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By: Goose Bear & Bug’s dad

Parenting, Fatherhood, Adventure, Life, Personal Development, Manhood, and Faith

Springy Pumpkins

Today we discuss the beginning of the holiday season, and we encourage people to not make it a competition. 


Today we discuss my high school experience that almost ended in my being arrested. What do we do when our plans seem to change in an instant? How do we react when things seem to go off the rails?

The Journey of a lifetime

Today we discuss what adventure truly is. Join us as we discuss unlocking the secret to enjoying everyday life. Don't forget to leave a five-star review and to reach out to us on social media. I can't wait to hear from you all. 👍

Girl dinner/No AC

This week we discuss going to God when things don't seem right, and what it's like to wake up to a house full of loud 12 year olds. 

Hope in our worst moments with Amanda

Amanda visits us again on this episode, and we discuss hope in the worst moments of our lives.

New season, same me!

It’s season two and today I’m joined by a very special guest to help open up the season.

Where have I been?

Miss me yet?

God knows

God knows his plan for you. Do not be afraid

Put the soda down

Letting go is hard!!


Without the right people in our lives we can feel tossed from one emotional wave to the next.