-love, hope, and a better way of living. Let yourself go and give yourself a gift: permission to take the next few minutes and reset your heart and mind.

Mastering Your Mindset for Success and Engage Your Masculine Energy

What is Mindset? Maybe you've heard the term, but you're unsure what it means. In today's podcast, I will talk about the importance of mindset and how having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset will launch you into success like never before. 

Carol Dweck coined the term "mindset" in her research on why some people are successful and some are not. If you're a man who struggles with self-confidence and low energy, it may be time to take a look at your mindset. Mindset is a powerful way to change your masculine energy and focus y...

Unlock the Secrets: Dr. Shawn Smith "Gatekeeper" The Tactical Guide to Relationships

In this podcast I interview Dr. Shawn Smith a clinical psychologist and theripst about his new book "Gatekeeper The Tactical Guide To Relationships" Shawn and I discuss men in relationships, what men shoud look for in their potential partner and how to avoid the traps of marring for the wrong reasons to the wrong person. If you are a man who is dating or a man who is going through a divorse, the video will help you find the right tools for developing a masculine energy, as well as avoid the pitfalls of a bad relationship. Gate Keeper is...

Are you Impatient? Patience is Masculine Energy, and Few Men Achieve It.

In this video, I'm sharing why patience is so important and why few men achieve it. I'm also sharing some tips on how to develop patience and protect it from the harmful effects of impatience.

Few men are able to have patience, and this is often due to the negative effects of impatience. If you want to be a balanced and healthy man, then you need to learn how to have patience and protect it from the negative effects of impatience. In this video, I'm sharing with you all why patience is so important and some tips...

Time Management is a Waste of Time! | Do This Instead

Trying to get a grip on time is pretty much like trying to take a huge breath and suck all the air out of the sky—it’s just not happening. Time goes on forever, but we don’t. I spent most of my life trying to squeeze everything into my schedule, and what did I get? I felt a lot of stress, but my time management was a waste of time. Instead, I did this: I flipped the script and started focusing on space instead. 

Slowing down, making room for myself, and doing things with a sense o...

You MUST Walk Away from These Toxic People

In this video, I'm sharing with you why you should walk away from toxic people in your life. Toxic people can ruin your life and leave you feeling devastated.

If you're struggling with a toxic relationship or person in your life, don't hesitate to watch this video. It might be the best decision you make for your sanity and your future. Toxic people are never worth the headache, the pain, or the damage they do. So, in this video, I'm sharing why you should leave them behind and move on!
You can't save them, so save...

The Hidden Charm: Why Decision Makers Are Incredibly Attractive

In this video, I'm going to explain why decision-makers are the epitome of s-x appeal. They know what they want and go after it, no matter what.

Too many of us try to be someone we're not and end up disappointed. Instead, let go of your inhibitions and be who you really are—a s-xy decision-maker who knows what she wants and goes after it. You'll be surprised at how practical this approach can be! Become s-xy by becoming a decision-maker in your relationship.

Cracking the Code: How to Be a Stronger Man and Win Women Over. Get the Respect you want

I will drop some absolute truth here on why you're not getting the respect you want from your feminine partner. This took me decades to figure out, but once I cracked the code, it unlocked how to get the relationship I enjoyed the most. It's simple, yet it takes lots of practice. So, if you want to be a stronger man in your relationships, and you're willing to roll up your sleeves and take the advice of this video, you will finally understand what you're doing wrong in your relationship. The truth is that women are desperate for this...

If You're Struggling with LOW SELF-ESTEEM

Self-Confidence is easy, so if you're struggling with low self-confidence or low self-esteem you're going to want to watch this video. I lay out three things you can do right now to increase your self-confidcence and the good news is it's easier than you think. By increasing your self-confidence, you increase your self-esteem. But you first have to understand how to make building self-confidence will build your self-esteem.

Improve Your Attention Span and Focus

Having a short attention span? You're certainly not alone. Globally, dwindling attention spans are becoming more common. Yet, there are methods to bolster focus, awareness, and freedom from distractions. In this video, I'll unveil a straightforward exercise designed to amplify your attention span and sharpen your focus. If you want to improve your attention span and focus, this video will give you some practical and easy tools. It starts with making choices.

 Remember, if you're not making the choice regarding your thoughts, they are choosing for you. Dive in as we delve deeper into how our conditioning l...

How to Master the Art of Leadership

I want to give you 3 powerful keys to success as a leader. Without mastering these key skills, you're destined to fail.

Leadership is one of the most important skills you'll ever learn and critical in developing masculine energy. In this video, we're going to explore some of the key concepts of leadership and discuss why mastering them is so important. By the end of this video, you'll better understand what it takes to be a successful leader!

You Should Be Having More Fun In Life and Here's Why.

Most of us don't prioritize fun in our lives. But isn't the essence of life to truly enjoy it? In this video, I'll delve into why it's vital to prioritize joy and leisure. I'll share strategies to have fun on your own and create memorable moments with others. It's time we make fun a core value rather than an afterthought overshadowed by our endless to-do lists. After all, fun is the cherry on top of the cake called life.

Revealing My Life's Ultimate Success Formula

I'm going to share with you my life's ultimate success formula. This is the secret to getting everything you want in life - and it all starts with gratitude.

Too often, we focus on what we don't have - instead of what we do have. This mindset sucks the life out of us and prevents us from achieving our goals. But by incorporating gratitude into our lives, we can start to change that. In this video, I'm going to show you how gratitude can help us get what we want in life, no matter what it is...

Unveiling Covert Contracts: Say Goodbye to Mr. Nice Guy

Two years ago, I did a video on No More Mr. Nice Guy Stop Using Covert Contracts, and it is by far the most popular video on my channel. I decided it was time to go deeper and talk about what I've learned about Covert Contracts and Nice Guy recovery in the past two years. I'm also going to give you a challenge set by Tim Farriss that is a great way to stop using Covert Contracts. Please Join me as I go deeper into Dr. Robert Glover's concepts of Covert Contracts and overcoming your Nice Guy Syndrome. If...

Discover the Real Reason Your Life is Falling Apart = (Integrity)

There was a time when my life was falling apart, but I had the good fortune of a wise mentor. He told me that the reason I was in pain was because I was out of Integrity. His words echoed in my mind, and I realized I didn't even know what Integrity was. So I did a deep dive and discovered the path back to integrity. Bonus: If you like the video, be sure to subscribe because I will be announcing the publication of My book on the subject, which should be out before the end of the year.<...

The best way to get unstuck in life is to know what's holding you down.

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of personal growth, propelling us forward when we feel trapped in life's difficulties. To truly grow this awareness, we must be unflinchingly honest with ourselves. Recognizing the defense mechanisms we formed during our formative years is crucial in this journey. When we understand these mechanisms, we're better equipped to transition from a reactive stance to one of genuine connection. If loneliness is a shadow in your life, perhaps because you've guarded your heart instead of embracing vulnerability. In this video, I delve into my battles with these defense mechanisms and share tactics that have helped...

From Hollywood to Embodied Masculine Living: Speed Weed's Story

In this video, I sit down with Speed Weed, a Hollywood writer and producer of shows like Law and Order SVU, Arrow, and The Summer I Turned Pretty. Speed shares his story of having external success in Hollywood but still feeling empty inside. This is a story of inspiration and transformation from a man who lived in his head to a man who now lives with an open and full heart. If you've ever felt like there has to be more in life than just climbing the ladder of success but unsure how to access it, you're not going...

Secrets to Healing from Hurt and Feeling Alone

Navigating through pain and moments of loneliness is an intimate part of our shared human experience; all of us, at different times, grapple with deep emotional wounds and challenges. Remember, you're not alone in this. Cultivating resilience, the heart's ability to heal and find strength in adversity is a journey we can embark on together. It's about embracing each setback as a lesson and a stepping stone. By compassionately committing to do your best each day, even in small ways, you fortify this resilience and foster a deeper connection with yourself and those around you.

Why Do Women Sh#t Test Us? Advice for every man who's been tested by his female partner.

If you've ever felt like your woman is testing you, you're not alone. If you don't know what to do when you are being tested, you're still not alone. Women often test men, and as men, we often fail. Why is that, and what can you do about it? In this video, I will explore three ways that women will test us and what we need to do when we realize we are being tested. Most men have no idea how to navigate this ever-present testing, so you won't want to miss this!

What do you do when everything sucks?

It's easy to feel like everything is wrong, and that the dark forces are trying to take you off your mission. But remember, there are always ways to navigate through difficult times. In this video, we're going to talk about some strategies for getting through tough times, and staying on track no matter what! Be fearless, right and true.

The Art of Masculinity: The One Thing You are Likely Missing

In this video, I will talk about the Art of Masculinity--the one thing you are likely missing out on.

Masculinity is an important part of being a good man, and the Art of Masculinity is the key to unlocking your masculine energy and living a fulfilled life. But many men (and women) are missing one thing regarding masculinity that defines its purpose. Today, I will share with you the one thing that will increase your masculine presence 100-fold and how to develop it. I hope you'll find this video helpful and that it will help you reach...

Unlocking Your Potential: The Art of Dying Complete

Today, I'm talking with Travis Streb, an Executive Coach and teacher of Masculine Embodiment. Travis and I talk about issues facing men, such as purpose, leadership, and living with an open heart. Join me and Travis as we talk about how to grow as a man into the fullness of your potential by using the ultimate motivator...death.

If you would like to know more about Travis, you can find him at and on zero Social Media Platforms 🤪

Unearthing the lie that holds you back: You're not broken

In this video, I'm sharing with you an empowering truth that will help you overcome any obstacle.

Everyone has challenges and setbacks, but that doesn't mean you're broken. In fact, you're not broken and you don't have to be fixed. You're not broken; you're bendable. You're capable of overcoming anything if you let yourself be. This is an empowering message that will help you overcome any lie that holds you back.
You've been told a lie that you are broken. In this video, I'm going to share with you the mind-shift you need to break free...

Break the Cycle: What You Resist Persists

Carl Jung said, "What you resist persists." This quote is known as the " Law of Attraction " and is a fundamental principle of the way life works.

If you want to change your life for the better, you need to start by changing the things you resist. In this video, I'm sharing with you a way to break the cycle of negative thinking and achieve your mission. By using this simple technique, you'll be on your way to a better life!

Stop Self-Sabotage Now: 5 Strategies That Actually Work

In this video, I'm going to teach you how to stop self-sabotage before it starts. Self-sabotage is a term used to describe a habit or action that sabotages your own progress.

If you're struggling to achieve your goals, then this video is for you. I'll share with you 5 strategies that have helped me overcome obstacle after obstacle. By implementing one of these strategies into your routine, you'll be on your way to success!

Finding Strength in Struggles: Mastering Life's Challenges

"Some days, the comfort of my bed calls out louder than life itself. The warmth, the safety, the solace - they all beckon me to stay. But is comfort really what I seek? Dive into today's video as I confront the allure of complacency and discover the profound power of living with purpose. While the pull to 'just not do it' is strong, the call of transformation and transcendence is even stronger. Join me on this journey of introspection and motivation, and let's remind ourselves of the bigger picture. 🌅 #PurposeDrivenLife #Transformation #RiseAndShine"

The Power Within: Unleashing Your Unshakable Sense of Self

Most men will spend more time choosing what kind of oil they should use in their car than they will on this one thing: Having an unshakable sense of self. 

What does it mean to have an unshakable sense of self? It's more than self-confidence and self-esteem. Those things are essential, but having an unshakable sense of self will help you stay in your higher masculine frame. 
In this video, I'm going to show you how you can unleash your unshakable sense of self.

If you're struggling to find your purpose in life or fe...

Why Weak Men Run from Conflict (and What to Do Instead)

In this video, we're going to talk about why weak men run from conflict and what to do instead. Conflict can be a scary thing, but it doesn't have to be. By understanding why weak men run from conflict, you can start to avoid them and approach it with confidence.

This video is full of tips on how to approach conflict with confidence and remain in control. We'll cover 4 different ways to approach conflict and how to use each one to your advantage. By understanding the triggers that make weak men run from conflict, you can start...

The Silent Relationship Killer You Must Not Ignore

If you're looking for relationship advice for men, then you've come to the right place! In this video, we're going to discuss the silent relationship killer and how to avoid it.

The silent relationship killer is one of the most common problems in relationships and it's time you learned how to avoid it. In this video, we'll discuss the causes and effects of this problem and give you some tips on how to fix it.

If you're looking for tips on how to improve your relationships, then this video is for you! By the end...

Law of Attraction is bullsh*t!

In this video, I'm debunking the "law of attraction." This popular belief is that you can bring forth the things you desire into your life by thinking positively. In this video, I'll show you why this belief is nonsense and what happens in the real world.

Think about it: if the "law of attraction" worked, then everyone in the world would be rich and happy. Unfortunately, that's not the case. In this video, I'll show you how the "law of attraction" actually works in REAL Life. So if you're looking for information on the "law of attraction,"...