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"The Homeseekers" is a podcast designed specifically for first-home buyers on their journey to achieve their dream of homeownership. Hosted by industry experts and experienced first-home buyers, the show offers valuable insights, practical tips, and engaging stories about everything from saving for a deposit, navigating the home buying process, securing a mortgage, and more. If you're a first home buyer looking to get into your first home sooner, "The Homeseekers" is your go-to source!

Debunking First Home Buyer Myths in 2024 NZ
Last Friday at 8:45 PM

In this episode, Andy & Simon are debunking first home buyer myths in 202. From the misconception that a 20% deposit is mandatory to the belief that changing jobs increases taxation, we unravel these myths and provide clarity on the home buying process. Learn about the role of main banks versus second-tier lenders and the truth about parental assistance in home purchases. Plus, gain valuable insights into Kiwisaver contributions, risk mitigation strategies, and get answers to hot seat questions from our expert, Andy. 

Sofia's episode:

How To Buy Your First Home In New Zealand 2024 | How Sofia Bought Her First Home at 23 Years Old

In this episode, we unravel the journey of how to buy your first home in New Zealand 2024. We discuss with Sofia, who achieved the remarkable feat of purchasing her first home at just 23 years old. From her initial steps in discovering wealthhq to overcoming challenges along the way, Sofia shares her key strategies, including insights into KiwiSaver contributions and her experience with a mortgage adviser. Join us as we delve into Sofia's inspiring story, offering valuable lessons and memorable moments from her homeownership journey.

How To Find Your First Investment Property In New Zealand | NZ Property Investing

In this episode, we unveil how to find your first investment property in New Zealand. From navigating the market to identifying lucrative opportunities, our experts guide you through the process step by step. Whether you're a first-time investor or seeking to expand your portfolio, this episode equips you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions in NZ property investing.

How Much Deposit Do You Need To Buy a House In New Zealand 2024 | Deposit 101

Discover everything you need to know about how much deposit do you need to buy a house in New Zealand. In this episode, we break down deposit requirements, explore the differences between 5% and 10% deposits, and examine how market changes can affect your deposit needs.

Mortgage Broker or Bank For First Home Buyers In New Zealand | NZ Banks 101

Mortgage broker or bank for first home buyers in New Zealand? In this episode, Andy & Anna break down key considerations, including borrowing calculations, differences between banks, pricing structures for mortgages, and the advantages of mortgage brokers versus banks. Whether you're navigating the mortgage market for the first time or seeking to optimise your borrowing strategy, this episode provides essential insights to help you make informed decisions. 

What Government Incentives are Available for First Home Buyers NZ | Buying Your First Home In 2024

In today's episode, Andy & Simon discuss what government incentives are available for first home buyers in NZ. From understanding the security of homeownership to leveraging opportunities for financial growth, they delve deep into the strategies that can pave the way to your dream home. Plus, hear firsthand from Simon as he shares his journey of assisting his brother into his first home and leveraging into his second. Don't miss out on this valuable insight!

4 Mistakes First Home Buyers Make

In this episode, Andy & Anna share 4 mistakes first home buyers make that stop them from buying their first home. Anna shares her personal experience and discusses with Andy the top 4 mistakes from self-doubt to financial missteps and team selection. Listen in to learn how to navigate the home buying process more effectively.

Kāinga Ora Explained

Kāinga Ora explained! In this episode, Andy breaks down what is Kāinga Ora including eligibility for a 5% deposit, income requirements, and criteria examples. Explore the concept of low equity margin and discover strategies to increase your deposit. Gain insights into how Kāinga Ora assesses debt and the options for previous homeowners. Dive into the differences between the First Home Loan and First Home Grant and get a glimpse of interest rate trends and predictions. 

How To Buy Your First Home In 2024

In this episode, Blandon explains how to buy your first home in 2024. Learn key steps like securing stable employment, managing debts, budgeting effectively (60/30/10 Rule), maximising KiwiSaver and more.

Is Owning a House or Renting Better | Should You Buy or Rent a House?

Today, we dive into a crucial question: 'Is Owning a House or Renting Better?' Hosted by industry expert Blandon Leung, this episode explores the capital gains, capital improvement, cash flow, and lifestyle considerations in the context of homeownership versus renting.