what they don't tell you about turning twenty

10 Episodes

By: jessica arasa

first time's for everything, and turning twenty there are stuff i wish i knew and also things i'm learning along the way; you, as the listener, can follow along this journey with me! here's to turning twenty!

one - 'balance is a journey, not a destination'

WE ARE BACK! here's season two and a catch up from me to you

seven - moving out to uni pt. 2

this week, i am joined by my other housemate - tom! we'll be talking more about uni and what it's like living at a house in comparison to student halls!

six - let's be real: it's okay not to be okay

let's be real part two - we're back after a long few weeks and hear me ramble about life for 20 ish min

five - moving out to university

this week's episode i am joined by my housemates (hollie and alice); we talk about our firsthand experience about uni especially being flatmates in first year and the transition to second year, among with a lot of chaotic side stories! hope you guys enjoy

four - let's bereal: a month into turning twenty

happy one month of wtdtyatt! i wanted to 'be real' about how this past month has been in terms of this podcasting journey as well as other stuff that has happened that i though i would share with you guys! hope you enjoy

three - learning to love yourself pt. 2

on this week's episode i am joined by my friend eduardo; we talk about our journey to self love ~ adding onto last week's episode!

two - learning to love yourself

this week we talk about all things self love; things i wished i knew when going through really hard times and learning how to love yourself!

two - learning to love yourself

this week's episode we'll be talking about self love and the journey to getting there whilst also keeping it realistic as it isn't always so easy.

one - long term relationships

on this week's episode, i'm joined by tanya (my best friend) and we talk about how long term relationships affect you especially when you start dating so young in comparison to now

an intro

here i give an overview of what's to expect for the coming episodes, hope you guys enjoy and stay tuned for more!