F1 Funcast

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By: James

The podcast made for those of us who would like to learn more about Formula 1.

Monaco and Topic Wheel
Last Friday at 8:46 PM

This week we discuss the upcoming Monaco GP. We also take our first spin on the new podcast topic wheel. Will our first spin of the wheel land on some easy research? We sure hope so. Tune in to find out!@F1Funcast@ConnorGagnon

Monaco and Topic Wheel
Last Friday at 8:11 PM

This week we discuss the upcoming Monaco GP. We also take our first spin on the new podcast topic wheel. Hopefully our first spin will land on an easy topic to research! Did it? Listen to find out.@F1Funcast@ConnorGagnon

Miami preview and Sergio Surge?

James and Connor dive into the upcomming 2023 Miami Grand Prix and also discuss the potential for drama with Red Bull's Sergio Perez looking strong in the early season.Connor "The Crew Chief" is @connorgagnon on instagram'General correspondence to F1FunCast across all social media.

Quick Thoughts

Quick thoughts on Baku and the updated standings. Chief will be back on this week for a more in-depth look. On to Miami!

What went wrong at the 2005 US Grand Prix?

James and Connor talk about the debacle that was the 2005 United States Grand Prix. Also a mini Baku preview.Connect and be heard at F1Funcast @ gmail/insta/twt/fbChief is @ ConnorGagnon on Instagram

Pit Stop Pod Finally Race Week!

A quick pit stop to fill you in on recent developments at the F1 Funcast and to preview the week ahead. Send us your predictions for Baku! Follow along @f1funcast on gmail/instagram/twitter Connor @ ConnorGagnon on Instagram

Driver Deep Dive Alex Albon edition

In this week's Driver Deep Dive I take a look at Alex Albon and how he found his way into that Williams seat.Plus new music

Halfway to Baku!

In this episode James and Connor discuss the changes in the F1 sprint race weekend, the future of DRS and more during the long break between Australia and Azerbaijan f1funcast@gmail.com f1funcast ig/twitter

Driver Deep Dive #3 Lando Norris

This episode of the Driver Deep Dive series is all about Lando Norris. How did he find his way into the #4 car? How's it been going? Baku preview and more coming next week. Send your ideas and comments to F1Funcast on twitter/IG/Gmail

Introducing The Crew Chief (this is the best one yet)

In this episode I chat with my very knowledgeable guest and cousin Connor. He called in to drop some knowledge and introduce himself to the F1 Funcast community. Topics include his early fandom, current season POV and what racing and theology class have in common for him. He will be on regularly to help me avoid punctures!

Driver Deep Dive #2: Oscar Piastri

In this episode of the f1 Funcast Driver Deep Dive I discuss Oscar Piastri and his road to F1. Email, Twitter, Instagram @F1FunCast

Pit Stop Pod: Remaining Schedule

Taking a quick look at the remaining schedule for 2023. When will the championships be won? Where? Let me know your predictions at F1FunCast on IG, Twitter or Gmail.

Driver Deep Dive #1: Nyck de Vries

A look into how Nyck de Vries got to Formula 1, and how it's going so far. The driver deep dive series explores each driver on the grid, and those who have left their mark in the past.@f1FunCast -gmail, twitter, instagram

Australian Grand Prix recap (Red Flag x3!)

Discussing the Australian Grand Prix, and what lies ahead. Email @f1funcast@gmail.com

Flag Talk

Talking about all the different flags used during a Formula 1 season.

Pit Stop Pod

A quick non race weekend check in. Who/what are you rooting for this season? Email @ f1funcast@gmail.com

The Red(bull) Menace

In our first episode I am discussing RBR's early dominance of the 2023 season, and if anyone can catch them...probably not

F1 Funcast Intro Episode

Welcome to the F1 Funcast! The podcast where we don't take Formula 1 too seriously, but seriously enough!