The Speak English Fearlessly Podcast

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By: Aaron Nelson

Welcome to the podcast that will help you prepare for the CELPIP exam.  You will learn how to develop your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English. And of course, if you listen, you'll learn how to Speak English Fearlessly!Every Tuesday you'll get a new episode filled with tips, strategies and inspiring stories from other people just like you who are working to speak English fearlessly. 

Should I Use a Template To Help Me Get A Higher CELPIP Score?
Yesterday at 12:00 PM

Why You Should Avoid Using Templates for CELPIP Preparation

This episode of the Speak English Fearlessly podcast discusses the pitfalls of using templates for CELPIP exam preparation.

You've likely heard or read about templates before - they are easily available online.

But just because you can easily get one, does that mean you should use it?


Templates may offer an easy way out, but they are not what CELPIP test raters look for, which are original, unassisted, and spontaneous responses.

Using templates can risk having your...

How To Give Yourself Feedback On The Speaking Tasks of the CELPIP Exam: You CAN prep on your own!

In this episode of the Speak English Fearlessly podcast, you will learn a practical process for self-study that will transform the way you prep for the CELPIP!

Key strategies include:

Using a voice recorder to review and critique performance, Understanding the timing for brainstorming and recording responses, and creating outlines for answers.

I'll also talk about the importance of using varied vocabulary, adding emotions, and ensuring responses are interesting and on-topic.

A free checklist is available right here.

What I talk about:

00:00 Introduction and Listener's Question

00:53 Ho...

Stop Saying "Um" and "Uh" to get higher CELPIP Speaking Scores

Do you struggle with saying "Um" and "Uh" too much? If so, listen to today's episode where you'll learn 3 strategies that will help you kick these pesky filler words out of your vocabulary!

"Um" and "Uh" can seriously hurt your CELPIP scores if you use them too much. Don't let that happen to you!

00:00 Frustration with Filler Words

01:58 Introduction to the Podcast

03:14 Understanding Filler Words

03:57 Why We Use Filler Words

06:03 Strategy 1: Notice Your Filler Words

10:26 Strategy 2: Allow Pauses

12:12 Strategy 3: Practice Regularly

15:14 Bonus: J...

How To Take Notes On The CELPIP (It’s easier than you think!)

Struggling with note-taking on the CELPIP exam? This episode dives into practical strategies to enhance your note-taking skills.

Learn the importance of practicing with the five Ws (who, what, when, where, and why) while watching English TV shows and listening to various audio content.

Discover how to set yourself up for success by paying attention to the intro sections of each listening task. They offer you valuable clues as to how to organize your notes.

You'll learn about the importance of mixing your audio practice with video as well.

00:00 Mastering Note T...

Do this to effectively practice for the CELPIP

If you've ever wondered if you're doing the right thing...the real right thing... to be preparing for the CELPIP exam, then this episode is for you.

I'll be sharing one of the most important things you need to be doing to prepare for the exam. We all tend to avoid doing it because we're kind of hard wired in this way, but it's seriously a mistake to leave this out of your practice.

To find out, listen in to today's episode.

What I'll cover:

00:00 Introduction: Your Busy Life and CELPIP P...

Do the hard things to prepare for the Speaking Section of the CELPIP

Why listen today:

If you struggle with the clock as you brainstorm, then you absolutely need to listen to today's podcast.

The dreaded clock - that timer that ticks away at you as you frantically try to develop your answer before the recording begins on the speaking section of the CELIP - is one of the most feared aspects of the exam.

Many fear it, and many avoid using the clock as a tool to help them practice.

That's a mistake that I'll be chatting with you about today, because those...

Brainstorming Is Your Map To CELPIP Success

If you are short on time, but still need to prepare for the Speaking section of the CELPIP, then listen to today's episode.

What you'll learn today:

Brainstorming is a tool for creating a 'map' to organize your thoughts efficiently under exam conditions.
I'm going to challenge you to practice brainstorming in your day-to -day activities, such as during your commute time (even if you're driving!) by practicing a simple strategy that you can begin using right now.

00:00 Welcome to Speak English Fearlessly Podcast

01:23 Overcoming CELPIP Speaking Challenges<...

How To Brainstorm On The CELPIP Exam: Stop Overthinking!

If you struggle with brainstorming on the CELPIP exam, then this episode is for you!

I'll talk about the number one challenge CELPIP test takers face when it comes to brainstorming, and what you can do about it.

You'll learn the mindset you need to adapt in order to brainstorm effectively.

You'll learn that it's more important to have many ideas to work with instead of trying to come up one one great one.

And you'll learn that often times, effective brainstorming happens as you just start writing. (As you write...

How To Deal With Anxiety On The CELPIP Exam

Dealing with Anxiety on the CELPIP Exam

Did you know AT LEAST 1 IN 4 English language learners struggle with anxiety around learning English?

You're not alone if you struggle with this common challenge.

In today's episode, I will:

Talk about practical tips and strategies to overcome anxiety and prepare effectively for the CELPIP exam.
You'll learn why you should be practicing under pressure to help you prepare, and reduce anxiety on test day.

You'll also learn why you should schedule your CELPIP Exam with LOTS of time before...

To Speak English Fearlessly, Maybe You Need To Take More Risks

Why listen to today's episode?

If you struggle with your speaking skills in English and for the CELPIP exam, then this episode will be an important encouragement for you!

This episode dives into the importance of actually getting outside of your comfort zone and using your English - even if you feel like your skills are not very advanced, as the best way of improving.

This is true for you especially if you are preparing for the CELPIP!

I'll talk about how fear can stand in your way, and how it...