Celebrating Women

27 Episodes

By: Mandee Montana and Ashley Fisher

A Podcast created by women, for women and celebrating the lives, courage and leadership within women.

Communication: Let's Do it Better
Last Tuesday at 3:00 PM

Mandee and Ashley discuss communication skills, pitfalls and how we communicate differently face to face, digitally and on social media. 

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The Celebrating Women Podcast is created and hosted by Mandee Montana and Ashley Fisher.
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Becky Cunio Discusses local non-profit - For the Silent

Mandee and Ashley talk to Executive Director Becky Cunio about For the Silent. An organization that works with victims of sex trafficking and exploitation in our community, For the Silent is locally funded by our community. Listen to hear how we can make a difference as a  community, in small and large ways, by becoming involved with our youth and volunteering.

To learn more visit: ForTheSilent.org

For the Silent is a non-profit organization that depends on the support of our community in order to provide services at no cost to trafficking survivors. Any donations a...

Busyness of Back to School and the Need for Rest

Mandee and Ashley discuss the busyness of this season of the year, and how necessary it is for us to all rest. 

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The Celebrating Women Podcast is created and hosted by Mandee Montana and Ashley Fisher.
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Mandee and Ashley Discuss "Barbie"

Have you seen "Barbie?"

Mandee and Ashley discuss their reaction to the film, how it's been talked about online, and so much more. They discuss Ryan Gosling and celebrity crushes, too. It's a long one, but worth the listen to the end.

Curious to see the Ryan Gosling clip? Check it out: Here

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Lindsay Steele talks Photography, Travel and More

Mandee and Ashley chat with Photographer, Lindsay Steele about how she got started with Photography and so much more. It turns out that Lindsay and Ashley have more in common than they knew. Listen in to learn how parallel their journeys have been.


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The Power of "And"

How does one small word have so much power? Listen as Mandee and Ashley discuss how to leverage the word, "and" in your life and relationships.

Listen to Brene Brown and Richard Rohr here.

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Mandee Shares her Children's Miracle Network Story

Mandee and Ashley discuss why Mandee returns to Mix 93.1 each year to help fund raise with Children's Miracle Network and how it directly benefits local families and children in Tyler and East Texas.

Learn more by visiting: mix931fm.com or by downloading the Mix 93.1 app.

Donate and get your t-shirt here: 25th Annual Mix with Kids Radiothon T-Shirt

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Tiffany Honea talks about Yoga and Faith

Not sure if yoga is for you? What's it all about, or your unsure of how it is spiritually. Listen to Tiffany talk with Mandee and Ashley about how healing it has been for her, and how it relates to her Christian faith.

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What's Your Personality Type? Mandee and Ashley dive into each others

To learn your personality type, visit: https://www.16personalities.com/

Mandee and Ashley each share their type and dig into the characteristics and how they apply (don't) in each of their lives. 

Want to be featured on our social media or an upcoming episode?
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Ashley is the Adventurer (ISFP)
Mandee is the Protagonist (ENFJ)

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Kathy Williams Bosley Part 2

We had such a wonderful time conversing with Kathy Williams Bosley that conversation lasted over two episodes. We jump back as Kathy tells us of her time in Tyler and shares about how she is constantly working to grow within her three pillars: mentally, spiritually and physically. She shares details and offers wisdom and encouragement as well as practical tips in these areas. Enjoy!

As an additional treat. Kathy shared her reading list with us. Happy reading:

All books by Max Lucado
especially “The Applause of Heaven” and “You are Special”

All books by...

Kathy Williams Bosley Part 1

Such a fun episode. Kathy talks with Mandee and Ashley about a variety of topics. We talk about everything from business, music, British accents, TikTok to faith, parenting, imagination and counseling. This episode is packed full of value, and the second part coming on July 18 continues with even more. Enjoy listening to our talented and witty friend, Kathy Williams Bosley.

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Practicing Forgiveness

Ashley and Mandee discuss the concept of forgiveness. They dig into how it benefits person who does the forgiving and what it feels like and how often we need to repeat the process.

As they discuss forgiveness and the emotions surrounding it, they reference a feelings wheel. Here is a link to one from the Gottman Institute on ScribD.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Therapist Celeste Smith Talks Trauma, EDMR, Body Image and more

Mandee and Ashley sit down with therapist Celeste Smith to discuss what trauma is and how it feels differently for each person. They talk about the benefits of therapy and generational attitudes towards it. They also discuss EMDR, women's body image issues and more. 

Celeste has promised extensive resources to be added here soon.

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

When to Reach Out

This episode is all about depth and emotion. Sometimes we can feel better just visiting with friends in a meaningful way, and other times we need to dig deeper and schedule time with a professional.

This podcast is intended to educate, inspire, and support you. Mandee and Ashley are not psychologists or a medical doctors and do not offer any professional health or medical advice. If you are suffering from any psychological or medical conditions, please seek help from a qualified health professional.

This link offers emergency resources and professional health resources from another respected...

S1E12: Carleen Dark - Life After Divorce

Learn more about Carleen's course at:

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S1E11: Ashley Discusses Her Lipedema Journey with Mandee

Learn more about Lipedema with Ashley and Shawn's podcast here:

‎Lipedema Mamas Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Follow their podcast on Instagram here:

Follow Ashley's Lipedema journey here:

S1E10: Dawn Livingstone Discusses Surviving Toxic Relationships

Mandee and Ashley visit with Dawn Livingstone and energy healer who talks about how to survive toxic relationships and move beyond them. You can learn more about Dawn and find a link to a copy of the book she is featured in on her site:  www.dawnlivingstone.com.

S1E9: Curating Your Life

Mandee and Ashley discuss the idea of curating your life from social media to the interactions we have with people in person.

S1E8: Madlyn Lackey of Dove Hollow Estate

Check out Dove Hollow Estate here:

Get to know Madlyn through her instagram:

S1E7: Celebrating What's Right

This week Mandee and Ashley discuss the concept of celebrating what's right with the world. After hearing a keynote speech from National Geographic Photographer, Dewitt Jones, Mandee wanted to talk with Ashley about shifting perspective in life to find what's right and it led to some beautiful observations as well as discussion of how to process grief. Below you'll find links to the Ted Talk, an exhibition referenced and Tim Ross' website where you can find his podcast.

Dewitt Jones' Ted Talk:

S1E6: Shelby Skiles - Part 2

Episode 6 part 2 with Shelby Skiles - We pick up where we left off in Part 1 with Shelby and her husband, Jonathan, learning that Sophie’s cancer had returned and deciding to return to Children’s Hospital in Dallas.

Again, this is a story of courage, heart and loss. Shelby shares about her daughter’s final days and how she continues to honor Sophie.

Read more about Sophie's story:

Check out the book Shelby referenced:

S1E6: Shelby Skiles - Part 1

Mandee and Ashley visit with Ashley's good friend, Shelby Skiles. We referenced Shelby in an early episode of the podcast. She spoke at an event that Ashley hosted to wrap up her Celebrating Women Portrait project. 

This episode will be shared in two parts. In this episode, we hear the beginning of Sophie's story. Part two includes more her story and how Shelby continues to honor Sophie's memory.


S1E5: Fear into Gratitude

Ashley and Mandee discuss how to shift from a fearful state into one of gratitude.

S1E4: Brooke Droptini of LittleCreek+Co.

Ashley and Mandee visit with Brooke Droptini, Founder and Head Designer of LittleCreek+Co. a new design firm in Tyler, TX. Brooke is a wife, mom and entrepreneur who stepped away from her career to pursue her passion in design.

She shares her story and talks about finding purpose. If you'd like to find Brooke online or reach out to her, you can do so at: LittleCreekco.com

S1E3: Mandee Uncapher aka Mandee Montana

Ashley and Mandee discuss Mandee's background and passions.

S1E2: Ashley Fisher's Story

Ashley and Mandee discuss Ashley's background and how she was led to photography, the Celebrating Women Photo Series and how it inspired this podcast.

S1E1: The Beginning

Ashely Fisher and Mandee Uncapher explain how this podcast came together and why they decided to start it.