The Teaching Journeys Podcast

10 Episodes

By: Dave Roberts

Dave Roberts ,MSW, LMSW is an adjunct professor of psychology child life at Utica University, an author and a bereavement support specialist. He created The Teaching Journeys Podcast with one thing in mind: To have meaningful conversations with individuals , young and old, whose life journeys/challenges, can teach us something about addressing our own. It is Dave's hope that the teachings from these conversations live on in future generations.Weekly episodes have featured guests from all walks of life, with diverse experiences and life skills to share . Episodes so far have addressed topics such as : Millennials, Gen Z’s and Me...

On Tuesdays We Wear Black: A Conversation With Kate Mollison
Last Wednesday at 12:01 PM

In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast hosted by Dave Roberts, grief coach Kate Mollison discusses her unique approach to grief and bereavement. As a widow, she shares her personal experiences and insights into her work with 'On Tuesdays We Wear Black,' a consulting company she founded to help people navigate grief. Kate talks about the inception of her business, her work advocating for legislative change surrounding bereavement leave, and her upcoming National Grief Awareness Professional Development Conference. She also delves into how grief has transformed her personal life, spirituality, and parenting style. The personal touch and...

From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Eileen Bild Story

In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, host Dave Roberts speaks with Eileen Bild, the CEO of Ordinary to Extraordinary Life (Otel) Productions and Otel Universe. Eileen shares insights on overcoming life's adversities with strength and grace, and the significance of core thinking, confidence, courage, and clarity. They discuss Eileen's journey from a homemaker to earning a Master's in Transpersonal Psychology and becoming an entrepreneur dedicated to helping others realize their potential. They delve into the creation and mission of Otel Universe, a platform that provides a voice for creative individuals like musicians, artists, and writers. Eileen emphasizes...

Life Amongst The Departed: Growing Up In A Funeral Home

In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast hosted by Dave Roberts, guest Kevin O'Connor shares his life experiences and insights from growing up in a family-owned funeral home. Kevin discusses his book Two Floors Above Grief, which captures the unique living and working environment of his family. He delves into the intricacies of funeral directing, the impact of a supportive family dynamic, and the influence of handwritten letters. Kevin also touches on the role of nostalgia in grieving and the importance of respecting each individual's grief journey. We cover additional topics such as resilience, family bonds, ,the unseen...

Letters To Zachary: One Father's Grief Journey

In this episode of 'The Teaching Journeys Podcast,' host Dave Roberts interviews Jason Tuttle, a father who shares his experience raising children with multiple disabilities and the sudden loss of his son, Zachary. Jason discusses the challenges he faced, the therapeutic role of journaling, and his mission to help men express their emotions healthily. He highlights how sharing his journey through his 'Letters to Zachary' Facebook page and other social media has resonated with people worldwide, offering insights into male grief and aiding individuals in coping with loss.

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Finding Peace Beyond The Pain: A Conversation with Debbie Gail Zane

In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, host Dave Roberts interviews Debbie Gail Zane, who shares her harrowing yet inspiring journey as a single mother dealing with her son Alex's schizoaffective disorder, addiction, and his eventual passing. Debbie discusses her process, Peace Beyond the Pain, which includes holistic strategies for navigating grief and loss. She also describes her efforts to help parents facing similar challenges, the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction, and her book, Finding Peace and Purpose Amidst the Tears.

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Debbie has been through unimaginable tragedy and...

Spiritual Companions: How Pets Communicate and Heal Us

In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, host Dave Roberts interviews Maribeth Decker, an expert in intuitive animal communication, medical intuition, and energy healing. Maribeth shares her journey from a middle school spiritual experience and overcoming alcoholism, to becoming a Navy officer, and eventually pursuing animal communication and healing. She discusses how intuitive connections with animals manifest, the spiritual significance of human-animal relationships, and the importance of recognizing animals' rich inner lives. The conversation also covers common myths about animals, their abilities to grieve and sense emotions, and the mutualistic nature of human-animal interactions. Maribeth emphasizes the value...

Empowering and Elevating Female Leaders in the Workplace

In the 70th episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, host Dave Roberts interviews Kirsteen Williamson Guinn, a transformational confidence and transition coach who established Elevate Women. Kirsteen shares her journey from a 32-year corporate career in banking to founding her own coaching business focused on empowering women. They discuss the importance of balancing masculine and feminine energies in leadership, the impact of corporate systems on women, and Kirsteen's mission to promote gender parity in senior leadership roles. The conversation emphasizes self-care, confidence-building, and the benefits of female leadership in creating balanced and harmonious workplaces.

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The Positive Widow: Christina Napoleon's Message of Hope and Resiliency

In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, hosted by Dave Roberts, the powerful and inspiring story of Christina Napoleon is showcased. Christina, a grief worker, and author, shares her profound journey through loss and healing after the tragic passing of her husband and other loved ones. She discusses her practical HOPE method (Healing, Opening, Protecting, and Encouraging your heart) designed to guide individuals through grief. Christina also talks about the importance of community, vulnerability, and self-care in navigating grief. Her book, The Positive Widow, serves as a resource for widows and anyone experiencing loss, offering strategies and personal...

The Guiding Light of Quarter Moon: Diane Wyzga's Mission to Empower Women

Host Dave Roberts engages in a profound discussion with Diane Wyzga focusing on empowering women through storytelling and resilience. Diane highlights the importance of understanding one's identity through personal narratives and the role of safe spaces in amplifying voices. Furthermore, we explore creating a safe space for individuals with trauma, emphasizing self-empowerment through affirmations like 'I am, I can, I will'. We also dive into the resources and services she provideds women through her organization, Quarter Moon Story Arts

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Diane Wyzga helps women clarify their ideas and am...

The Soul's Palette: Noemi Beres on the Art of Mindful Creation

In this episode of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, host Dave Roberts interviews Noemi Beres, a collage artist with a deep connection to art therapy and positive psychology. Noemi shares her journey, from her linguistic studies and life in Hungary to finding spiritual and creative renewal through art in Cyprus. Her collage work, characterized by an eclectic mix of vintage materials hand-sewn on various mediums, is a testament to the therapeutic benefits of creativity in coping with life’s challenges, including grief and loss. Noemi also discusses the role of music, nature, and cultural experiences in her artwork, as well as...