11 Episodes

By: Pom & Stef

We are exploring the world in search of the best and most well know drink from each country. We will try a new country each episode and give our honest opinion and share some facts about the type of drink and about that country.

Kombeh....or something like that.....
Last Tuesday at 5:00 AM

South Korea its time (again). Hopefully our presenter wont fall asleep yet again from exploring this incredible country.
This weeks special guest is Carl aka Swanny aka Mushy.

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1....2....3....Tequila! Hello Mexico.

This week we have a special guest with yet another request.
We are taking a trip to mehigo, thats right MEXICO. That can only mean one thing........Tequila!

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1st Viewer request, we are in Poland!

This week we dive into our first request of the season. Join us, grab a vodka as we set off to Poland. This episode is a good be sure to stick around.

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Italy or is it.....Polly, shut up!

This week we head over to Italy. We are joined yet again by Polly and Rob. 
This episode Polly had a bit to drink and starts going all over the show. 

South Africa, get your glasses ready!

We have our first special guests this week Rob & Polly. 
Make sure you have some shots lined up because your challenge is to drink every time Polly says "Apartheid".


Dogs, Bitches, Lions and Lionesses

When recording and drinking your bound to get off topic at some point. Here our presenters go waaaayyy off topic and argue about Lions.

Gobble Gobble......

As requested its time we venture off to Turkey to see what is so special about this drink.

America....please don't sue us.......

Time to head over to America, todays drink of choice is bullet bourbon.


This episode we dive into the country of England and try one of their most sort after gins.

First Intro

River Water or Beer?

Welcome to our first episode of Boozedupbritsabroad were we travel to a new country every week and dive into their best know drink of choice.  This week we head to New Zealand and head down to the mighty Waikato to drink some river water.


I burp, you burp, we burp.

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