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A Nutritionist interviewing grapplers about their experiences in the sport and what they did with their nutrition on the lead up to the events they participated in.Thank you for listening.Social Media ChannelsInstagram - - - -

Who Will Be King Of The Dome - Santeri Lilius Vs Ben Bennett - Polaris, ADCC, CJI, Sub Only

Two men go to war this Saturday at Polaris

Bradfrod Vs Finland,

First place at ADCC European Trials 2023


Second Place at ADCC European Trials 2024

Both of these fighters are known for there incredible Jiu Jitsu skills with some insane submissions against some of the best competitors in the world.

In this double episode podcast you will her from both competitors about there backgrounds, training techniques, experiences, nutrition, weight cutting and of course about each...

Find the rat - Matt O'Grady - Inner Chimp - Sustainability, Security, MMA, BJJ, Snitches, Rash Guard

Matt O'Grady Matty runs Inner chimp is a brown belt in Jiu Jitsu and trains at multiple academies like ourselves a bit of a gym gypsy. Matty is also undefeated in MMA which he will hate me for saying that and bit of petrol head. In this podcast we covered sustainability and British made items a situation that made him viral grappling vs striking and much much more! Please go check out out show sponsors, Grapplers Soap: Instagram: Website: Inner Chimp: Instagram:

Stop Being Prideful - Andrew Tackett - ADCC, WNO, World Champion, Experts, Nogi, IBJJF

Andrew Tackett Andrew is the middle brother between,William and Caleb. He is a black belt under Rodrigo Cabral at fight factory in Austin Texas. Last ADCC open he didn’t just win his category but the absolute as well only weighing in at around 82kg. Andrew famously submitted Big Dan in the who’s next reality show and tournament and coming 3rd overall he has placed first at No-gi worlds twice, once at purple and at brown and I am sure a win at black belt will be on his hit list for 2024! In this podcast we covered some...

I am not Bracie Garra - Chris Thompson - GrappleFest, Nogi, PFL, Worlds, Jiujitsu trends, Weight Cut

The godfather of the U.K. grappling scene, Tommo Aka Chris Thompson one of the owners of Europes biggest Nogi, Shows Grapplefest, the show has allowed fans to see some of the most prestigious grapplers on this big rock we call earth. Mikey musamechi, Craig jones, The ruotolo brothers just to name a few. Chris is a black belt in Jiujitsu and trains at Lilius Barnatt in southern Spain. Chris has been around the grappling seen for years! And we covered so much in such a short amount of time as you can imagine we could of delved into...

Lets get rid of elitist Jiujitsu - Wayne Samways & Lew Long - Weight Cuts, Polaris, Comp Prep,

Wayne Samways & Lew Long Both are Black belts who run and own the Mat Academy based in Wales! Both have competed in the biggest shows in Europe and the UK, with both recently competing on Polaris. Now I'll be honest and say this podcast wasn't our normal flow as both had busy schedules to fit in, but we covered a few interesting topics like, If Lew was actually asleep in his Polaris match, heart attacks before fights, making weight by doing handstands, skin infections, competition, competition, competition mindset and much much more. Please go check out out show sponsors...

I'm not being someones cum rag - Dave Weston - Jiu Jitsu Beef, Weight Gain, Guard Pulling, No-Gi

Dave Weston Dave is the northern submission series Under 100kg champion, The chaos fighting championship Under 100kg champion, Grapplefest veteran, British champion and probably some other champion from some other federation! The guy is a legend of the jits worlds and one really down to earth guy he is a co owner of the Black Country jiujitsu school and he was kind enough to let me come up to the club, have a roll with the members and sit down with me after for a podcast. After cracking open a cold can of monster, we got down and dirty and...

Two Gossiping Grapplers - Mike Hughes - Steroid Use, Sub only show, Mark Hunt, Gordon Ryan, Training

Mike Hughes

A close friend and my original training partner.

Mike is a purple belt at Olympians MMA and has competed on the local circuit podium at all comps.

Mike has also done MMA when younger and has done a few show of commentary on the MMA scene.

Mike is a keen Jiujitsu fan and of the UFC and has a extensive knowledge on all things combat sports related.

In this podcast we talked about steroid use, the Mark Hunt court case, invitational...

Im Coming To Make A Statement! - Jordan Kirk - Finishing Matches, GrappleFest, Belt Promotions

Jordan Kirk Elite jiu jitsu Somerset Owner,Jordan is a recent black belt and runs the club. Jordan has competed on multiple platforms with a dominant performance on the last Grapplefest card.The school that Jordan runs is a nogi only club with the students putting on some epic wins and really making a statement on the nogi jiujitsu scene. In this podcast we talk about competition mindset , standing out from the other clubs, the weak areas of jiujitsu, beating some notable names and much much more. Please go check out out show sponsors, Grapplers Soap:Instagram:

People don't care about your IBJJF Rules - Wesley "The Immortal" Murch - training. weight cuts, USA

Wesley Murch

AKA - The Immortal

He is a black belt under Pedro Bessa, a Pro MMA fighter with over 20 pro fights, runs and owns olympians MMA and has influenced 100s if not 1000s of people n the combat world. Wes was my first ever instructor and was a pleasure to have him on the show.

In this podcast we talked about hi time at American Top Team, being smashed by Brazilians, his thoughts on training styles, some weight cut experiences and much much more.

Please go...

I wanted a lift home now i own a Jiu Jitsu school - Gavin Thomas - IBJJF, Travel, Polaris, Competing

Gavin Thomas Please go check out out show sponsors, Grapplers Soap: Instagram: Website: Inner Chimp: Instagram: Website: Gavins Instagram Profile: Follow us on: Instagram - TikTok - Facebook - Youtube -