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Listen to The Overland Voice podcast to revitalize your day with uplifting messages, teachings, and words of encouragement from our pastoral team located across the globe. Get to know Overland Missions and our missionary work to remote locations.#OverlandMissions #MissionaryLife #SpreadTheGospel #ChristianMission #GreatCommission #GlobalOutreach #DiscipleMaking

S1E21 Vital Keys to Handling Transition, by Richelle L.
Last Friday at 9:00 PM

Join us as  Richelle Lopez gives us good insight with practical vital keys to managing our expectations  and handling transitions in our lives.
"None of us realize what exceptions we hold in our heart until they're not met..."

S1E20 Culture vs The Holy Sprit by, Phil S.
Last Wednesday at 1:00 PM

In this message, Philip Smethurst discusses the differences between cultural traditions that have a basis in scripture, those that have no basis in scripture, and those that are misunderstood based on scripture. The purpose is to be effective emissaries wherever you go, without being derailed by the traditions you may encounter or have of your own.

S1E19 Revival Starts with You, by Dr. Leon

In this message, Dr. Leon van Rooyen emphasizes that revival must start with the individual. Love, prayer, and movement must come from within oneself in order to spread to others and within the church. As the Bible says, "Here I am, Lord... send me," and not "Here I am, Lord... send someone else.‚ÄĚ

S1E18 Balancing the "Move of the Spirit" and "Preaching the Word." by Dr. Leon

In this message, Dr. Leon van Rooyen discusses balancing the move of the Spirit and preaching the Word of God. Often, we fall on one side or the other, but Dr. Leon provides great insight and wisdom on this subject.

S1E17 God's Measurement, by Jeremy B.

Check out this message from Jeremy Bowser. This powerful word is from one of the sessions of Revival Week at Rapid 14 in 2022. Jeremy gives wonderful insight on how God's Measurement isn't the same as the worlds and that we can rely on God's perspective and not our own.

S1E16 Take the Shot, by Ciaran S.

Check out this message by Ciaran Stirling at Rapid 14 Church. This insightful message is a call to arms for all Christians to carry out the will of God in this battle where you have been placed. You will be inspired and encouraged to take the shot in faith.

S1E15 Endurance, by Jamie S.

Check out this podcast with Jamie Sterling as she shares a message on Endurance. Hebrews 10:36 says, "You have need of endurance so that after you have done the will of God you will receive the promise."

S1E14 Unshakable, by Rachel C. & Martin L.

Check out this podcast with Rachel Conner and Martin Lopez about being unshakable. Martin and Rachel have a discussion using personal testimonies and dive into scripture together to bring encouragement to you to stand strong and be immovable.

S1E13 Keys to Live by Faith, by Arthur P.

Join us as Arthur Pienaar shares a timely message on living by faith and walking in the assurance that Christ has given each of us. Arthur provides great insight into the word "faith" and how to apply it in our ministries and personal lives.

S1E12 Obedience to the Holy Spirit, by Erica J.

Check out this message by Erica Jones on being obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit and what it looks like to listen to the Lord while working within a team?

S1E11 Leadership, by Dr. Leon

Dr. Leon delivers a message on leadership, discussing what it means to be a leader, who precisely qualifies as a leader, and the authority it yields. This message provides insights on becoming a great leader in the Kingdom of God.

S1E10 The Law of Multiplication, by Philip S.

Philip Smethurst delivers a powerful message on how God is multiplying His will around the world and not allowing fear to stop the process. Phil shares testimonies of events happening in various parts of the world and provides practical insights.

S1E09 Puting on the Garment of Praise, by Liezl P.

Join us for this message by Liezl  about the importance of putting on the garment of praise. Praise is a spiritual tool for entering into the presence of God, spiritual warfare and as an antidote for anxiety and depression.

S1E09 Putting on the Garment of Praise, by Liezl P.

Join us for this message by Liezl  about the importance of putting on the garment of praise. Praise is a spiritual tool for entering into the presence of God, spiritual warfare and as an antidote for anxiety and depression.

S1E08 Breaking Through Anxiety, by Arthur P.

Check out this message on overcoming anxiety. Arthur shares his personal journey to freedom from anxiety and challenges listeners to allow God to speak into their anxiety.

S1E07 How to Have Faith While Waiting, by Richelle L.

In this new podcast, Martin and Richelle  discuss how to maintain faith when you are believing for something that has not yet come to pass. They share strategies for remaining in faith from a Biblical perspective, and from personal experience as they dealt with infertility. They have three beautiful children!

S1E06 Running After God's Own Heart, by Martin L.

Check out  Martin's message on what it means to run after God's own heart! Learn about the importance of understanding God's heart by diving into biblical accounts. #faith #spirituality #biblestudy

S1E05 Becoming a Self Starter, by Erica J.

Join Erica as she shares insights on how to become a self-starter, a crucial trait for success in ministry that can be developed and honed. Learn how to take on more responsibility and achieve personal goals by cultivating this essential skill. Tune in to take your ministry to the next level.

S1E04 Dealing With Disappointment, by Jessi S.

Jessi provides a biblical and effective perspective on dealing with disappointment in our lives. She explains how to not be surprised by it, to expect it, and how to overcome its design to derail us. Properly dealing with disappointment is key to moving forward.

S1E03 Personal Victory, by Philip S.

Philip Smethurst, Founder and CEO of Overland Missions, shares a long-format Sunday message about the difference between spiritual and practical personal victory. He explains how we can understand what Christ did for us and how we can apply it to our daily lives through our actions.

S1E02 First Love, by Sharon S.

Sharon Smethurst shares during Revival Week a long format message on the importance of First Love as commanded in the Bible.

S1E01 Thankfulness, by Jake S.

The command to be thankful is a significant component of the kingdom of God. Jake shares a long format message spoken Overland Missions' the Rapid 14 logistical base in Zambia. Be thankful!

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Overland Missions presents "The Overland Voice" podcast. In each episode, we'll dive into candid conversations, biblical teachings and timely word from our pastoral and senior staff. You'll hear from missionaries, pastors, conference and church speakersto encourage your day and learn about Overland's DNA voice in the nations. So grab a cup of your favorite brew and join us on this journey of faith and missions.