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By: Gabriel Elijah

Welcome to Psych Expansion, the podcast where we explore the intersections of technology, history, and personal growth. I'm Gabriel, and each week I bring you conversations with everyday people who are seeking understanding to be able to navigate within the challenges and opportunities of our rapidly changing world. My mission with Psych Expansion is to bridge the gap between generations by connecting the knowledge of the youth with the wisdom of the elderly to create a more harmonious world for all. We also discuss the implementation of the latest A.I. technology being introduced in our everyday lives. Share your...

Psych Expansion Podcast: Self Imposed Limitations, Getting Over Troubling Times and more.

Today I wanted to discuss the limitations people set on themselves before they even get started on their journey. WE DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT WE ARE CAPABLE OF! also since I tend to focus on solutions I wanted to go over my thought process whenever I faced various problems, specifically when it came to starting my clothing brand.


In this episode of the psych expansion podcast we open up the floor to the ideas of those who are for and against affirmative actions for various reasons. We also discuss an interesting system called Legacy Admissions. I also discuss the importance of being in control of your time, limiting entertainment and more.

The Different Types of Generational Curses: Solving the Issue, Common Causes and Self Sabotage

In this episode ive used chat GPT to interview me and it surprisingly asked some very good questions. We discussed my personal relationship with Generational Curses, We discussed how to combat the issues, I also spoke on what I thought the difference is between learned curses and curses passed down through dna.Follow Me on IG: @askgabriel_ Podcast on IG: @psychexpansionpodcast Tiktok: vgabrielelijah

WILLPOWER: The 5 Keys To Gaining Full Control Over Yourself! ( PEP. 14 )

In this Episode of the Psych Expansion Podcast we discuss the KEYS to Gaining FULL CONTROL of YOURSELF!!

The 4 Repeating Cycle of Life ( Extra Episode ) PEP Episode 13

In this episode of the Psych Expansion Podcast we take an overview at the cycle of life. We dive in to the different phases of each cycle and how to deal with them as we go through it and prepare for the next phase. I also give some insight to how I had to realize what cycle of life I was in ,at the time of this recording, to calm myself and comfort myself that things are going to get better.

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Dealing with LIES & EXCUSES: Fear, Accountability, Alignment and GOALS and AFRICAN INTELLIGENCE ( PEP EP.12 )

SEASON FINALE: in this episode of the Psych Expansion Podcast we end the season by discussing how to deal with lies and excuses. If youre anything like me, you know what its like to procrastinate but when do you acknowledge the lie you told yourself in order to feel comfortable to procrastinate. We discuss self awareness, being able to know yourself and what youre capable of. You know if you work 8 plus hours a day that you shouldnt load your schedule to complete tons of task after work, especially if you know youve failed to have tons of energy after...

GET IN YOUR PAST: Childhood Psychosis, Escaping Generational Hypnosis ( Matrix ) , Dean Charles Isbell & AI

In episode 11 of the psych expansion podcast we discuss how from a young child we are taught most of the patterns that we still may abide by today. Though is a great way of carrying on family traditions, you must ask yourself: are the traditions practiced logical or have they been engrained so deeply that its become "truth". We discuss how words and peoples actions have shaped us into the beings we are today. We also discuss Dean Charles Isbell and unsupervised machine learning . Email:psychexpansionpodcast@gmail.compersonal email:betterlevelup@gmail.comInstagram:psychexpansionpodcastpersonal instagram:_askgabriel

Heathcare: AI within Healthcare, CRISPR ( Gene Modification ) and APPLE's HEALTHCARE OS ( SM EP.10

In this episode of Sporadic Mondays we dive into the topic of the advancements in healthcare. Things may start looking a bit different with AI advancements within the healthcare space. From Checking you in to the hospital to performing the surgeries. We also discuss the pace and ideas of how Gene modifications for "Designer Babies" may soon be in effect due to huge advancements in AI. Last but not least "An apple a day keeps your healthcare in shape" allegedly. We speak on apples run in the healthcare industry and use cases for their technology within healthcare in modern times...

Are You the Problem, Importance of Community, Wallstreet Looks Like Us ( PEP ep. 10 )

In this episode of the Psych Expansion Podcast we discuss the Importance of community and the cons of having too much isolation, Ego and Pride. YES, these are the issues why most people feel limited. We also discuss the question whether or not youre the problem within your community, I know it may be difficult to accept but its sometime actuality. Join us in this Conversation and give your feedback in the comments. Listen on: Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you enjoy listening to podcast at Psych Expansion PodcastYoutube: Psych Expansion PodcastInstagram:PsychExpansionPodcast

AI music industry, Your personal assistant AgentGPT and AI Regulation Troubles ( sporadic monday ep. 9 )

AI is beginning to look like it needs its own record label because of the increase of optimism surrounding the space. Artist are becoming more innovative using ai giving diamonds in the rough a chance to be a part of their favorite artist life. Welcome your own personal ai assistant, here to help life make easier for you. AGENT GPT is now at full speed and taking the industry by storm. AI regulation are becoming a difficult problem to solve as the field advances everyday their having troubles keeping up with what and how to regulate ... I hope you enjoy...

Being There vs Being Present: Level 1 of 2 ( PEP EP. 9 )

This week on the Psych Expansion Podcast we start a 2 part discussion. we discuss the importance of not just being in the physical space of your loved ones but being present in their lives.. We also discuss the downpour effect it has on your loved ones happiness, how it could affect your kids, relationships and more. Tap in! let me know how you feel about the situation. Instagram: PsychexpansionPodcast Gabriel Instagram: _AskGabriel

Questions That Will Make You Rethink Everything PART 2 ( Monday Sporadic Thoughts Ep 8)

We're BACK! First episode was very Therapeutic and much needed and now we have more questions.. They range from topics like "Where do you get your support and motivation from", "What triggers you to cry", " What turns you on/off in a woman" AND more! Hit the play button and lets Get into it! Instagram:PsychexpansionPodcast Find Us on Apple Podcast, Spotify or wherever you enjoy listening to podcast!

365 Days of Living in Fear: Facing Fear, Embracing Courage, and the Role of AI ( PEP EP.8 )

Whats going today Psychnaut tribe! In this episode we discuss the ways that fear has morphed our character without even realizing it. we discuss how fear can be overcome and give different perspectives to look at it from. Lastly we get into the discussion around the governance of ai technology.. You'll never guess what African American Woman is in charge of things! Tap that play button and lets get it started! Email: PsychExpansionPodcast Insta: PsychExpansionPodcast

13 Questions That Will Make You Rethink Everything PART 1( Monday Sporadic Thoughts Ep 7 )

In this episode I go over questions that will make you rethink or even think about things for the first time. We discuss if true love is even real, does life have meaning, what is considered cheating to you AND MORE! I hope your ready to have your mind blown by your own thoughts. These questions are deep. Lets get to it.



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Radical Reflections: Self-Sabotaging, Your Secret love for AI, and More! ( PEP EP. 7 )

This week we discuss how we get in our own way and how the downstream of that effects the lives of our future and our kids, born or unborn! We discuss how there's an illusion on certain habits that we neglect because they tend to look small and imaginatively, we cant see how they could help us in the long run. Also, we discuss your secret love for AI... YES, YOU have a secret love for AI and if you havent discovered it, well click that play button and LETS TALK ABOUT IT!

-Another Arrest, and Jail...

Tackling AI-Induced Job Losses and the Ascendant Role of AnthropIc in the A.I. Race! ( Monday Sporadic Thoughts EP. 6 )

In episode 6 of sporadic mondays we discuss a Anthropic, which is an AI research and development company, and their most recent updated to their GPT model "Claude". We go over and explain some things that it could be used for the OpenAI's model may not be able to tackle at the moment but im sure its coming. We also transition into addressing the concern of Job loss due to AI technology. A lot of people are concerned, reports from major banks and AI experts stand behind the statement that it could have a catastrophic effect on our economic society. Get...

Swipe, Click, Connect: Navigating the AI-Influenced Love Wrld & Exposing Bias in the AI Workplace - PEP( EP. 6 )

Join me today as we re-live a different time in space and discover how dating has evolved through the years. As we know technology has revolutionized the way we connect in todays time through dating apps such as tinder, bumble and hinge. Theres even ways that are untapped that people are connecting and EVEN getting Married. We also discuss the major issue of AI biases against people of color and explore a few theoretical articles . SO put your earbuds in... get your pen and pad out.. LETS GOOO!

Health Is Wealth: Sporadic Mondays ( ep 5 )

we're talking about something we all need but often forget: drinking water! It's crazy how many people don't drink enough water every day, even though it's super important for our health. We'll chat about an article by Rachel Ellis from Fortune that tells us all the ways water helps our bodies work right. It helps us digest food, keeps our kidneys working, moves blood around, and even helps control our body temperature. Drinking water has other benefits! It can help your skin look great and help you focus at school or work. We'll also talk about how much water you...

Psychology of Language, Mindful Communication and African Intelligence ( Ep 5 )

In this episode, we dive into the power of words and why it's essential to be mindful of how we communicate with others. Our guest host explores the complexity of language and how it can be used to motivate, discourage, inspire, and hurt. We also discuss the importance of understanding multiple perspectives and how it can lead to better communication. Additionally, we take a look at the groundbreaking work of AI ethics and fairness pioneer Dr. Timnit Gebru and her contributions to promoting transparency and accountability in AI development. Get ya notepad out! comment your thoughts in the comments. what...

300 Million Jobs at Risk: How AI is Changing the Job Market Forever (Mondays Sporadic Thoughts EP 4)

Are you worried about your job being taken over by AI? You're not alone. According to a shocking prediction by Goldman Sachs, 300 million jobs are at risk in the next few years. Join us as we explore the impact of AI on the job market, and the ethical and regulatory concerns surrounding this technology. Is your job safe from automation, or will you be the next victim of the AI takeover? Watch now to find out.

Multi-Billion Dollar Online Education, Truth About Gamers and AI Supremacy! ( EP.4 )

Join us as we dive into the fascinating world of the multi-billion dollar online education industry and uncover the shocking truth about the lavish lifestyles of gamers and content creators. We also explore the ongoing AI supremacy battle and how it's shaping the future of online learning. From jaw-dropping statistics to surprising insights, this episode offers a deep dive into a world that's often overlooked but continues to shape our lives in profound ways. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed by what's really happening inside the online education industry.

Monday Sporadic Thoughts Ep. 3 ( AI-Generated Music, Snapchat's New GPT & more )

"Welcome to the AI revolution! In this episode of our podcast, we dive into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence and its impact on various industries. Join us as we explore how AI-generated songs are taking the music industry by storm, with computer algorithms composing melodies that are hitting the charts like never before! But that's not all - we'll also uncover Snapchat's cutting-edge GPT, the latest advancement in natural language processing that's changing the way we communicate on social media. Discover how this powerful tool is revolutionizing the world of messaging and unlocking new possibilities for creative expression. And...

Comprehensive LIVING!

In this YouTube video, we explore the topic of reprogramming the mind to have hope for a better future by challenging belief systems and generational thinking. Our beliefs and thought patterns are often shaped by various factors such as upbringing, culture, and personal experiences, which can influence our ability to envision a positive future. The video delves into how belief systems and generational thinking can sometimes be limiting, preventing us from seeing the full potential of our lives and the world around us. However, by consciously examining and challenging these belief systems, we can reprogram our minds to have hope...

Emotional Motivation ( Ep 2 )

In this podcast, we explore the downsides of having too much motivation and how it can lead to analysis paralysis. Many people seek motivation for a dopamine rush, but often they don't apply the knowledge they gain, which can result in feeling stuck and overwhelmed. We also discuss how we sometimes fail to value the things we have in our lives and how this can affect our decision-making. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the dark side of motivation and its impact on our lives. #motivational #analysisparalysis #podcast #growth #mind Podcast Instagram:PsychExpansionPodcast Gabriel’s Instagram:AskGabriel_ Facebook:Gabriel El...

Mondays Sporadic Thoughts

Welcome to "Monday's Sporadic Thoughts," where I share my unfiltered perspectives on various life issues. Join me as I delve into topics that come to mind and share my personal experiences, opinions, and insights. From relationships and personal growth to current events and culture, no subject is off-limits. So grab your favorite drink, get comfortable, and let's have a conversation about life.

Dont Forget About You! ( Ep. 1 )

In this episode, the hosts discuss the importance of friendships and maintaining one's identity within them. They explore how friendships can be a source of support, inspiration, and joy, but also how people can sometimes compromise their values and beliefs in order to fit in with their social circles. The hosts share strategies for staying true to oneself while still maintaining close friendships, including setting boundaries, practicing self-reflection, and being honest with oneself and others. Next, the conversation shifts to the future of ride-sharing, and the hosts interview representatives from ZOOX, a company that is developing autonomous electric vehicles for...