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By: Aaron Nelson

Welcome to the podcast that will help you prepare for the CELPIP exam.  You will learn how to develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English. And of course, if you listen, you'll learn how to Speak English Fearlessly!Every Tuesday you'll get a new episode filled with tips, strategies and inspiring stories from other people just like you who are working to speak English fearlessly. 

Are You Making This Mistake With Your English?
Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM

How To Make English A Part Of Your Life (And Have Fun!)

Goal Of This Episode:

By listening to this episode you will learn the importance of making English a part of your everyday life, and you will have some practical ways to do so.

Story Time

This week I went on a retreat through my work. We traveled off Vancouver Island, where I live, and then drove about 2.5 hours inland to a beautiful camp/retreat center that is nestled in a wooded valley right under several mountains. <...

Is Negative Self-Talk Holding You Back in English?

Negative Self-Talk happens to and affects everyone - even you. If left unchallenged, negative self-talk will hold you down and keep you from growing your skills in English.

Today, I'll share three stories with you of my own struggles with negative self-talk and what affect it has had one me.

I'll also share three ways you can shut down your negative self-talk and replace it with positive messaging that will help you continue to grow and develop your English skills.

If you struggle with low self-confidence,  feelings of being a failure, or like y...

Are You Doing This To Build Your Vocabulary In English?

In today's Podcast, I am sharing about one of the best ways you can build your vocabulary in English.  Best of all, if you do it properly, you'll have a great time WHILE you are developing your vocabulary skills.  It will feel like play, not work!

I’m really enjoying something that I kind of stopped doing a little over two years ago: reading for fun. 

I stopped reading just for the fun of reading - because I was involved in a Master’s degree program through my work. I’ve sh...

Do This To Improve Your CELPIP Writing Score

Did you know that there is a simple thing you can do before you start writing on the CELPIP exam that will help you to write with greater organization, ease and clarity?

Would you like to feel confident that you're not going to run out of things to say before you reach your 150 word count limit? (Actually, if you can hit 200 words or close to it, even better?) 

Then you need to learn how to master the art of Brainstorming. This episode will teach you how!

Today we cover:
Objections to B...

How To Take Notes For The CELPIP Exam

Should I even bother taking notes for the Listening Section of the CELPIP exam? I'm pretty good at listening to everyday English, maybe I don't need to worry about note taking. 

Or how about this? I can't focus on listening AND writing at the same time. It feels like it's either one or the other for me, so I had better just focus on listening. 

Sound familiar? Then  you need to listen to today's episode. Let's talk about how to take notes for the CELPIP exam! 

Thank you for listening! I've got...

The Power of Micro-learning, Pushing Through Failure, and Being Persistent to Develop English Fluency feat. Talita Rochetti

Do you ever struggle with not having enough time to practice your English skills? Then you've come to the right place! In today's episode, Talita Rochetti will help us unpack Micro-learning and how it can help you develop your English skills with even the smallest block of free time!

We also talk about how to deal with failure on these big exams - the CELPIP  and IELTS, and how important perseverance has been in Talita's journey to becoming fluent enough with her English skills so that she is actually able to teach it today!

If y...

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as an English Learner with Talita Rochetti Part II

Have you ever felt like you aren't good enough, and that your  English skills, even though you've been working on improving them  for years,  just aren't good enough?

Do you struggle with doubting your skills, abilities, and experience are sufficient - even though you are actually very well prepared? 

Are you scared that someone might realize you're really not good at what you're trying to do - that they will discover that you've been an 'imposter' all along? (Even though you are very competent to be doing what you're doing?) 

If you answered yes t...

What you should never stop developing as you learn English feat. Talita Rochetti Part One

“Remember: It’s not just about learning English skills. You need to develop your self-awareness.”-Talita Rochetti.

Developing your English skills is so much more than going to English class. While that is important and helpful, it's vital to be looking for ways to make English a part of your every day life.

The best way to make English a part of your day-to-day life is by doing things that you LOVE doing, but doing those things in English.

Listen in to today's podcast to learn how Talita, not a native Englis...

What you can do today to build reading skills for the CELPIP exam

I've got great news for you my friend! If you need to improve your Reading skills for the CELPIP exam, you don't need to go to a special class or work with an English teacher. 


You can do the things I'm going to be sharing about in today's episode to begin to see some incredible improvement happen with your Reading skills in English. 

Best of all: it's all free. You won't have to pay a cent to do the things I'll be sharing about today.  

So come along and join me a...

Keep Going Even When You Feel Like Giving Up: Part III Interview with Felipe Mora

This is the final part of of my interview with Felipe Mora. In today's episode we talk about many things, but I think the most important lesson you'll take from today's episode: not giving up. 

You'll be faced with many opportunities to throw in the towel and give up on your dream of learning English and starting a new life in an English speaking country - like Canada, for example.

Listen to today's episode, and hear how Felipe and his wife pushed through the hardships they have faced together.

You can find out m...

How to Develop Confidence and Build Relationships while Adapting to an English Speaking Country: Part II Felipe Mora

In part two of my interview with friend Felipe Mora, he shares some more about his journey to developing fluency in English.

Today we talk about the feeling of having a double personality: your first language personality, and your English personality. (And how often that second personality is not how you really are!)

We also talk about the importance of building relationships with other English speakers, and a big (but frequent) mistake people make as they learn English. This mistake will hold you back for years!  Don't do it!

Join us today for P...

Learning English while Adapting to an English Speaking Country: An Interview with Felipe Mora Part I

Moving to an English speaking country can be one of the most exciting things you can do! It can also be one of the most difficult! You need to learn the language, the customs and adjust to a completely new way of life - all far away from your family, friends, and all that you consider to be normal and safe!

Join me today as I interview a good friend of mine, Felipe Mora, who is from Columbia. He has been living here in Canada for several years now, and together we talk about some of the...

How to Read Faster on The CELPIP Exam: Skimming and Scanning

One of the most frequent questions I get from students is how to read faster on the CELPIP exam. 

If you try to read every single word of the article or text that the test gives you, you might find yourself running out of time before you can answer all the questions! 

Don't let that happen to you! 

Today's episode will teach you how to improve your reading speed by skimming and scanning. 

Thank you for listening! I've got some totally free resources - along with the ones mentioned in t...

How to Improve Listening Skills in English

Learn how you can work on and improve your listening skills in English. It's simple...but not easy! But the great news is this: YOU can do it on your own. Listen to today's episode to find out more. 

Thank you for listening! I've got some totally free resources - along with the ones mentioned in today's episode to help you continue to build your English skills and prepare for the CELPIP exam. Find out more here:

The biggest mistake English learners make, and what to do about it!

I see English students making this mistake all the time! The bad news: if you keep doing it, your English will take years longer than it needs to! The good news: it's simple to fix, and you can start doing it RIGHT NOW! 

You don't need another English class or an English teacher to fix this mistake! All you need is...well, have a listen to today's podcast and you'll find out! 

Thank you for listening! I've got some totally free resources - along with the ones mentioned in today's episode to help yo...

Try this simple trick to improve your CELPIP Speaking and Writing answers.

Do you struggle with your CELPIP Speaking and Writing responses? Do you often find it hard to fill up your time - your ideas run out before the clock does?   This solution is simple to use, and best of all, it's based on something you're already an expert at! 

Listen to today's podcast to find out the simple but powerful trick to improve your CELPIP Speaking and Writing answers.

If you struggle with being afraid of making mistakes and being embarrassed because of your English skills, then you need to grab our free resource! This fr...

How to Prepare for the CELPIP Exam and Listening Task 2

You know something? One of the most challenging parts of trying to prepare for the CELPIP exam is just how big it is. It feels like a monster!

It feels like it's so big that maybe you don't know which end to grab it from - like you don't know where to get started. 

Does that feel like you? Then please listen to today's podcast - it will help you with some practical things you can be doing to prepare for the CELPIP exam as well as for Listening task 2. 


How to deal with distractions on the CELPIP Exam

All it can take is hearing someone talking next to you to make you lose your idea or train of thought. That can happen anywhere and anytime - it even happens in your own language! 

But what you don't want to have happen is to get distracted by something happening around you while you're doing the CELPIP exam. Today, we're talking all about how to manage distractions - distractions that you will encounter - when you do your exam. 

We'll also talk about how you can improve your 'speed brainstorming' skills  which will help you org...

How to Push Through Fear As You Learn English + 7 CELPIP Writing Task 2 Tips

If you're learning English, you know all about fear! You likely feel it every single time you try to use a new word or phrase. Fear, self-doubt, and negative self-talk are real obstacles you will face on your journey to become fluent in English.  Today's episode will encourage you to break through fear by becoming action oriented.  Find out more by listening to today's episode.

Grab your free guide to help you master embarrassment instead of it mastering  you! Go to:

Thank you for listening! I've got some totally fre...

How To Learn English - Use the Habit of Challenge + CELPIP Prep tips for Writing Section 1

Do you ever feel like your English skills and develop has somehow frozen? Like it's stuck?  Maybe before you felt like it was growing and getting stronger....but now, it's.... well, not any more! (At least that's what it feels like, anyway.)

If you're feeling stuck with your English skills, then maybe it's because you're missing a vital habit - and it's one you were doing when you first started learning English!  It's called: The Habit of Challenge!  Listen to find out more!

Today we'll also start a series around preparing for the CELPIP exam.  If y...

How to Learn English - Use the Habit of Quality not Quantity Practice

How you practice English is vitally important. We've all had times where we've been physically present, but mentally somewhere else. This happens to all of us. But if you are wanting to see your English skills improve, you need to focus on HOW you are engaging with English each day. 

Thank you for listening! I've got some totally free resources (with more on the way!) for you that will help you pop your Spanish bubble and help you continue to build your growing English skills. Find out more here:

How to Learn English - Use the Habit of Being Uncomfortable

In today's episode we talk about the importance of being uncomfortable as you develop your English skills. Specifically, we talk about what to do with those terrible embarrassing moments that happen to all of us as we try to use a new language - in your case, English! 

Don't let embarrassment stop you from growing and developing your English skills. Listen in to today's podcast to find out how. 

Thank you for listening! I've got some totally free resources (with more on the way!) for you that will help you pop your Spanish bu...

How to Learn English - Use the Habit Of Frequency

In this episode of the Speak English Fearlessly Podcast, I'll be sharing with you about the habit of frequency. 

The Habit of Contact - from episode 1, is all about you needing to create time each day for you to practice your English.  

The Habit of Frequency is all about helping you to create multiple contacts with English during your day - not just once!  

The more times you are connecting with English on a daily basis, the more you will notice your confidence increasing! You will also begin to notice your Spanish bubble get...

How to Learn English - Use the Habit Of Contact

Welcome to the Speak English Fearlessly Podcast.
In this episode, I will introduce you to the first core habit of successful English learners. This core habit will change the way you learn and practice your English - and it is absolutely vital that you learn how to master it. 

It's called: The Habit of Contact. 

Music by  AudioCoffee on Pixabay

Thank you for listening! I've got some totally free resources (with more on the way!) for you that will help you pop your Spanish bubble and help you...