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Welcome to Hassle-Free Hosting with AirDXB. The podcast where we explore the world of short-term rentals in Dubai and beyond. Hosted by the founder of AirDXB, Gregory Lewis, who will share his expertise and insights into the Short-Term Let market with you.On this podcast, we'll be speaking with a variety of experts and professionals in the short let management industry, including property owners, real estate agents, and industry leaders. We'll dive into topics like rental strategies, property management, guest experiences, and more.If you are interested in finding out how you can maximize the financial return on your asset...

Mastering Short-Term Property Management: Scaling in 4 Years | Insider Secrets with GM Mitch Lear

This episode of our podcast reveals Mitch Lear's secret to scaling a short-term management business in just four years. Learn how to manage a dynamic business with over 250 team members while maintaining the highest quality of service. This inspiring conversation is a must-listen for entrepreneurs striving for success.

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AirDXB Investments | Dubai Real Estate - Trends and Insights From Our Brokerage Team | Transactions, Short-Term and Long-Term

In conversation with the Head of AirDXB Investments, Joanna Plunkett. Yet another informative episode, talking all things real estate in Dubai. Diving into the deep end with insights about purchasing property in Dubai, benefits of short and long-term renting, and where we see the market moving in the upcoming year.

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Dubai Real Estate | Long-Term Vs Short-Term | Which Has Higher Return with Maximum ROIs?

A sales master and a short-term rental market expert join forces for an informative episode. Discover why short-term rentals might not be for everyone, and whether they're the right choice for you from real-life client experiences. PLUS! An insight into market forecasts, and why Dubai is the premier real estate investment destination.

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Hassle-Free Hosting with AirDXB ep 3: Transform Your Property into a Lucrative Short-Term Rental |How our Interiors Team Increase your AED

Welcome to our Hassle-Free Hosting Podcast, Episode 3, where we travel into the world of home (re)design by the brilliant minds behind our Interiors team, Leanne Dore and Emily Magras. Discover the secret to creating a stand-out holiday home which can make you extra AED. What makes us different? A personal approach, tailored designs, access to bespoke suppliers (& discounted rates!), with transparency and affordability at our core. Part of the AirDXB Group, our Interiors team know how best to style your short-let for maximum returns. Contact the Interiors by AirDXB team for expert assistance and unlock the full earning...

Gino Cross Unpacks Dubai's Real Estate Success Secrets | Partnership with AirDXB

Calling all real estate brokers! Get ready to unlock the full potential of your business with AirDXB in Episode 2 of the Hassle-Free Hosting with AirDXB Podcast. In this exciting episode, we sit down with Gino Cross, the esteemed Managing Director of Strada UAE Real Estate, a renowned brokerage in Dubai.

Join us as we dive into the thriving partnership between AirDXB and Strada, where we explore how this collaboration has led to unparalleled opportunities for property investors and clients throughout Dubai. Discover the winning strategies and valuable insights that have made this alliance a resounding success.


Unlocking Dubai's Short-Let Market: Insider Insights & Unparalleled Guest Experience!

Greg Lewis, Director of AirDXB, discusses the Dubai short-let market, the AirDXB experience and the possibility of going long-term with Tommy Johnson, Client of AirDXB.

Since 2018, AirDXB has been the go-to choice for seamless and stress-free short-term property management. Our exceptional services aim to maximize your rental returns while handling every aspect of your home rental. With our British-run host management service, you can trust that your property is in safe hands. Backed by decades of real estate experience, we'll ensure you achieve financial success. Plus, we have a podcast tailored just for you, packed with...

Introduction to Hassle-Free Hosting with AirDXB

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