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By: Gabriel Elijah

Welcome to Psych Expansion, the podcast where we explore the intersections of technology, history, and personal growth. each week I bring you een generations by connecting the knowledge of the youth with the wisdom of the elderly to create a more harmonious world for all. We also discuss the implementation of the latest A.I. technology being introduced in our everyday lives. Share your experiences and insights with us through email or social media, and join us on a journey of self-discovery and growth, the Emotions and Logic rest within the roots. If you're someone who's curious about the world...

Ep 39: Misinformation because of Missed Information

Welcome to the Psych Expansion Podcast, where we delve into the intricacies of society, culture, and the psychology behind our actions. In this episode, we're tackling a fascinating topic:


The evolution of how we consume and spread information. Remember how we used to complain about our parents running to the news and being lied to? Fast forward to today, and we're running to the internet, where manipulated and doctored videos spread like wildfire, fueling misinformation.

We'll dive into the Rubi Rose and Migos situation to illustrate how these dynamics play out in...

Episode 38: Dear Virginia

We just chopping it up this morning about some wild experiences that i had in virginia... idk if im going back !!

Ep 37: Your thoughts aint always right, Drake & Sexyy Red, Voting Accountability and more!

Understanding Reasoning: Delve into the common ideas of truth and try to grasp the reasoning behind people's actions.Emotional and Psychological Insights: Discover the feelings and psychological factors that drive certain decisions.Imaginative Simulations: Use role-playing to simulate others' experiences and avoid hindsight bias, seeing decisions as they were made without knowing the outcomes.Identifying Uncommon Ideas: Learn to spot what makes someone's ideas seem irrational or uncommon and ask revealing questions to understand their logic.Diverging Thoughts: Recognize where others' decisions differ from your own and explore these differences to build connections.

Keep these insights in mind as...

Ep 36: AirPods vulnerability, Ross in Canada, Free Agency, Presidential Immunity and more


🚨 URGENT: Security Vulnerability in AirPods Firmware 🚨

Hey everyone! In this video, I'll walk you through the steps to update your AirPods firmware to protect against a serious security vulnerability (CVE-2024-27867). This issue allows anyone who knows your Bluetooth MAC address to connect to your AirPods, listen through the microphone, or play music—even when they're connected to your phone. The vulnerability affects AirPods 2, 3, Pro, Pro 2, Max, and some Beats headphones.

🔗 Official Apple Support Article: Apple Support

Make sure to update your AirPods to keep your audio devices secure!

In today...

Ep 35:Illegal Gender Affirming Care on Kids in Texas, AI Innovations in Policing During Hurricane Season: and more!

Join us as we dive into the latest developments in AI applications in policing (#AIinPolicing), insights from the Biden-Trump debates (#BidenTrumpDebate), and updates on WNBA stars like Caitlyn Clark (#WNBA, #CaitlynClark). We'll also discuss the NBA news including Klay Thompson and Paul George's team changes (#KlayThompson, #PaulGeorge), hurricane season updates including Hurricane Beryl (#HurricaneSeason, #HurricaneBeryl), and news from the Phoenix Mercury WNBA team (#PhoenixMercury, #WNBA).

Stay informed with discussions on critical issues such as prison scandals (#PrisonScandal), Alzheimer’s drug trial ethics (#AlzheimersTrial), Volkswagen and Rivian's electric vehicle collaboration (#Volkswagen, #Rivian), Trump's policies on black jobs (#Trump, #Bl...

Episode 34: Perception is Key, Bronny James, Presidential Debate and more..

Whats up people!! Todays episode we talked about the confusing presidential debate, the man who got drafted to the nba averaging less than 5pts per game, CNN not allowing some black broadcast stations to broadcast the debate and a whole lot more... PEOPLE SELLING land in "heaven" now.. Not for my God they aint.

Episode 33: DONT Hawk Tua ON ME !

In this episode we discuss soo much, i kind of wanted to put it in the title but i thought that it might just get flagged so i didnt. But as you can see we have some fun but serious topics.. hope you enjoy

Episode 32: New AI Technology, Elden Ring, Chris Brown, Trump 2.0 and more!

In this Episode we discuss all things from New apple technology to playing video games with an eeg machine... Chris Browns meet and greets, Trump potentially being president again and more.. WE have new merch btw. follow me @

( @askgabriel_

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Episode 31: Life Be Lifing

in this episode we Discuss lazy leaders, are Lil wayne and Drake the same, Bad Vacation trips and more! contact me or on INSTAGRAM: psychexpansionpodcast

Episode #30: Saturdays are not for Working

BONUS saturday episode!!