The Bold Creatives Collective Podcast

10 Episodes

By: TJ Walsh

The BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE is building a community to address issues, challenges, and benefits of creative leadership.Listen in and join the collective as we discuss topics and share strategies that will help us all become better creative leaders and pursue our creative passions.Each episode gives you a front row seat to conversations with successful musicians, producers, actors, visual artists, designers, directors, marketers and more about their perspectives and approach to leadership, creativity, innovation, and growth.You’ll leave with insight into their success through personals stories, real world examples, and the tools to bring a human-centered approach to yo...

From Capitalist Grind to Creative Freedom featuring Nora Rahimian

On this thought-provoking episode of the BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE Podcast, TJ sits down with Nora Rahimian, an anti-capitalist business coach, festival producer, and the driving force behind Culture Fix—a global network of artists dedicated to social impact work.

Listen in as Nora shares her journey from the world of traditional entrepreneurship to embracing a mission-driven approach centered on community and culture. We dive deep into conversations about redefining success, challenging harmful systems, and empowering artists to create meaningful change in the world.

From expanding our understanding of work and productivity to...

Speak Your Truth: Empowering Creatives in Self-Expression & Connection featuring Adriana Baer

On this episode of the BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE PODCAST, TJ talks with Adriana Baer, a total powerhouse in the creative world. Adriana's journey is super cool—from helping folks deliver lines on stage to empowering them to speak their own truths loud and proud.

She's all about this new gig where she's coaching people from all over the place, and it's not just actors and artists she's working with. Nope, Adriana's reaching out to folks from all walks of life, helping them find their voices and share their stories.

We dive de...

Style, Strategy, Success: How to Turn Creative Dreams Into Reality featuring Joshua Pasquale

On this episode of the BOLD CREATIVES COLLECTIVE PODCAST, TJ talks with Joshua Pasquale, the trailblazing stylist who defied convention to carve his own path to success. From his humble beginnings in Calgary, Canada, to gracing the runways of London Fashion Week, Joshua shares the remarkable story of his emergence in the industry.

Joshua divulges the secrets behind his unconventional approach to fashion, recounting how his love for French and British Vogue magazines ignited his passion for design. Joshua navigated through corporate marketing jobs while tirelessly pursuing his dreams on the side, eventually catching the attention of...

A Stage for All: Diversity in 'Hamilton' & Beyond featuring Cherry Torres

On this episode of the BCC Podcast join TJ as he chats with Cherry Torres, the actor currently currently rocking the stage as all 3 of the Schuyler Sisters in 'Hamilton' on Broadway.

Cherry takes us on a trip from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to the dazzling world of Broadway, talking about her love for representation in the performing arts. We dive deep into why seeing people like us on stage matters so much, and how it shapes who we are. Cherry shares stories from her childhood, growing up with a lack of diverse representation in media, and...

Aunt Mary Pat & the Art of Positive Impact featuring Troy Hendrickson

On this episode of the BCC Podcast join TJ as he chats with Troy David Hendrickson, the creative genius behind Aunt Mary Pat!

Troy opens up about the transformative power of Aunt Mary Pat and the positive impact she's had on people's lives. Reflecting on the challenges of navigating the ever-evolving world of drag outside of traditional safe spaces, he discusses the profound impact of using comedy to educate and foster understanding.

TJ had fun chatting with Troy about the changing landscape of community building, drawing parallels between our pre-internet upbringing and the transformative possibilities...

Art, Motherhood, & Redemption: A Bold Creative Revival featuring Krista Dedrick-Lai

On this episode of the Bold Creatives Collective Podcast, I'm excited to bring you a powerful and deeply personal conversation with artist Krista Dedrick-Lai. This discussion was part of my original Bold Creatives Collective Salon Conversation series, conducted in 2021.

During the conversation, Krista shares her profound connection with art, which rekindled her creative spirit. She reflects on the period leading up to the birth of her child, where she grappled with self-doubt and felt unable to give herself permission to create just for herself. However, her love for her child became a driving force to rediscover her...

Empowering Young Lives: The Role of Books in Building Resilience & Identity featuring Matthew Paul Turner

On this episode of the BCC Podcast, we sit down with renowned children's book author, Matthew Paul Turner and explore the impact his work has on young readers AND the children within us all.

Matthew and I discuss the current challenges children face in diverse environments, addressing issues like stress, overwhelm, and unique obstacles experienced by children of color, those with different abilities, LGBTQ kids, and others. He passionately highlights the essential role of empowering words in building up young minds, instilling confidence, and guiding them through the complexities of life.

Matthew shares his personal...

MonkeyBoys Unveiled: Peeking Behind the Puppetry Curtain featuring Marc Petrosino & Michael Latini

On this episode, listen to my conversation with the talented duo behind MonkeyBoys Productions, Marc Petrosino and Michael Latini. These Emmy-nominated puppetry masters and co-founders of MonkeyBoys share their incredible journey through the world of puppetry, creativity, and creative business ownership.

🚀 Discover the importance of understanding and fighting for your creative worth, even in the early stages of your career.

🚀 Learn how to strike the balance between taking calculated risks and securing fair compensation for your artistic talents.

🚀 Uncover the power of strategic investments in your own development, as MonkeyBoys reveal their approach to hands...

Creativity & Anxiety: Finding Harmony in the Creative Chaos featuring Dr. Bobbi Ballard

In this episode, we delve into a topic that's near and dear to many of us in the creative world – anxiety. As creatives, we often find ourselves walking a fine line between passion and anxiety, and Dr. Bobbi Ballard and I explore this delicate balance. We touch upon the heightened sensitivity and intuition that creative individuals possess, likening it to having antennas finely tuned to the world's energy and stimuli.

Our conversation explores the dilemma faced by artists and multi-passionate creatives. On one hand, the anxiety that stems from not creating is all too real, but on th...

From Backyard to Main Stage: Finding Balance in the Creative Grind featuring Sam Gutman

On this episode, get ready to dive into a candid conversation about the creative journey, trusting the process, and finding your way in the world as a professional musician and creative.Sam opens up about the challenge of trusting that you are where you're supposed to be, and he and TJ discuss the burnout that many artists face when they rush into their careers without taking time to recharge.

Sam's story is a testament to the ups and downs of creative life. Just a few years ago, he contemplated leaving the world of music post-COVID, considering a...