How I Turned The Corner

10 Episodes

By: Kendra Prospero

Many founders and entrepreneurs start their business because they have an itch to solve a problem but they reach a point along the way where they realize they can’t do it on their own. They have to hire and now they’re a manager. Now they are truly leading and this is where most businesses fail unless they turn the corner. Every leader goes through a place where they hit this humbling moment. Join us on How I Turned The Corner and hear stories from seasoned founders who experience this. For over a decade, Kendra's career has been all about...

Colorado Employment Law Updates - Summer 2024

Keeping up with HR laws is a game-changer for business leaders. It helps dodge legal headaches and expensive fines and keeps your workplace fair and busy with happy employees. Plus, a company that plays by the rules attracts top talent and great business deals. In a nutshell, staying informed on HR laws keeps your business ahead of the curve and thriving.

In this episode, Kendra and John go over the following key Colorado employment law updates: 


How You Can Make Work Matter - An Interview With Nancy McGaw

When employees love what they do, magic happens, leading to lower turnover and a cohesive team ready to tackle challenges. Nancy McGaw launched Aspen’s First Movers Fellowship Program in 2009 to support business innovators, and her book "Making Work Matter" shares their stories and offers guidance for creating meaningful work. In this episode, Nancy teaches how to find opportunities within a company for innovation, the importance of allies, and the role of management in empowering employees. Recognizing and appreciating employees' contributions fosters a positive work culture and enhances engagement.

Here is an excerpt fr...

Here’s a Cookie - How Sephora’s Employee Recognition Efforts Fell Short After Record Sales

Authentic employee recognition is what keeps a positive company culture alive. It's not just about saying "good job" but really meaning it, showing that you see and appreciate their hard work. This kind of recognition builds trust, bonds teams tighter, and keeps folks motivated to bring their A-game. Plus, it's a win-win – happier employees stick around longer and keep crushing it, which spells success for the whole company

That’s why it’s shocking and disheartening when leaders get it wrong. Case in point: Sephora North America hit $10 billion in sales recently and sent out st...

How to Make Your Company Core Values Come to Life- An Interview with Cody Sutton

Understanding and staying true to your core values is crucial for a successful company. These values shape your company's culture, which is vital for attracting and retaining employees, boosting productivity, and simplifying the hiring process. 

To really make your company's core values come to life, you have to ingrain them into everything you do. Get your team excited about living those values every day. Talk about them, shout them out when someone nails it, and lead by showing how it's done. That's how you turn values from words on paper into a living, breathing p...

How to Respond to a Write-Up at Work

Responding to a write-up at work isn't just about checking a box—it's about showing you've got what it takes to take constructive criticism and come back stronger. First off, owning up to any slip-ups and showing you're willing to make things right speaks volumes about your character. It shows you're not one to dodge responsibility but rather someone who's ready to learn and grow from the experience. Plus, it's a chance to clear the air and make sure everyone's on the same page, which can help keep the office a place of positive culture. 


Building a Global Network of Happy Employees - An Interview with Eran Mizrahi

For business leaders, it's important to keep an eye on productivity and happiness. Think of productivity as the engine of your business—it's what keeps things moving forward and the doors open. But, you can't forget about happiness. It's like the oil that keeps that engine running smooth. Happy workers mean less drama, more awesome ideas, and folks actually wanting to stick around. Plus, they're less likely to call in sick or bail on you when the going gets tough. When you get the balance right, everyone's winning—you're hitting those targets, and your team is wired for succ...

“I Respectfully Disagree” - An Interview with Author Justin Jones-Fosu

In these times of extreme polarization, leaders must prioritize the development of the skill of engaging in difficult conversations and mastering the art of respectful disagreement. There is a pivotal role these abilities play in fostering effective communication, nurturing healthy relationships, and driving organizational growth. Difficult conversations, whether addressing employee performance issues or navigating conflicting viewpoints among advisors, are inevitable in any leadership role and demand a willingness to navigate them constructively. By honing the ability to respectfully disagree, leaders create an environment where diverse perspectives are valued, leading to richer discussions, enhanced problem-solving, and ultimately, more informed...

Collaborative Leadership - an Interview with Christina Russell

Can you imagine opening 115 locations, going through an acquisition of another 70, and launching an e-commerce brand during Covid? Some might say that, that takes guts. But my guest on this episode would say, it just takes the right team.

Meet Christina Russell, CEO and founder of Radiance Holdings, which manages beauty and wellness brands like Woodhouse Spas and Sola Salons. With a franchising background, she values teamwork and acknowledges that while strategy is important, success is driven by people. Christina prioritizes joy, believing a positive culture is key to business success. She listens to...

Overcoming the Impossible - an Interview with Lena Wilson

What would you do if you were leading a team facing a multi-million dollar financial deficit? 

In this episode, meet Lena Wilson, the CEO of Vista del Mar and Family Services in Los Angeles. Lena moved to California from Michigan to take over the CEO position in 2019. She was hired in order to provide a pathway toward sustainability to an organization that was losing an average of $3.2 million annually. 

In March of 2020, the pandemic hit. Lena began her leadership journey by leading VDM with a staff of...

Cultivating Culture in Difficult Conditions - an Interview with Meg Clark

Imagine that you live, dine, and work together with the same people for 70 days or more straight with little to no time off. This would be a deeply connecting experience if you have people around who inspire you, make you feel safe, and are great teammates. Our guest in this episode is Meg Clark, who is the owner and executive director of Camp Waldemar, an organization that's been around for over five generations. Waldemar is recognized as one of America's finest girls camps and is one of the oldest continuously running camping operations in the state of Texas. She's...