The TŌV Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Levi Hazen

The TŌV (good) Podcast exists to provide sound Bible teaching with a special emphasis on God's heart and plans for Israel and the Jewish people.

Guardian of Zion: Orde Wingate & His Heroic Service

In this episode, Levi Hazen explores the life, service and faith of Orde Wingate.

Consequences for Cursing Israel

Levi Hazen revisits Genesis 12:2–3 and surveys Scripture for the fates of those who once sought the destruction of God’s chosen people. How can we instead bless the Jewish people?

Antisemitism On Trial

Levi Hazen hosts author Olivier Melnick to discuss the topic of antisemitism today and the urgent need to take this unmasked hatred seriously. Whom God loves, the Enemy seeks to destroy.

Was Jesus A Palestinian?

“Jesus is Palestinian” has become a popular statement in recent months, but is it accurate? Levi Hazen addresses this issue and the importance of the truth.

Sacred Soil: What Does the New Testament Say About the Land?

Many believe the New Testament is silent on the issue of God's land promise to the Jewish people. Is this accurate? Levi Hazen explores several passages that affirm what the Hebrew Bible clearly teaches about the land of Israel.

Believing Jeremiah: Exile & Hope

Amidst the terrible judgment about to befall God’s choice city and people, there is hope. Like a bright light that beams through the darkest night, so are God’s words about Israel’s future, through the prophet Jeremiah. Although Jeremiah’s words were penned over 2,500 years ago, a sad irony exists today. Levi Hazen explores Jeremiah's hope amidst Israel's exile and the irony between Jeremiah's contemporary audience and today's audience.

Hamas, Hezbollah, and Houthi Rebels

For millennia, Israel and the Middle East have been a hotspot for conflict and war. Who are the current players in the Middle East and how might the current situation relate to Ezekiel’s battle of Gog and Magog?

Why Throw Jesus Off A Cliff?

Why were Jesus’ townsmen in Nazareth so enraged that they tried to throw Him off a cliff? Levi Hazen offers insights into this Luke 4 passage and the heart issue that drove the crowd to violence.

Was John the Baptist the Prophet Elijah?

If you've ever experienced a Passover meal, you may remember a special place setting for the Prophet Elijah. Why? Because of God’s promise to send Elijah before the great and awesome day of the Lord (Malachi 4:5-6). However, some people believe that Elijah has already come and there is no need to await a future fulfillment. Did Elijah already come in the form of John the Baptist? In this episode, we seek to bring some clarity to this conundrum.

Nehemiah's Opposition

Season 10 of The TŌV Podcast is here! Antisemitism is rising at an alarming rate around the globe. Levi Hazen turns to Nehemiah for several important principles for dealing with antisemitism during these tense times.