The Conversion Code

10 Episodes

By: Travis Halverson

The Conversion Code podcast, hosted by sales and marketing experts Travis Halverson and Ryan Neter, delivers deep-dives into successful lead conversion strategies across various industries, featuring interviews with accomplished entrepreneurs, analysis of case studies, and insights into persuasion and relationship-building techniques. This comprehensive resource covers everything from understanding customer needs to optimizing conversion rates with data analytics, making it essential listening for anyone looking to transform potential clients into loyal customers.Follow on Instagram: us on Facebook: Leave us a review, screenshot and DM it to us on IG f...

Episode #21 - Cracking the Code: Simplifying Lead Conversion in Real Estate

In episode 21 of The Conversion Code Podcast join Travis Halverson and special guest Matt McKenzie as they unveil a game-changing framework for real estate lead conversion. In this episode, Matt breaks down a step-by-step approach from the initial connection to the final commitment phase. Learn how to shift the focus from selling homes to building genuine relationships, discover the power of motivation and means, and explore a proven method to uncover your client's deepest desires. This podcast provides actionable insights and a free playbook to simplify your lead conversion strategy. Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your real estate...

Episode #20 - Embracing Change and Thriving in Real Estate: A Candid Conversation with Travis Halverson and Matthew Mckenzie

In Episode 20 of The Conversion Code Podcast join Travis Halverson and Matthew Mckenzie in this dynamic podcast episode where they dive into the ever-evolving landscape of real estate. From the recent Zillow acquisition of Follow Up Boss to the myths and fears circulating within the industry, the duo brings a refreshing perspective. Matthew shares his insights on the current state of real estate, dispelling common misconceptions and emphasizing the importance of embracing change. As they discuss the impact of technology on the industry, the conversation transcends real estate, touching on personal growth, mindset, and the power of taking action...

Episode #19 - Cracking the Real Estate Code: Nurturing Client Relationships and Effective Marketing

In episode 19 of the Conversion Code Podcast, hosts Travis Halverson and Ryan Neter delve into the intricacies of real estate relationships and marketing strategies. They explore the distinctions between your circle of influence, sphere of influence, close clients, and past clients, shedding light on why these distinctions matter. Discover the secrets to maintaining effective client engagement and conversion, along with the right cadence for staying in touch. Uncover the truth about real estate marketing and why focusing on the essentials is key to success. Don't miss this insightful episode that demystifies the art of real estate relationships and marketing.<...

Episode #18 - The Power of Consistency in Real Estate Success: Insights from Industry Experts

In episode 18 of The Conversion Code Podcast, join Travis Halverson and Ryan Neter as they discuss the power of simplicity in the real estate industry. From sticking to the basics to maintaining consistency, learn valuable insights into achieving success in the midst of a challenging market. Discover how simplifying your approach can lead to sustainable growth and long-lasting results in your real estate career.

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Episode #17 - Mindset and Strategies for New Realtors: Insights from Sara Pokorny and Mike Frazier

In episode 17 of The Conversion Code Podcast, join Eric Graham from Keller Williams Oak and Ocean Group, real estate professionals Sara Pokorny and Mike Frazier share their valuable experiences and advice on getting started in the real estate industry. They discuss mindset, the importance of mentorship, self-awareness, and staying consistent. Tune in to learn how to navigate the challenges and achieve success in your real estate career. Whether you're a seasoned agent or just starting, their insights are sure to resonate with you.

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Episode #16 - Navigating Real Estate Challenges: From Leads to Self-Reflection

In episode 16 of The Conversion Code Podcast, join Travis Halverson and Ryan Neter as we dive into the world of real estate, from lead management to self-reflection. Discover the secrets to identifying qualified leads and turning opportunities into success. Learn how to adapt your approach for leads with longer timelines and objections. Gain valuable insights into self-reflection and avoiding the comparison trap in your professional journey. This engaging conversation is packed with practical tips and strategies to help you excel in real estate. Don't miss out!

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Episode #15 - Fine-Tuning Your Real Estate Approach: From Lead Qualification to Personal Growth

Join us in episode 15 of The Conversion Code Podcast as we delve into the intricacies of real estate sales. Learn how to qualify leads effectively by stepping into the shoes of your clients. Discover the difference between a qualified lead and a mere opportunity. Gain valuable insights on handling leads with longer timelines, and strategies to adapt and pivot when needed. Plus, dive into the realm of personal development, from self-reflection techniques to avoiding professional plateaus. Elevate your real estate game with expert guidance!


Episode #14 - Nurturing a Culture of Accountability and Growth: Insights from Jeremy Jenks

In episode 14 of  The Conversion Code podcast, join host Nikki Pais as she delves into the world of building a successful real estate business with Jeremy Jenks. From fostering a culture of accountability to handling tough conversations, they explore the intricate details of maintaining a cohesive and productive team. Discover the importance of seeking to understand before being understood, and how it can transform accountability conversations. Jeremy shares valuable insights from Stephen Covey's fifth habit and Susan Scott's book "Fierce Conversations" to navigate these crucial dialogues effectively.

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Episode #13- The Journey of Commitment and Growth: Conversations with Sarah Pokorny

In episode 13 of The Conversion Code podcast as Scott Trembley, CEO of Oak and Ocean (formerly the Trembley Group), sits down with Sarah Pokorny, a dedicated team member for the past six years. Sarah shares how her life underwent a significant transformation after transitioning from a career as a medical assistant to the world of real estate. Discover the positive impact that Oak and Ocean has had on her life, her family, and her mindset. Sarah also shares valuable insights on overcoming rejection, embracing teamwork, and fostering a mindset of continuous learning and growth. Tune in for an inspiring...

Episode #12 - Effective Communication Strategies for Real Estate Agents

In episode 12 join host Ryan Neter and special guest Nikki Pais as they delve into powerful communication techniques for real estate agents on the Conversion Code Podcast. Discover how to avoid common pitfalls like the phrase "just checking in" and learn how to provide real value to clients by tailoring your approach. From crafting thoughtful property recommendations to clarifying timelines, these insightful strategies will help agents build stronger connections and drive successful outcomes in today's competitive real estate market. Tune in for actionable tips to enhance your communication skills and elevate your real estate game.

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