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A Nutritionist interviewing grapplers about their experiences in the sport and what they did with their nutrition on the lead up to the events they participated in.Thank you for listening.Social Media ChannelsInstagram - - - -

If I give you a reach around ill let you in my secret club - Paddy Webber - Coaching, Plateaus, Huel
Last Friday at 8:45 PM

Paddy Webber A Brown belt and Coach under Ian Rossiter at Rising Tide BJJ in Weston super mare. Paddy has competed in the local circuit acquiring golds at each belt from white belt all the way to brown in jiu jitsu and has a brown belt in Judo. In this podcast we talk about Competition toilets, Super Fights vs Normal competitions, White Belts giving advice, Club pressure, our favourite topic of the Secret Juice and much much more! Podcast Sponsors: Grapple Soap Website: Grapple Soap Instagram:

What we all really hate is Karate - Daniel “Raspberry Ape” Strauss - ADCC, Polaris, Grip Strength, Weight Gain

Daniel “Raspberry Ape” Strauss A Black Belt under Roger Gracie and Nick Brooks, He is a ADCC, Polaris and Quintet Veteran as well as a commentator for Polaris and Cage Warriors.Dan is a man of many talents from his dangerous Guillotines to bending horseshoes in what I can only be describe as his Cave of Grip Wonder.This was a great episode where we talk about Dan being a skinny teenager to now 90KG, Hating the Gi, Becoming a Meal prep wanker and where he gets his incredible shirts.Bonus content for us was being told the origin of the...

The Chinese man with a West Country accent - Jo Foy - NO-GI, Mindset, Old School Vs New, Foot Sweeps

Jo Foy A Purple Belt and coach at Elite Jiu Jitsu in Bridgewater, under Head Coach Jordan Kirk. Jo has competed on multiple invitational shows such as grapple fest and is due to compete again in July this year. He has multiple first place medals, along with a few absolute belts. In this episode we talked about, Starting jujitsu at 120kg, Gi vs nogi from a no go club perspective, the pressure of competing, why he is practicing foot sweeps so much, old school vs new school training, building a very reputable jujitsu school and much much more. Jo Foy...

Don't make friends before you compete - Tom Showler - Black Belt, Promotions, Being Heavier for BJJ

Tom Showler A Black belt and coach for close to a decade under Pedro Bessa at Sweatbox academy in bristol, sponsored by Tatami and Trojan Nutrition. Tom is a prolific Jiu Jitsu practitioner in Bristol and supporter of the Terere Kids Project in Brazil He has a degree in sports coaching. Has competed on both the international and national circuits alongside helping to run the Bristol Open Competition in the UK. In this episode we talked about, Belt promotions, Being heavier for BJJ, Training hard with intensity, Go fund me pages and much much more. Tom Showler: Instagram: https...

I Was Going To Smash Them - Shane Curtis Goth Lord - Part 1 - Mindset, Black Belt, USADA, GI Vs NoGi

Shane Curtis, Goth Lord.A 28 year old Black Belt under Paul and Neil Owen, at Nottingham MMA Recently winning on Polaris 23 and a dominant win on Grapplefest fest 14 .Shane has gone on to developing his own jiu jitsu technique called the Goth Lock , with a very promising grappling career ahead of him. If you don’t know the Goth Lord yet you are missing out on one of the UKs hottest prospect in grappling. We are sad to say we had some technical issue with this podcast, Hence why this is part 1. Part 2 will be coming in the near future. In...

Single Legs Don't Work - Ashley Bendle - Weight Cuts, IBJJF, Keto, ADCC, Steroids

Ashley BendleA 26 year old Black Belt under Chris Rees Draig,She is sponsored by Tatami. Recently winning Dublin IBJJF Open 2023 Double Gold, ENYO 55KG 2022 Champion,ADCC Vegas open -66KG Silver medallist. She is not afraid of any challenge and this was shown when she stepped in for Ffion Davies with a weeks notice for a match against Michelle Nicolini in Polaris.In todays episode we talk about, Weight cutting, Ketogenic diet for competitions, Sub only comps Muscle building, Incorrect medals and much much more. Ashley Bendle: Instagram: Tatami Discount Link...

The Dr said just blast it bro! - Dr Emily Eyles - Fasting, Menstrual Cycles, Olympic Lifting

Emily is a brown belt under Pedro Bessa is an incredibly active competitor and has had experience competing under multiple rule sets and has competed at IBJJF Worlds and Euros, AJP, Grapplefest, and ENYO. In this great podcast we discussed female weight categories, fasting for competition, mindset around competing, teaching male students and much much more. Emily Eyles: Instagram: Instagram: Sweat Box Gym: Instagram: Follow: Instagram - TikTok...

The Italian who hasn't made pizza! - Rich Rubino - Bodybuilding, High GI Foods, Body Dysmorphia

Rich Rubino is a Black Belt and runs RR Brazilian Jiu Jitsu based in Bristol. In this great podcast we discussed his history and background, the transition from bodybuilding into BJJ, Dirty Bulking, Kids making weight for BJJ comps and much more. Rich Rubino: Instagram: The Pit Gym Bristol: Instagram: Follow: Instagram - TikTok - Facebook - Youtube -

2 Brothers Vs 5 Guys

Luke & Clayton Chamberlain are both Black Belts and owners of Roger Gracie Academy based in Bristol. In this great podcast we discussed their history and backgrounds, the weight categories they had competed at, the problems they had at different weights, the keto diet for BJJ, the issues surrounding BJJ athletes using PEDS in competition, where the sport is going and much more.

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