How I Turned The Corner

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By: Kendra Prospero

Many founders and entrepreneurs start their business because they have an itch to solve a problem but they reach a point along the way where they realize they can’t do it on their own. They have to hire and now they’re a manager. Now they are truly leading and this is where most businesses fail unless they turn the corner. Every leader goes through a place where they hit this humbling moment. Join us on How I Turned The Corner and hear stories from seasoned founders who experience this. For over a decade, Kendra's career has been all about...

How To Recruit Miltary Veterans Using AI - An Interview With Robyn Grable
Last Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Hiring former military personnel into corporate environments brings a multitude of benefits that extend beyond their specialized skill sets. Despite the preconceived notions about the lack of adaptability of ex-military individuals, they possess a wealth of qualities that can greatly enrich a corporate setting. 

By overcoming these stereotypes, organizations can tap into a reservoir of disciplined, goal-oriented, and resilient professionals who have demonstrated their ability to excel under pressure. Their extensive training in teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and effective communication can catalyze innovation within the company and foster an environment of collaboration. Furthermore, integrating veterans i...

How Mental Health Programs Improve Your Bottom Line - An Interview With Joyce Marter

In the contemporary landscape of corporate culture, recognizing and prioritizing employees' mental health has transcended from a mere consideration to a vital responsibility for companies. The well-being of employees directly impacts their productivity, engagement, and overall satisfaction within the workplace. In light of this, companies have an ethical and moral duty to provide adequate mental health resources to their employees. Just as physical health benefits are considered an integral part of employment packages, mental health resources should be equally accessible and emphasized. A workforce that feels supported in their mental health journeys exhibits increased resilience, reduced burnout rates...

Classroom Lessons For Your Boardroom - An Interview with Teacher & 7-Figure CEO Lisa Collum

All the things that make great teachers also make great leaders: encouragement, adaptability, kindness, care. Our guest today, Lisa Collum, is a former teacher who has built a multimillion-dollar curriculum company using all those skills she used to use in the classroom to now drive a great culture. 

Lisa is the founder and CEO of a multimillion-dollar curriculum company, Top Score Writing, Inc., and the owner of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Coastal Middle and High School. She developed her first writing curriculum while teaching in a low-performing Title I school, creating a systematic approach to h...

There's No Excuse for Not Offering Flexibility At Work - An Interview With Mary Ogle

Do you want to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention in your organization? Are you searching for a solution to achieve this desired outcome? Look no further because in this interview, Mary Ogle will be sharing the leadership strategies she uses as Chief Executive Officer of A New Leaf, which provides individuals with developmental disabilities with life and job skills. 

Since 2011, she has taken A New Leaf from an $800,000 organization to a $12.4M organization, from 20 employees to over 280 employees and from $1,000,000 in net assets to over $22,000,000. 

Mary Ogle is a no...

How To Build The Essential Ingredient Of Purpose Into Your Culture. - An Interview With Akhtar Badshah & Aaron Hurst

In a world driven by profit and efficiency, one company dares to challenge the status quo. Akhtar Badshah and Aaron Hurst are Co-founders of Purpose Mindset which asks the question: what happened to the purpose in work? 

Akhtar and Aaron are on a quest that takes them across industries, igniting a fire within them to help companies rediscover their true essence. They share wisdom and experience with managers and leaders, unveiling a transformative approach that shifts the very foundation of organizational culture. 

After listening to or watching this episode, you wi...

Life Is Too Long To Not Like Your Employees! An Interview with Jeff Clapper

Life is too long to not like the people you’re working with. I make it a goal to like everyone on my team, and this episode’s guest feels the same way. Jeff Clapper is the President and CEO of 8th & Walton, a company whose mission is to help suppliers become better partners with Walmart. They do it with training, and are known for their best-in-class support which is provided by his best-in-class team. 

Jeff believes that paying attention to your people makes a huge difference and it demonstrates that you care...

Is There a Way to Manage Culture That's Better Than Values? - An Interview With Cindy Jordan

There aren’t many entrepreneurs whose career experience includes police officer, presidential campaign fundraiser, marketing strategist and founder of two healthcare IT startups. Cindy Jordan’s current venture came to light in 2017 motivated by her stepdaughter’s struggle with a mental health crisis. Vowing to wage a war on loneliness, Cindy was moved to create Pyx Health. It's this idea that if they can stop one family from having to experience what they've experienced, then they're making a difference. And it turns out, they probably do that about 900 times a day because that's how many intervention calls they make.


When Is The Right Time To Pivot Your Company Culture? An Interview with Thomas Shivers

When Thomas Shivers, CEO of Fourstone Partners, started the business they had rapid growth. However, the culture he started with was not the culture that was going to sustain them. He encountered problems that many leaders face when scaling a fast growth company and on this episode, he is willing to share honestly and openly about the lessons learned and how he pivoted.

In this episode, you will learn:

Why leaders absolutely can not allow negativity to festerWhy finding the right people is vital to...

Grow Your Business 150x by Focusing On Your People! An Interview With Jim Derry

Do you know how rare it is to see a huge focus on culture and people on a 10 year strategic plan? It is extremely rare. In the 12 years that I've been in the HR Business, I don't know if I've ever seen a plan like that for a smaller business. Jim Derry’s company, Field Fasteners, have a 10 year plan that has six pillars and three of them have to do specifically with their people and their culture. The bottom line is this, when you focus on your people, you get more profitability, which is what Jim and hi...

Humor: The Power of Laughter in Building a Great Workplace Culture with Steve Cody

Do you ever feel like maybe we leaders take ourselves too seriously? If you find yourself wound up about a missed detail and yelling at one of your employees because if of it, you need to hear from Steve Cody about the importance of humor. He is the CEO and Founder of Peppercomm where humor is a core value of his highly successful and recognized strategic communications firm.  He is also co-authoring a book called the ROI of LOL due out this year. 

In this episode, you will learn:

Why it’s so...

A Culture of Care Results In More Customers - An Interview with Shannon Carlson

Who would have thought that having a great culture would result in more customers? Today we welcome Shannon Carlson onto the show. She is the CEO and Founder of Curator24 where she and her team are global experts in branding and marketing. Her secret weapon is also having a great place to work. She’s in a highly competitive space, but because their culture of caring extends to their customers, they are unmatched by their competitors. When you care for your employees, they care for your customers and that relationship results in long-term clients! 


Unlocking Team Potential Through Self-Organization and Agility with George DeMet

We all know what a wiki is right? Well in programming terms, the framework like a wiki is opensource - where a bunch of smart programmers contribute to it to make it better, safer, and less buggy. Imagine applying that same principle to your culture where you’re more open so that your teams perform better, feel safer, and generate better ideas. 

Especially now with remote teams - how do you collaborate with people when they are not next to each other? 

How can you unlock team potential thro...

Why You Should Be Obsessed With Employee Experience - An Interview with Bob Ruffolo

When you're running a business, it's common, and maybe easier -  to think that you should obsess over the customer experience.  But what if you spent as much time or - even more - obsessing over the employee experience?  After all, the better your employees are, the better your customer experience is going to be.

Our guest on this episode has taken that perspective, and it’s working well. Bob Ruffolo is the CEO and Founder of Impact, which is a sales and marketing training company that helps growing organizations end their...

Using Business For Good - An Interview with B-Corp Certified CEO Farzan Dehmoubed

When interviewing candidates, do you know the perfect question to ask in every interview which results in mission-driven and loyal employees? Join us today as we talk to Farzon Dehmoubed, the CEO of Lotus Sustainables, which is a purpose-driven Certified B-Corp that is all about creating change and bringing people into the fold that are passionate about the cause too.

Farzon has the perfect question to understand what someone's true strengths are and how to recruit and retain great employees that will be in love with your mission.

Farzan is the Founder and CEO of...

Fear Is Not a Motivator For Your Teams - An Interview with Tim Lu from Senti Biosciences

Imagine building a company that is on the cutting edge of science and of the way we manage medicine and disease  - this mission is phenomenal  -  but how do you build a culture that will bring the right team of people in to accomplish such a big mission? 

In this interview, you’ll meet Tim Lu, the Co-founder and CEO of Senti Biosciences about how he’s done it. He has over 150 employees and has the ability to get everyone moving in the same direction around such a complex and emerging science.

You’ll learn:


Employees With More Skin In The Game with Jason Weiner

Jason Weiner is the Principal of the boutique law and business consulting practice Jason

Wiener P.C., and co-founder of “Colorado Cooperative Developers”.  He has advised on more than two dozen worker-cooperative conversions, several multi-stakeholder ownership conversions, and more than a dozen platform cooperatives.  He is a lawyer who is also an owner has employees, has a bird’s eye view of what is working or not in the world of corporate structures.  

In this interview, you will learn:

how to organize...

Leading Without a Play Book - An Interview with Julia Y.C Huang

As a leader, how do you forge forward in a post-pandemic world when there is no longer a playbook on how work is “supposed” to go? That’s the question we explore with Julia Y.C Huang in this episode. 

Julia Y.C. Huang, founder, and CEO of Intertrend Communications, brings over 35 years of experience as a leading voice in Asian culture, both as the leader of her own creative agency, as the founder of numerous entrepreneurial ventures, as the promoter of cultural and artistic events and initiatives, as a speaker and recognized voice in the...

Culture Needs to Be The #1 Thing Every Leader is Thinking About - An Interview with Lola West

Lola C. West is a co-founder and partner of WestFuller Advisors, a boutique investment advisory firm in New York City that builds legacies of wealth for individuals, families and institutions.

For almost a decade of her successful career, Lola served as a wealth management advisor with Merrill Lynch and a senior partner of LWF Wealth Management Group. Today, she continues to advise clients and institutions on how to build a vision for the future and directs the achievement of results-oriented financial goals and aspirations.


Building International Remote Teams That Thrive - An Interview with Federico Baradello

Federico Baradello is the Founder and CEO of Finalis, a venture-backed New York- and San Francisco-based company building the world’s largest private securities brokerage platform.

Federico is a limited partner of Alaya Capital Partners, among the most prominent early-stage venture funds in South America. He is also a Professor of Law & Business at Hult International Business School, where he teaches courses on U.S. corporate law, regulations, and disruptive technology trends. Federico holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics and Political Science, a J.D. from the University of California, Be...

A Legacy Beyond Blood - an Interview with Jay Wilkinson

To build a great culture, it is a journey, not a destination.  Culture and great places to work can happen anywhere - you could be running a business that has nothing glamorous about it and still make it a great place to work if you focus on it. 

Our guest today works in the printing industry. It’s not glamorous, it's got tight margins, and is very competitive, but he's created an amazing place to work - people don't leave - if they do they come back as “rebounders.” 

This company is profit...

Winning Leadership Lessons from CrossFit Pro Juliet Starrett

Juliet Starrett is an entrepreneur, attorney, author, and podcaster. She is the co-founder and CEO of The Ready State Inc, which has pioneered musculoskeletal self-care and recovery. She is also the former co-founder and CEO of San Francisco CrossFit, one of the first 50 CrossFit affiliates. 

Juliet is also the co-author of the Wall Street Journal Bestseller, Deskbound and co-host of The Ready State Podcast. Before turning her attention to The Ready State and San Francisco CrossFit full-time, Juliet was a professional whitewater paddler, winning 3 World Championship and 5 national titles. She also had a successful career as an a...

Mission, Vision, Values - An Interview with Caleb Avery of Tilled

Caleb Avery, CEO of Tilled believes “if you're just trying to compete on salary, you've really already lost. You have to have a mission and a vision and values in the organization that make you a destination that employees want to come to.”

His experience has shown him that it’s profitable to create an environment where people want to come work. As a leader, he invests in professional development for his team so they can be inspired by the work that they're doing and believe that the work that they're doing as individuals is con...

Is It Possible to Marry Mission and Culture? An Interview with Perry LaRoque PhD

You run an organization that is driven by mission, and you want to build a culture that empowers employees at every level to be engaged so they can serve at the highest level.

But how do you marry mission and culture while still accomplishing everything that needs to be done practically on a daily basis, including recruiting and, training & development?

In this episode, Perry LaRoque Ph.D. shares leadership lessons learned running Mansfield Hall. Mansfield Hall supports young adults attending college and transitioning to independence. They are a comprehensive...

Offering Flexibility in Your Business with Nicole Gann

How do you create a flexible business that meets the needs of a multi-generational business while inheriting a 130-year-old mission and culture?

That was the challenge Nicole Gann faced when she became the new CEO of Juliette Fowler Communities. Nicole’s experience and leadership lessons will be valuable to you if you are stepping into a new role or working to turn the corner in your existing business.

Key takeaways from this episode include how to:

foster a spirit of collaboration and bring out the be...

Using Interns To Build a Pipeline Of Talent With John Aikin

To build a strong talent pipeline, you must give people more than just proper compensation. They must also get a sense of belongingness and an opportunity to work in a healthy environment. John Aikin joins Kendra Prospero to share how they hired interns to create a pool of talented individuals in their company,Web Canopy. He explains how they gauge team performance, put core values into action, and give autonomy to every individual so they can grow professionally.

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Being Unapologetic About How Important Culture Is With Phil Tee

We have always been accustomed to thinking that the most important thing for companies is to generate returns for their stakeholders. This cannot be so far from the truth. Phil Tee, the CEO and co-founder of Moogsoft, has long believed that the single most important thing is the people in the business. In this episode, he joins Kendra Prospero to tell us why this is so. Be unapologetic about how important culture is. Dive into that in this conversation.

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Walking The Talk On Leadership Management With Vikas Khorana

When you walk the talk on leadership management, you inspire others to do the same. In this episode, Vikas Khorana, president of Ntooitive Digital, talks about the experiences that led him to become a good leader, and how he’s still learning to be better every day. We all need people who are invested in our success, and this episode will help us identify the right people to work with and become the right leader for them. Let’s get started!

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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome With Andrea Fryrear

Every first-time CEO is going to have imposter syndrome at first. It’s a difficult task to go from working for someone else to being the boss. This is exactly what the CEO of AgileSherpas, Andrea Fryrearfelt when she transitioned from employee to CEO. Join Kendra as she talks to Andrea Fryrear about how she dealt with the imposter syndrome of being a first-time CEO. Discover how she grew her business and a few things she learned from her experience.

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Retaining Employees With A Culture That Cares With Kevin Miller

Of course, most businesses aim to become huge companies with a huge employee base. But how can we really scale that employee number? In this episode, Kevin Miller shares how creating a caring culture within the work environment makes employees want to stay and therefore becomes an effective strategy for growing your business’ workforce. Tune in and learn how caring for your employees' holistic health builds a stronger foundation and provides greater results for your business!

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The Importance of Training Your Managers With James Eberhard

If you want to grow your business, start with your team management and culture. Trying to steer a ship that is poorly aligned in those aspects can lead to the downfall of your company. Join Kendra Prospero as she talks to the Founder of Fluid Truck, James Eberhard, about the importance of management training. Discover why you need to start hiring and training the right people so that you can develop the right company culture.


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How To Successfully Collaborate With Remote Teams With Yosh Eisbart

The pandemic has forced almost all businesses to shift to online work setups. This has been a continuous struggle as it affects the team’s dynamic, the business's growth, and even the individuals’ welfare. In this episode, serial entrepreneur, published author, and board advisor Yosh Eisbart shares his experience in the online setup and how he found a way to successfully collaborate with remote teams. Join us in learning how to effectively increase the team dynamic both offline and online! 

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How To Reduce Turnover In A Competitive Industry With Brad Weber

The best solution to reduce a high turnover rate is to build a workplace culture where everyone feels welcome and supported. Kendra Prospero talks with Brad Weber, who shares how they nurture a career-driven and inclusive working environment at InspiringApps. He explains the positive response he gets from his team as he provides them with opportunities for professional growth in non-traditional yet highly efficient ways.

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Every Leader Needs A Growth Mindset With Michael Thatcher

If you want to secure a successful organizational expansion, you need to have a strong growth mindset. Michael Thatcher joins Kendra Prospero to share how this mindset helped them bring their company to the next level. He explains how they made Charity Navigator the nation's largest and most utilized independent evaluator of charities. Michael discusses how they expanded to 15 states, acquired the nonprofit Impact Matters, and now rating around 200,000 organizations.

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Why All Leaders Need A Coach With Jill Ellsworth

A professional coach is not just for people who feel lost or unaccomplished. It's also for anyone who wants to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals with confidence. In this episode, Jill Ellsworth, Founder and CEO Willow Industries, shares her experience in getting a coach. She reflects on how it impacted her work performance and personal relationships in the most positive ways. Tune in and learn how coaching can change your life too!

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Improving Your Employee Experience With Rachel Johnson

An increase in turnover is alarming for businesses because it causes struggle in backfilling those jobs. How can you meet your customers' needs if you don't have enough people to work? That's not the case with our guest, Rachel Johnson, who shares some ideas to improve employee experience. She spends her precious time with her employees to show that she cares. Tune in to this insightful episode and learn from Rachel's wisdom on how she turns the corner!

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How to Scale Culture Quickly With Anthony Halsch

Going from seven employees to twenty-five is an exciting part of any organization's journey. However, it's also one you need to tread carefully so as not to disturb your company's existing culture and environment. Here to share tips on how to scale culture quickly is Anthony Halsch. Anthony is the Founder and CEO of ROXBOX Containers, a Denver-based manufacturer of modular buildings. The company has experienced rapid growth from seven to twenty-five employees in just about a month and a half to three months. In this episode, Anthony discusses the ups and downs of this expansion along with valuable...

It's Possible To Grow Your Company And Enhance Your Culture While Being Remote With Gene Fay

Scaling culture is vital to keep your team in line, but it is significantly hard when your company is growing. Gene Fay, the CEO at ThreatX, provides insights to help entrepreneurs cope with this workplace challenge by taking steps to enhance their culture. Having a defined culture is essential. Living those values should be the company's starting point. Tune in to learn how you can reinforce these values and amplify them to the people you add to the team.

It's A Competitive Advantage To Hire Smart People And Then Trust Them To Do Their Jobs With Kelsey Raymond

Traditionally, the hiring process has been about finding the best and the brightest employees and conducting a rigorous onboarding and training process to ensure they meet the company standards. But what if there is a better way? It's a competitive advantage to hire smart people and then trust them to do their jobs! And that is what Kelsey Raymond talks about today. Kelsey is the CEO of Influence & Co., a content marketing agency with 60 employees and over 100 clients. Her passion is to build the credibility of companies and individuals. In this episode, Kelsey Raymond speaks about why it is...

It's Easy To Make A Product, It's Hard To Make A Great Culture With Mike Beckham

Are you developing a great culture within your organization, or are you just managing it to generate revenue? Be focused on your people because they are the key to your success. Listen to your host Kendra Prospero as she sits down for a conversation with Mike Beckham about a unique leadership style that creates a great culture and quality of life for its people. Mike Beckham is co-founder and CEO of Simple Modern, a leading producer of premium drinkware and lifestyle products. In this episode, he discusses the importance of recognizing a better way to structure things so you...

Advice From A Seasoned Mentor With David Roberson

Experience is the best teacher. And as we go through life, we learn as much from our mistakes as we do from our successes. We may pay a high price for our wrong choices, but we gain valuable knowledge along the way. But what if somebody already went through all that trouble, and instead of going through that pain ourselves, we can learn from their mistakes? In this episode, David Roberson, CEO of RoseRyan, shares insights on the advantages of mentorship and the mindset you should have as a mentee to objectively take feedback and leverage your mentor's knowledge an...