The Recovering Nice Guy - With Chuck Chapman, M.A.

10 Episodes

By: Chuck Chapman, M.A.

This podcast is for recovering "Nice Guys" who are tired of people pleasing and always finishing in last. If you’re ready to uncover your purpose, transcend self-doubt, and start living the best version of yourself, then you’re in the right place. We're not here for temporary solutions but to forge a path of integrity and genuine self-understanding. Tired of feeling like you're not living up to your potential? Hit that subscribe button and engage in the conversation. I'm Chuck Chapman. As a professional psychotherapist, life and relationships coach, mystic, and fellow journeyman, I specialize in assisting men in navi...

Men's Mental Health: Self Acceptance and Self Love

How do you accept yourself? How do you love yourself? In this episode, we explore the importance of having a strong sense of self to avoid becoming a people pleaser and to lead a fulfilling life. Learn about self-awareness, self-love, and how to set healthy boundaries. Practical advice includes daily practices like positive self-talk and understanding that our perceived flaws are just part of who we are. Discover how neuropsychology supports the idea that we can rewire our thoughts and behaviors to embrace our true selves and enhance our relationships. #SelfLove #Confidence #SelfImprovement #MentalHealth #PersonalGrowth

The Art of Emotional Control: Stop Freaking Out for Good

Discover the secret to emotional control, mastering emotional intelligence, and achieving emotional regulation. Learn impulse control, stress management, and resilience through mindfulness and self-awareness. Unlock your emotional mastery with proven strategies from behavioral psychology.

Conquer emotional overwhelm and develop mental health skills for personal development and self-improvement. In this video, we'll explore the purpose of emotions from a behavioral psychology perspective and provide practical strategies to help you navigate life's challenges with greater composure and resilience. Discover the three key components of emotional control: Impulse control: Learn how to resist immediate reactions and make thoughtful decisions. Stress...

4 Questions to Diagnose Relationship Health

Struggling with relationship problems? Learn how to diagnose the health of your love life and decide whether to stay or leave. This video explores four critical questions to evaluate your relationship, covering topics like communication, intimacy, and fear. Discover the importance of physical and emotional connection, and learn how to cultivate a culture of gratitude and appreciation. If you're stuck in a cycle of unhappiness, disconnection, and hostility, it might be time to consider ending your relationship. But if you're willing to put in the work, you can revive your love life and build a stronger, more fulfilling partnership...

How to Stop Overthinking for Good

Breaking Free from Overthinking
Learn how to stop overthinking for good and take control of your troubling thoughts. In this video, we'll cover tips on managing intrusive thoughts and improving your mental health.

In this episode, I'm tackling the all-too-familiar problem of overthinking—how it paralyzes your decision-making, cranks up your stress levels, and wreaks havoc on your relationships. Borrowing some insights from computer programming, I dive into practical tools and techniques to help you escape those endless loops of worry and analysis paralysis. You'll learn how to set clear goals, establish firm boundaries for decision-making, an...

What Nice Guys Get Wrong About Marriage

What Nice Guys Get Wrong About Women in their Marriages. If you've been a nice guy in your marriage and you're trying to reclaim your masculinity, this video is for you. We're diving deep into masculine embodiment and psychology, with insights from John Wineland.

Feeling stuck in your nice guy persona? It’s time to step up and embrace your masculine heart. I'll guide you through 10 actionable steps to help you regain your presence, authenticity, and integrity in your marriage.

We’ll cover:

How nice guy behavior erodes trust and kills attraction

How to Break Free from Shame for Good

Toxic shame can be a hidden, yet powerful force, impacting everything from social anxiety to relationships. Healing toxic shame is crucial for overcoming Nice Guy Syndrome, as it fuels anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma. In this video, life coach and mental health advocate Chuck Chapman dives deep into the psychology of shame, providing insights and tools for personal growth and self-help.

At the core of every Nice Guy is a shame parasite, a predator that sabotages authentic living. Understanding the difference between toxic shame and guilt is essential for effective therapy and mental health awareness. Shame isn't...

Are Nice Guys Control Freaks?

Looking back, it's pretty clear that controlling others is a major symptom of the Nice Guy syndrome. Who knew that being Mr. Nice Guy was just a passive way to be Mr. Control Freak? It's not a good masculine trait. And guess what? Being controlling doesn't create positive relationships or a fulfilling life. Shocker, right? It’s exhausting and totally counterproductive. So what can you do about it? Watch this video and see if you are a good man or a control freak.

How one small change can revolutionize your world

Fair warning: You're not going to like what I have to say about Nice Guy Syndrome. Most nice guys will stay stuck in miserable, people-pleasing relationships, hoping for a different outcome. Moving from a nice guy to an integrated man is hard work. If you're ready to change, stay tuned. I'm going to give you the only thing you need to do to kill your internal nice guy. 

How a Formal Rite of Passage Changed My Life

Let's talk about the importance of rites of passage in the journey from boyhood to manhood, especially for us recovering 'NICE' guys. It's something we've lost and I think we should bring it back. I'll share my own story about a male rite of passage that helped me transition into adulthood and kick my addiction and 'nice guy syndrome' to the curb. In our modern cultures, the lack of clear rites of passage leaves many of us feeling stuck in perpetual adolescence.

I'll recount my transformative experience in a group event in the High-Desert of Oregon, involving...

The Reason I Never Say I'm Sorry Anymore to Anyone!

People pleasing and the Nice Guy Syndrome are common for the Nice Guy and one of the ways this shows up for Nice Guys is that they are always saying I'm sorry. It's weak and meaningless. In today's video, I talk about why I never say I'm sorry anymore, and how it has changed my relationships for the better.