More Than Enough

25 Episodes

By: Pamela Ames and Mary Cochran

In a world that has more than enough information and noise, we believe it's still possible to anchor ourselves and have peace in the midst of a scattered world. We're a mother/daughter duo who span two generations, but share one message. We will delve into what it looks like to be fully integrated- mind, body, and spirit and will bring encouragement and hope all along the way. We get it, life is hard. Let’s be real, hard doesn’t even begin to describe it on some days. But we want you to know that you’re not alone. And no...

25: How Rhythms and Routines Add Value To Our Lives
Last Tuesday at 12:00 PM

On today's episode we are discussing the value that adding rhythms and routines has our lives.

Rhythms help shape our lives. They bring order and peace. They remove confusion and bring clarity. When our mind and hearts are weary and overwhelmed, a rhythm and routine are the thing that helps bring us back and center and anchor our hearts. Reminding us to go back to what matters and to not get caught up in the things that don’t. 

The last two weeks we have implemented a quiet time, and have simplified our lives and rem...

24: How To Begin To Simplify Your Life

Today's episode is week 2 in a series talking about the body (in regards to the body, soul, and spirit).

In today's episode we're discussing how we can begin to look at our lives and notice the things that are working well and begin to take inventory of the things that aren't.

Simplifying isn't just cleaning out your closet and getting rid of a third of your shoe collection (although that definitely is a part of it). Simplifying our lives is about looking at every aspect of our lives and accessing if we are truly giving...

23: The Number One Thing We Recommend/New Series Introduction

We are starting a new series as we wrap up the the remainder of the year! 

Each month we will be focusing in on one facet of the body, soul, and spirit. In September we are discussing on different parts of the “body” and practical ways we can walk in wholeness and healing.

To give you more of an understanding of what we mean by the “the body” in terms of body, soul, and spirit,

Listen to this podcast episode:

In today's episode we...

22: What Is Distraction Costing Us?

In today's episode we're discussing what the cost of distraction is in our lives and what does distraction can look like.

Sometimes distractions come in ways we don't expect, but choosing to be mindful and fully present to our surroundings is so helpful is choosing between what is most valuable in the moment and where to put our attention.

At the end of the day, relationships is always something worthy of our time and attention and being fully present and less distracted helps us to focus in on on the people and things we most...

21: How Do We Know If We're Making The Right Decision?

In today's episode we're discussing how to know if we're making the right decision, and how fear of making a "bad" decision could be paralyzing us.

How do we know what we need to pursue next and how do we know if it's a good choice? The thought of making a "bad" decision plagues so many of us. But what if fear is the thing that's behind our lack of making decisions?

Fear of not being God's will, fear that we will do something that we will later regret, or just fear that there's something...

20: If Not Now, When?

In today's episode we're talking about the famous quote- "Why put off for tomorrow, what you could get done today?"

But we're giving our own take on it. We think that "getting it done" might be the thing thats actually paralyzing us. We offer another solution...just take the next step!!!

Thank you SO much for listening! Today marks or 20th episode!!! We are hoping that our website will officially be up in the next few weeks so we can start connecting more with you!!!

Stay tuned!!

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19: What Kind of Influence is the Internet Having In Our Lives?

In today's episode we are discussing the power and influence that the internet is having in all of our lives. It's true that everything in life seems to be spinning faster than ever before, but it doesn't help that for the first time in human history we are able to access every news story in the globe in a matter of seconds.

We live in a new world, and with that, we need to fully acknowledge the power that the internet is having in our lives and the ways it is probably effecting our mental health and...

18: Learning to Love The Word

In today's episode we discuss different tools to study the Word. as well as how we can begin to truly love reading the Word.

We know we're "supposed" to read the Word, but why? What is the point of it? The Bible is living and is meant to be read out of a place of intimacy with the Holy Spirit. It is meant to propel us to love deeper and to be in awe and wonder of our Creator and Father.

We hope in today's episode you will glean some new insights into how you...

17: How to Find the Beauty All Around You

In today's episode we are discussing how to search and seek out the beauty all around you.

In a world that is constantly moving and begging for your attention, we may find it difficult to see the beauty that is right before us, but we think that now more than ever it is so crucial that we choose to stop and be intentional to seek it out.

Beauty comes in so many forms and may look different in every season, but it's always there. Listen in as we talk through different ways that we have...

16: What Does True Rest Look Like

In today's episode we discuss what it looks like to truly enter into a place of rest. The word rest feels like it stirs up so many different pictures- from sleeping in, to spending the day at the spa, or even cozying up with our favorite dessert and Netflix show.

But is that rest? Maybe. But could rest be something even greater? What if true rest has the ability to sustain our hearts and recharge us in a way nothing else can. But in order to enter into that rest, we must be intentional about seeking it...

15: How To Love Well When it's Hard

In today's episode we discuss how we can love well when it's hard. We are all called to love well, but love can look very differently depending on the situation and circumstance.

We can begin with asking the Lord - "How do you want me to love in this situation?" or "In what way do you want me to love this person?"

We talk about some things to look at within ourselves that might give us an indicator of what is motivating us to love, and how we can begin to walk in a love...

14: How to Become a Better Listener

In today's episode we talk about the importance of listening. We all want to be heard, and sometimes we will do whatever it takes to make that happen. But are we being intentional to listen to others well? And if not, what's keeping us from becoming better listeners? Is it just a bad habit that needs to be broken or does it go deeper?

And even more importantly, are we taking the.time to sit and listen to the Holy Spirit? There is so much noise constantly bombarding us daily, are we doing what's necessary to silence...

13: Where Did Resiliency Go?

In today's episode we talk about a topic that seems to be effecting all of us.

Resiliency is not powering through and gritting your teeth to get through pain and difficult times.

I love this quote I found on resiliency-

"Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Being resilient does not mean a person doesn't experience stress, emotional upheaval, and suffering. Resilience involves the ability to work through emotional pain and suffering."

We think the key here is, "working through it"-not becoming paralyzed...

12: Foundational Keys to Our Kids Hearts

In today's episode we discuss what we believe to be some of the key foundational things in building a deep connection with our children. Our children want to be feel loved, heard, and pursued. No matter their age, they want to know that you are always for them and will always love them unconditionally.

We talk about how we can love our kids well and what love can actually look like on a day to day basis. All of us want to feel pursued and seen, so we talk through some of the ways we can listen...

11: Can God be Sovereign and Good?

In today's episode we discuss God's sovereignty in the midst of our every day lives, and we ask the question, can God be sovereign and still good?

We know this is a very weighty topic and we don't pretend to know the depths of this complex and nuanced subject, but we do know that the Lord is faithful and always good, and we can trust His perfect leadership in our lives.

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10: The Effects of Unforgiveness In Our Lives

Episode 10 The effects of unforgiveness in our lives

In todays episode we talk about how unforgiveness effects every part of our lives.  Offense and bitterness are some the greatest pitfalls that can trip us up and ultimately lead to our destruction. Offenses can be sneaky and can quickly lead us into bitterness, which is like a cancer for our souls. 

We discuss 3 different types of people in our lives we may have unforgiveness against and how we can begin to lay down our offense at the foot of the cross. We know the whole topic of un...

9: The Beauty of Pausing

In today's episode we discuss the beauty of pausing throughout our day and how we can "reset" in the midst of our crazy lives.

We don't just eat once a day and consider it good. Rather, we hunger for food all throughout our day to sustain us. In the same way, we need Jesus all throughout our day to sustain our hearts and remind us of His truth.

We go over some strategies and resources that we have used to pause in the midst of our days and that have helped us to realign our...

8: The Power and Importance of Our Stories

In today’s episode we talk all about the importance of our individual stories.Our stories and how we view God in the midst of our story is one of the most important things about us. 

In Revelation it says, “They triumphed by the blood of the lamb, and the word of their testimony”

Our story isn’t just a series of events that make up our life, but it’s also our perception and interpretation of those events that shapes us. We talk about sitting with the Lord in the midst of our storylines and how we ca...

7: What Role Does Our Body Play in Body, Soul, and Spirit?

In today's episode we discuss the role that the body plays in the body, soul, and spirit. When we discuss the body, we're referring to the physical and practical parts of us.

We know that the practical and gritty every day things in life is part of what makes us human. And we believe that the Lord cares deeply about even the most seemingly mundane tasks. We talk about learning to pause throughout the day and notice when something is continually frustrating us. Then you can begin to reflect and pray about if there are some solutions...

6: Our Soul and the Role It Plays in Our Lives

On today's episode, we discuss the role the soul plays in our journey to integration. Our soul is what makes us who we are. It encompasses our personality, our hard wiring, and our physical DNA. Our soul is made up of our stories, narratives, and our ever changing thought life. Our souls are eternal and what we will one day bring into eternity.

We discuss how our soul helps us to acknowledge our pain, but how staring at our pain can actually cause us to become paralyzed rather than to be healed. It is when we fully...

5: How Can We Build Up Our Foundation?

In this episode we are talking about our foundations.

There are cracks in all of our foundations and belief systems, but how can we begin to shore up our foundations and walk in a place of more healing and integration?

We believe that so much of our foundation is made up of how we view God and how we believe He views us. When our perception of God and His views toward us begin to get skewed, everything else begins to break down inside of us.

We invite you to join us as...

4: What Does it Mean to Be Integrated?

In this episode we discuss what is integration and how we can become more fully integrated in our body, soul, and spirit. We will discuss how each one functions and how becoming integrated can bring us into a deeper level of healing and wholeness.

We are all on a journey. Life is not about quickly arriving at your destination, rather our journey's are filled with stops and detours that can easily derail us and cause us to get off course. Thankfully, the Lord is so faithful to lead us and speak truth to our hearts as we...

3: How to Find Peace in the Waiting

What happens when your story isn't at all what you thought it would be? Is it possible to find peace and even joy in the midst of the waiting?

In today's episode, Mary shares some of her story and reflects on the importance of sharing our stories even while things feel messy. We discuss what it looks like when things don't go the way you planned in life, and how God's storylines are always better!

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2: Finding the Beauty in Painful Storylines

There can be such incredible beauty when we share our stories. Our stories help define us and so much healing happens when we reflect on and even share our story with others.

In today's episode we get to hear a little from Pam's story and some of the things that have shaped her and made her who she is today.

Pam shared some of the ways she survived a very difficult childhood and marriage in the midst of waiting for the breakthrough she continually prayed for. We also discuss what happens when the "breakthrough" moment...

1: Creating a Life of Peace in a Scattered World

Thank you SO much for listening to our very FIRST episode of The More Than Enough Podcast!In this episode we will give you a little taste of what to expect in the future episodes and why we created this podcast!

We are Pamela & Mary, and we are a mother daughter duo, who span 2 generations but share one message. 

We will delve into what it looks like to be fully integrated- body, soul, spirit, and will bring encouragement and hope along the way. We get it, life is hard. But we want you to know t...