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Bouncing Back Strong After a Setback
Yesterday at 6:00 AM

Angela Roth's journey from Police Officer to Visibility and Marketing Coach reflects her resilience and passion for empowering others. Despite a profound setback during Covid, navigating the challenges of the weight loss industry, Angela found her calling in supporting coaches. With a growing social media presence, she now partners with a Belgian colleague to help coaches launch their businesses affordably, emphasizing the importance of community and support. In this episode Angela shares her transformative journey despite experiencing a profound setback.


Holistic Healing for Humans and Animals

Dr Sue Williams DQC, is an avid horse rider and devoted grandmother, dedicated to transforming lives through natural therapies. Her journey into holistic healing began years ago, leading her to specialize in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Quantum Journeys Hypnosis, NLP, and more, with a Doctorate in Quantum Counselling. Passionate about bioenergetics, Sue uses cutting-edge tools like NES Health scans to optimize well-being for humans and animals. Her mission is to empower vitality and wellness through her compassionate approach and expertise in alternative health solutions.  In this episode she shares her story and the transformations she has seen.


Fashion Sustainability

Tze Ching Yeung is a versatile professional noted for her work in purpose-driven marketing. Tze Ching, the creator and digital marketing strategist of We Disrupt Agency, is an award-winning designer and brand builder. She often lectures and is interviewed about sustainability in the fashion industry, which complements her brand-building experience.  She wrote “Making Sense of Fashion” to help consumers understand the fashion industry and how to make it more sustainable.  In this episode Tze Ching provides thought provoking advice on how we might think about fashion.


Storytelling with Purpose

Darrell Irwin is a pioneer in purpose-led business. In 2001, he shifted his focus from harmful brands to those with meaningful messages, founding an agency named Cre8ion and co-founding another agency named Di9ital. Now, he empowers entrepreneurs to thrive through purpose-driven success. Join us as we delve into how prioritizing purpose can revolutionize industries and transform lives.


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Breaking Life Patterns

Lainne Love is an award winning spiritual psychology coach and bestselling author, a  leading-edge healer, Founder and CEO of A Bigger Mission, and a very proud Mother.  She is passionate about innovation and dedicated to people who are self-activated, taking action, and want to positively contribute to the evolution of humanity by leaving a legacy of love.  In this episode, Lainne shares her personal transformative journey.

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Love is All We Need - Kenny J

This week's guest is Kenny J. Wilkins, a talented musician and producer from Englewood, Northern New Jersey. Raised in a musical church environment, his early exposure to music shaped his lifelong passion. Influenced by Englewood's rich musical history, he delved into music production in the '90s, mastering multiple instruments.

A graduate of The Institute of Audio Research, he is not only a former member of the band RIFF but also a versatile artist, producer, writer, and engineer. His last single, "Love Is All We Need," reflects his commitment to spreading love and positivity in today's world.  H...

In Celebration of My Sisters

Tony Fairweather is an author, event planner and founder of In Celebration of My Sisters which is the UK’s largest and longest running family friendly Mother's Day Show celebrated by African Caribbean Women for International Women’s month.  The variety show started 30 years ago at the Brixton Academy and has played in over 10 UK cities to thousands of people, and has also featured in South Africa.  This annual show has showcased a number of top celebrities including up and coming artists from the world of Lovers rock, Oprah, Reggae, Soul, Comedy, Religious Blessings, Motivational Speakers, Motorsport, Poetry, and more...

The Incredible Warrior: Nicholas Barnes

Nicholas Barnes is a former armed forces member who overcame immense physical and mental challenges to transform his life. Struggling with severe PTSD, addiction to medication, and agoraphobia, he found hope and recovery through the guidance of a health coach. He was once bound to a wheelchair due to a spinal injury but, now walks, dances, and does push-ups after his dedicated effort. Inspired by his journey, he pursued certifications in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Master Hypnotherapy, pain management, mindfulness, and became a forgiveness coach. As a public speaker and founder of The Wellness Warriors, he shares his story to...

Reclaiming Balance from Burnout

Asa Leveaux is an international professional speaker, three times bestselling author, decorated combat veteran, and awarded entrepreneur.  He is America’s number one icon architect, founder of Oklahoma Black Business Expo, House of Icons, and Queer Icons, as he nurtures experts, helping them to carve their niche and find their voice. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Leveaux Foundation channeling his entrepreneurial acumen into impactful philanthropic initiatives.  His influence is reflected in esteemed publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journey and many more.  In this episode, Asa shares a refreshing perspective on the subject of burnout.