10 Episodes

By: Pom & Stef

Grab your passports and raise your glasses, because it's time to embark on a spirited journey around the world with 'Boozed Up Brits Abroad'! We're your hosts Stef and Pom, and We're thrilled to welcome you to our lively podcast that's all about exploring the world's diverse cultures and beverages one drink at a time.Join us every week as we venture into the vibrant tapestry of global libations. From the bustling streets of Tokyo to the sun-soaked shores of Rio de Janeiro, each episode of our show takes you on a unique voyage as we delve into the rich...

Merry Boozemas

Indulge in the festive spirit with us featuring a delightful line up of Christmas drinks. We are talking mulled wine, cocktails and all the boozy cheer you need for a chill holiday. Tune in and have a drink, and lets toast to a fun-filled Christmas!

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Sing a song or Sing-a-pore

This week we drink in the lovely country of Singapore. This episode had lots and lots of editing. Check it out on our patron page!

As always grab a drink, sit back and relax.

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Le France, Le Drink, Le Go...

Join us in celebrations and 3 different drinks, that's right 3! France you are going to be fun for us today.

As always grab a drink sit back and relax.

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Cuban Spirits: Rumming Around Havana

This week we delve into Cuban rum and go off track a lot. This is what happens when your producer goes on holiday and Stef and Sam are left to fend for themselves...

As always grab a drink, sit back and relax

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Czechs Republic....Why you are interesting...

This week is all about the Czechs republic and man on man does Stef have some stories to share with you guys. That's only if Sam lets her finish....

As always grab your drink sit back and relax.

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Freedom!!! Scotland here we come..

Scotland here we are! From donkey to freedom this episode is action packed.

Grab your drinks and sit back and relax.

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Oh Canada... Weird and exciting.

This week we head to our guest home country and drink some cocktails that he creates.
Be prepared for lots of off rants and one of the worst sex stories you will ever hear.

As always, grab your drink of choice, sit back and relax.

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Ukraine Makes Vodka Guns....

This week is all about vodka in the shape of Guns!
Join us as we head to the Ukraine in search of there most popular drinks.

Grab a drink sit back and relax as we talk shit and drink piss.

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Braaaazil.. Welcome back..

Welcome back to season two. We are starting strong with Brazil this season and boy its a good one. Sit back grab your beverage and enjoy.

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Welcome to Season 2

We are back!
Join us as we visit new countries and explore lots of new drinks and facts.
We can't wait to share this journey with you.

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