The Matt Sky Podcast

8 Episodes

By: Matt Sky

The Matt Sky Podcast delves into the worlds of AI, VR, and technological transformations, exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, critical considerations, and profound existential questions as we face a rapidly changing world at this extraordinary moment in history.

VNCCII: The Future of AI, The Metaverse, Entertainment & Consciousness

VNCCII (Samantha Tauber) Joins Matt Sky for a deep dive into the metaverse, consciousness, reality, the future of entertainment, and the intersection of AI and humanity. We'll consider societal, creative, and ethical considerations of a world rapidly approaching "the singularity."

We cover:

- The evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, with a focus on how the metaverse, storytelling, gaming, and digital fashion are shaping our future.
- The blurring lines between humanity and AI, and what this means for our identity, avatar representation in the metaverse, and the potential rise or fall of human...

Jason Feifer on AI & Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Jason Feifer, Editor-in-Cheif of Entrepreneur Magazine, joins Matt Sky to discuss artificial intelligence, how businesses can adapt as industries get reshaped, and where the next big entrepreneurial opportunities could exist.

We cover:

How AI can disrupt laborious and antiquated ways of doing business, increase our efficiency, and create a world with more free time, creative opportunities, and less monotony.How entrepreneurs can build for tomorrow and envision how artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies will generate new paradigms across industries.How people inaccurately predict the future with fixed variables rather than considering how industries could change...

Elad Yakobowicz, Causality: Phygitals, NFC Tags & Unlocking New Customer Experiences

Elad Yakobowicz, Founder of Causality, joins Matt Sky to discuss the world of phygitals (physical + digital) and how NFC tags coupled with the Causality platform enable businesses to create immersive, value-added customer experiences. (available on YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon).

We cover:

Ways in which businesses can implement phygitals (adding digital utility to physical goods) into their own companies or organizations.How Causality operates as a SaaS middleware for connecting physical goods to digital environments.The progression of phygitals to where we are today and what the future holds.


Site: http://www.causality.xyzTwitter...

Sarah Coward, CEO, In The Room: Conversational Media, AI & Creating Meaningful Connections

Sarah Coward, CEO of In The Room, joins Matt Sky to discuss the power of conversational media, AI, having meaningful connections, and maintaining authenticity in an increasingly artificial multimedia-led landscape.

We cover:

The importance of not losing our humanity as AI progresses and a vision for preserving what matters as people.How In The Room creates a unique and authentic way for consumers and businesses to connect with founders, celebrities, and individuals through pre-recorded, AI-prompted conversations that feel as real as being in a shared space.The future of artificial intelligence, chatbots, and the importance of...

Lena Grundhoefer, ZEITG3IST: AI, Web3 Marketing, NFTs & Decentralization

In this wide-ranging interview, ZEITG3IST Co-Founder Lena Grundhoefer joins Matt Sky to discuss the future of AI, web3 marketing, NFTs, decentralized social media, entrepreneurship, and what it’s like building a business and working with the world’s leading brands.

We discuss:

How the convergence of technologies like AI and blockchain are redefining the way companies reach and engage with customersHow businesses can future-proof and prepare themselves for the extraordinary acceleration of AI, blockchain, and so many more transformational technologiesThe unique utility, use cases, and fanfare surrounding different blockchain tokens/protocolsThe inspiring entrepreneurial story behind Lena...

FYEO & The Future of AI-Powered, Decentralized Cybersecurity

FYEO's Brian Gale (Co-CEO) and Thomas Olofsson (CTO) join Matt Sky to explore increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats and how FYEO's end-to-end solutions (including FYEO Agent) protect businesses and individuals through powerful multi-pronged artificial intelligence and decentralization solutions.

We cover:

- How increasingly powerful computing technology continues to increase the urgency for organizations to implement robust, scalable cybersecurity solutions.
- How the growing power of AI, deep fakes, and phishing create new cybersecurity challenges, and how FYEO works to protect and defend businesses and individual identities.
- How FYEO (+ FYEO Agent) deploys AI and...

Mrig Pandey, Unhashed: Web3 Content Strategies, SEO & AI

Mrig Pandey, Co-Founder of Unhashed, joins Matt Sky to discuss the art of crafting engaging web3 content, how marketers can stay on top of the changing SEO landscape, the importance of networking, and how to effectively implement AI tools.

We cover:

The similarities and distinctions between writing content for web2 and web3 projects/companies.What it’s like working with high-profile web3/blockchain protocols/companies like Ledger, Thirdweb, Aleo, MoonPay, Poolz, and many more.How to write effectively and impactfully, balancing quality over quantity to reach your target audience. Unique perspectives on common content topics like eng...

Sandra Helou, Metapolis: AI, VR & The Spatial Web

Sandra Helou, Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder at Metapolis joins Matt Sky to discuss the convergence of AI, VR & The Spatial Web as a Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS) provider.

We cover:
- The extraordinary changes in public awareness and excitement surrounding AI/VR.
- How accelerating AI technologies and virtual worlds will grow in tandem.
- Building gamified work experiences and how the metaverse can connect new cultures.
- Issues surrounding decentralization, identity, and security as we imagine the next iteration of the internet.
- How to deploy artificial intelligence strategically with quantifiable goals.